What Field Force Connect CRM software is all about?

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Field force automation of Field Force Connect CRM is field force monitoring and tracking software. It enables Fieldwork automation by helping your field force.


Secondly, Field force connects interactive sales User Interface allowing easy interaction making field force automation the best tool.


Thirdly, It helps you serve as software, monitoring sales activities of sales i.e field force automation.


In contrast, Field Force automation is an Employee tracking software which is geo-fencing and geo-location enabled.


Field Force software automation helps you to manage and convert those leads into sales and helps you to keep track of your customers at all times.


How does field force connect field force automation app contribute to present sales problems?


Problems faced by sales manager are:


1) Location tracking of the field force.


2) Communication with the field force.


3) Lead visibility and tracking.


4) Missing sales opportunities.


5)Time management for field force officers.


6)Losing customer track and potential leads.


7)Inappropriate and unorganized task management.


8)Improper expense management.




 Staff Roster Plan


Team Structure Development


Employee Communication Application


Work schedule of an employee


Attendance tracking – Geo-fencing enabled


Paperless-Digital Form


Expense Management Applications


Employee geo-fencing and tracking.


Task Management


Sales target and order management


What is the USP of Field Force Connect?


Furthermore, Field Force Connect CRM is field Automation software or sales automation software built to solve all field related issues such as industries are FMCG Industries, Manufacturing Industries, Event Industries, Hospitality Industries, and Pharma and Chemical Industries.


Most importantly Field Force automation is an application with AI-enabled and as a result, it improvises functionality with user interaction. Therefore it is one of the best features of Field force connect CRM


Field Force Connect allows paperless data acquisition of clients to similarly analyze gathered sales data.


Field Force Connect helps you to manage and follow up with all your leads and customers.


The software monitors all your clients and allows you to know where you are getting maximum sales.


Why improvising field force services is important?


In order to meet field services demand, major challenges are to manage a large number of data accumulated. Therefore, Field force automation is very helpful in this type of activity.


In addition, To forecast the business future market, analyzing and processing data is required therefore improvisation of Application is essential for scaling and updating.


You need to smartly manage all of your tasks and objectives, and this is exactly what Field Force Connect enables you to do.


How an introduction to an AI can leverage the customer experience?


 Above all, AI interaction is a new trend in the field of CRM. Therefore This new field force automation CRM features have completely changed the customer interaction. Moreover, the user can easily get complete access.


Artificial Intelligence will not only improve sales experience but also enhance user interface and experience.


It will provide a better virtual assistant and automated process.


In conclusion, AI can improve customer retention by customizing interaction with users.