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1) Overview

2) Employee Monitoring Increases Productivity

3) Track Employee Objectives and Meet them

4) Employee Attendance Monitoring Increases Employee Accountability

5) Implementing a free employee attendance system instills a level of responsibility

6) Use many features provided by the attendance tracker system

7) You get to try the attendance tracking product before you make up your mind to buy it

8) Track and manage your workforce efficiently


Overview : World  attendance tracker app

Today’s world is driven by technology. When everything we do we can achieve things at fingertips. People depend on the FMCG industry for common  things in their day to day lives.


There are many things that are done as a part of the FMCG industry as far as their processes and policies are concerned. The FMCG industry has been a huge hit in the recent times, with the production of  a wide range of products that helps consumers get on with their daily lives, to electronic equipment that helps ease the lives of customers.


The FMCG industry is booming in recent times and as the consumer preferences go high, so should the quality and services of this industry also should go high. As the demands of this industry increases in the consumer world, it is essential that there should also be an outgrowth of the goods and services production for this industry. In order to increase employee productivity and enhance the quality of goods and services that are being provided. It is essential that employees meet the quality production for consumer demands.


When it comes to following a set of processes and doing daily tasks, the FMCG industry is well ahead. However it fall short in some areas, for example, there are some industries that still follow the paper process and make the manufacturing and packing process less efficient. These areas need to be identified and improved. There should be no resistance to change when the process improvement is being done.


In this article we are going to discuss why it is essential that the FMCG industry should adopt and implement attendance tracker app for their workforce. When you decide to use an employee attendance tracker and monitoring system such as Field Force Connect, the free employee attendance tracker app,  then you can reap the following benefits:


Let’s take a look at each one of these benefits that employee attendance tracker provides you.


Employee monitoring increases productivity.


attendance tracker app| free attendance tracker app|

When your workforce for any industry comes to know that an attendance tracker app is going to be implemented by the management then, your employees are aware about their individual performance.


Your employees need to be prior informed about any process changes that is going to be implemented by the company. This is because it should happen that the work of employees should not be affected when the company implements a new process inside its operations.


They will try and manage to increase their performance. In order to make sure that their company prospers and excels in their field.


Because employees are the driving force of any business, it is essential that employees are made aware about the new process implementation. So that they can get ready about the changes that the newer process will bring.


This point is applicable to not only the FMCG or Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Services company. But is applicable to literally any industry.


Because the FMCG industry is just moving at a fast pace from manufacturing and producing goods to monitoring the logistics for delivering the goods, it is essential that the common loopholes such as logistics tracking and management and workforce management should be monitored to the greatest degree and made sure that the processes are operating at their peak efficiency.


Employee monitoring helps organizations to identify areas where it is less efficient in performing jobs or tasks and helps employees to introduce techniques and methods that leads to efficient execution of these processes. Employees when they come to know that they will be under the scanner for the tasks that they are responsible for, they will be motivated to perform better.


When your employees come to know that their performance is going to be monitored by using an attendance tracking system. Then they become quite accountable and responsible for all their actions that they will perform. Thus they are bound to excel at their highest levels of productivity and ensure the work that they do is done in the best possible manner. So the productivity level of your employees or workforce increases.


Track Employee objectives and meet them:


Employees get to monitor their daily objectives and they will make sure that they are able to meet these objectives. Employees become aware of their Key Performance Indicators that have been set by their managers.


Another area where improvement can be introduced is to be able to track employee objectives and making them capable to meet them. There should be tasks that are organized and prioritised so that the work is done according to the weight age of the business objectives. Doing this will ensure that the tasks are done and performed correctly according to the set processes and helps the company achieve its business objectives.


They ensure that they can meet these objectives. Thus they get a view about where they stand in terms of performance and boundaries. And they are set to excel at meeting their own limitations and perform much better when they are able to compare their results.


There are many benefits of implementing an attendance tracker in an FMCG organisation. From managing the attendance to employees to making sure tasks are set, important notifications for task scheduling and assignment as well as timely updates to followup with tasks. The count of benefits is innumerable.


An attendance tracker not only helps employees to monitor their attendance but you get to monitor a host of different parameters such as tasks, objectives, data analytics, meetings, KPIs and many more such things. All of these objectives are provided to you free of charge so that you can get to meet your employee objectives. It increases and enhances overall employee productivity and performance.


Employee attendance monitoring increases employee accountability:


When the employees are monitored, a sense of responsibility is inculcated in them and they are made to feel that they are accounted for. This increases the individual employee’s responsibility to the highest level. The employees are motivated and inspired to perform at their best level to remain in the organization. This also maintains a healthy competition in the organization.


Employee monitoring inculcates a sense of motivation and inspiration among the employees. This helps the employees to give it their best shot when they work. The are motivated to better themselves when they work towards the common goal set by the FMCG company. Because there are a lot of processes and tasks involved in the FMCG industry. It becomes essential for such industries to better their processes and adapt to changing work requirements and changing processes.


The employees are inspired to further and go out of their way to meet the company’s or organizational goals and objectives. Modern studies prove that when employees are monitored and analyzed. They are further motivated and inspired to perform better than they used to perform. Because they are aware that they will be under the limelight of their managers and supervisors as well as the higher company officials.


Implementing attendance tracker app instills a level of responsibility


Employees perform better when they are made aware. That they will be monitored by the company officials and the higher management. This is so true about the FMCG industry as with any other industry as well so it is subjective to inspire and motivate the employees to perform better by using a free attendance tracker that monitors the companies workforce. This way they get to have a look at their key objectives. That they can try to meet and contribute to the overall company goals and commitments.


Use many features provided by the attendance tracker system


When your organization makes up their mind to use an attendance tracker app then you also get the benefit of other features that are provided free attendance tracker. This is provided as a complementary subset to your attendance management system.


When a software system such as an employee attendance tracker is adopted. There are several features that come bundled with the software. These features are something that you and your company or organization can leverage. The company needs to try out these features and see which ones do they see a perfect fit for their company operations.


You can get to use them and check whether these features can offload and solve all your problems. That your organization previously faced. Many such attendance tracker apps provide you with free features. Such as task management, expense management, lead management and so on that you can use to your organization’s advantage.


You get to try the attendance tracking product before you make up your mind to buy it


When you and your organization make up their mind to implement and use an attendance management system. They are not only provided with just the attendance tracker app feature. But many complementary features are awarded to the organization, as a part of the whole system. These features can be tried out and used to make up their minds.


Also, you need to ensure that the software you choose to implement as an attendance tracker app, has a time trial or a demo for you to check out and use the software. Many companies now provide a time-limited trial or demo version of their premium software such as the attendance tracker app from Field Force Connect.


 Many attendance tracker apps come up with a try-before-you-buy feature. That provides you with a 15 day or a 30-day free demo. This helps user to decide if the free attendance tracker suits best to the work environment.


Track and manage your workforce efficiently:


attendance tracker app | free attendance tracker app

Using a free attendance tracker app , you will be well equipped with managing your workforce efficiently. This helps to further contribute to the goals and objectives that are set by your company or organization.


Managing your workforce becomes efficient when you are open to implementing changes in your work processes. This is justifiable and especially true for systems such as attendance tracker app for FMCG industry. This is because you get to know where you workforce is located. What are the tasks that they are currently doing.


This is just the case with not only the FMCG industry but for other industries as well. This provides you with a host of features that you can use to your organization’s advantage. You get to monitor and manage your workforce and ensure that your team is performing at its peak efficiency.


Thus you will be well equipped to monitor and analyze individual workforce performance. This will help to identify the weak and pain points in them.




There are innumerable benefits that the attendance tracking system offers to the organization. Your organization can reap the benefits and choose the attendance tracker app. That can align with your business processes and company goals.


If you’re looking for a solid and robust attendance tracking system, we recommend you to check out this free employee attendance tracker called Field Force Connect. You can enquire about our free mobile sales app.


You will be able to use geofence attendance tracking, lead management, expense management, task management, and a host of other different features. For more information, you can contact us at info@fieldforceconnect.com.


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