Today you will know about What is marketing automation? Difference between salesforce automation & Marketing Automation? Benefits of marketing automation tools


I often get asked the question, what is marketing automation and how it will benefit my company when implementing it.


Marketing automation refers to the software automation process that streamlines as well as manages the marketing efforts that the company follows. 


Compared to traditional marketing the industry has now been made aware of the benefits of marketing automation tools has to offer and many companies and organizations are now adopting marketing automation in many different ways.


Only the implementation part differs from company to company and the benefits that each company can reap from it varies and depends on the implementation model.


In this article, we are going to compare and contrast Marketing Automation and Sales-Force Automation. And we will discuss how your company can benefit from marketing automation tools and SalesForce automation.


What is marketing automation? 


Marketing automation is a technology that is used to manage the marketing process as well as multifunctional campaigns that work across multiple channels automatically.


With Marketing automation, businesses are able to target customers with automated messages that work across email campaigns, web, social, as well as text. Messages are sent automatically according to the instructions that are called as WorkFlows. These workflows may be defined by templates that are set up, and can be custom built from scratch or can be modified mid campaigns in order to achieve better results.


Marketing, as well as sales departments, are able to use marketing automation in order to automate online campaigns and sales activities that both increase revenue and maximizes efficiency. When automation is effectively used in order to handle repetitive tasks, employees are free to handle and tackle higher-order problems and the rate of mistakes and human errors are reduced drastically.


Marketing automation helps in lead generation, nurturing as well as scoring as well as measuring the overall ROI on different campaigns that are currently up and running. The time, as well as cost savings effects that take place when automation is applied, increases the organization’s growth in both size and complexity Good Marketing automation systems are designed in order to scale alongside with your business.


What is SalesForce Automation?


Salesforce automation is nothing but simple automation that is applied to carry out sales activities and generate revenue. SalesForce automation is similar to marketing automation but the processes followed in sales force automation can differ from company to company.


SFA or sales force automation is a technique that uses software services to automate the business aspect that is carried out to conduct sales, including order processing, contact management, information sharing, monitoring and control of stock, order tracking, customer management, sales forecasting, analysis as well as employee performance evaluation.


Let us compare and contrast Marketing automation and Salesforce Automation.



       Marketing Automation 

     SalesForce Automation

Marketing automation means computerized and automated software that helps to carry out marketing efforts are used by the company.

SalesForce automation means automation of sales activities that are carried out by the company,

Marketing automation helps to manage processes as well as multifunctional campaigns across various channels.

Salesforce automation includes sales process automation, lead generation, contact management, logistics tracking and much more

Marketing automation helps to simplify some of the most time-consuming activities of modern  marketing and sales roles

Salesforce automation refers to the CRM implementation that manages, tracks, and forecasts their opportunities

Marketing automation is a SuperSet 

SalesForce Automation is a subset of marketing automation.

Marketing automation is used to track and follow customers and their behavior

SalesForce automation is used to generate leads and customer interaction with the company and organization.

Marketing automation uses CRM Systems

SalesForce automation also uses CRM systems.

Marketing automation focuses on marketing activities and their automation 

SalesForce automation focuses on the automation of sales activities and lead generation

Marketing automation goes hand in hand with Sales automation and compliments each other

SalesForce automation also compliments marketing automation and helps marketing efforts.

Marketing automation places the customer as their central point of interaction

SalesForce automation also places leads and customers at the central point for interaction.

Marketing automation helps to create a 360-degree view of the customer

SalesForce automation helps to create a 360-degree view of the prospect or lead.




Benefits of Marketing Automation Tools.


Reduce your staffing costs:


Marketing automation helps companies to depend less on human efforts and more on automated software and technology efforts thus reducing your marketing costs. It helps to set up lead nurturing and marketing campaigns that are triggered automatically based on a certain organization’s criteria. Using marketing automation one employee can easily compete with a 50 person marketing and sales department.


Increased revenue and average deal size:


By the way of automation for your cross-sells, upsells as well as customer follow-ups. You shall notice an increase for your customer lifetime value. When combined with better lead management as well as prioritization. It is a high probability that your sales activity will produce a  better Returns on Investment or ROI.


Improved accountability for Marketing and Sales Teams:


Marketing automation has the ability to make it very clear. Where bottlenecks in your company are, all thanks goes to clearly defined processes and a birds-eye view of the companies pipeline

The feedback system that automation provides helps companies to generate better quality leads and inturn maximize revenue generation.


Be more effective:


It does not matter how large or small your team is, you will always have a finite amount of resources to grow your business. Marketing automation helps you to squeeze out more juice out of the available hours.


Less repetitive work more creativity:


When you replace manual work with automated roles and campaigns. You would naturally free up your staff’s time to focus on creative tasks. While this has clear benefits on staff productivity and benefits. You should focus on creative tasks instead of mundane work.


Refine your Marketing process:


One of the hugely benefited side effects of marketing automation is that it helps you to visualize the customer journey and marketing strategy to create processes around it. Creating processes that revolve around the customer journey enables you to gradually refine how you can target and nurture leads.


Target potential customers across multiple channels :


One of the most powerful benefits that marketing automation offers marketers. It is the ability to reach and target customers in a personalized and customized way across different online as well as offline channels.


Never stop A/B testing your campaigns:


Unline traditional landing page campaigns, or email A/B Testing where you can test your campaign once or twice before you send it out to your mailing list, marketing automation makes it easy to test and run A/B campaigns.


Boost customer lifetime value by utilizing up sells as well as cross-sells:


You can get repeated chances for cross-selling or upselling a particular product to your customers. As the customer knows about the brand value and commitment from the companies end. They are much more likely to buy into your product when they feel that you are a reputable brand that makes awesome products


Take your marketing activity at an ultra-high level:


The ability to create targeted campaigns is on a huge scale. One of the most important activities that any business can do at the marketing level. The more relevant an offer is to a customer, the more likely they are to buy into your products.




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