In the recent times, the service and support industry has proved to be a game-changer. There has been an exciting transformative period for the service as well as the support industry.


Similar to every other industry or vertical, customer experience has prevailed. Will continue to be a major differentiating factor that is going to drive innovation at a blazing speed. Service providing organizations are increasingly using field services as a viable means to please customers.


There are going to be many things that are going to change. The way service and support industry is going to change by 2020. With the advent of new technology companies are looking to enhance. And increase the level of support that is offered to customers.


In this article, we are going to discuss how field service and support will be going to benefit from this storm of development that is happening in this industry.


What customers want:


customer satisfaction | customer wants When customer talk about the service and support industry. The things that come to mind are extensive support through user calls, mails, remote desktop troubleshooting, on-field assistance infrastructure scalability comes into our minds.


When customer talk about after sales and service we think that the support that we are going to get is in line with what our expectations are. There are very few companies that go beyond the extra mile to go and help the customer solve its problems and to make sure that the user or customer does not face any trouble using our software.


Probable Reasons for Service Disconnection


When the question comes about providing out-of-the-way service and support for our customers enrolling for Field Force Connect. We make sure that the problems faced by customers are solved by our highly expert team of service professionals that is why customer satisfaction is important to us.


Making sure that customers get what they want and fix the problem that is caused in the system. For example, when any time your employees faces any issue when using Field Force Connect. He or she is unable to punch in or log his or her attendance using the mobile app the below GPS based technique is used.


GPS based customer satisfaction 


GPS basedThere are many scenarios that could be preventing the user from logging in their daily attendance into the system. They must not have activated their GPS on their phones.

For Field Force Connect to work properly, the user need to be present in the geofencing area. Set up by the administrator for that particular user.


There also may be some other issues that are faced by the customer such as, there is no particular network connection in the area. The user might have not subscribed to receive our services or the subscription has expired.


State-Of-The-Art Support System for Our Customers Satisfaction 


All of the above cases can easily be resolved just by contacting our extensive support system that we have been providing for our Field Force Connect Customers Satisfaction. We make sure to provide our users and our clients the best experience possible. For field force connect customer satisfaction is important.


When using our mobile software app or our web portal. Customer satisfaction and exemplary service is our highest priority. Our biggest concern here and we make sure we leave no stone unturned when providing high quality service for our customers. If any problem arises, we are just a call or a message away.


Upon contacting our highly experienced team gets into action making sure that our services that we provide to our customers is not affected in any way possible. Thus we guarantee that all our customers have a seamless experience. Face no problems when using our Field Force Connect services.


Field Force Connect Embraces all things Latest


multitasking | customer satisfaction

Field Force Connect brings to you the latest and greatest implementation of technology. In order to make your Field Force management much more efficient and robust.


Using our software and platform you can easily keep track of things such as attendance, automate location tracking,  service dispatch, training, and all other aspects of field service management. That is necessary for you to execute critical service operations easily and efficiently.




There are many areas that has developed to simplify and extend our day to day activities in our lives. Enhancing the productivity is our main virtue and we make sure that you can get the best out of your field force and Field Force Connect helps you to achieve that. If you’re looking to enhance your workforce’s productivity then do give us a call at 


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