CRM vs Sales Force Automation
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CRM vs Sales Force Automation

Customer Relationship Management

CRM vs Sales Force Automation


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What is CRM

For leading a successful business line maintaining a good relationship with the customers is the cornerstone point. While following this process of growth the challenge that interrupted is time-consuming managing and tracking records. To be in contact with all your customers you need to maintain their previous as well as current data. Which in turn asks lots of space cabinets for saving the manual data sheets. Which helped nothing but only increased the manual work with lots of incorrect and inappropriate data in the house.


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However, with the continuous inventions in the techno markets, we got introduced to a new tool called CRM. With its online tracking feature, it helped us solve our previous problems of managing the data correctly. Thus Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a software used for managing and interacting with customers. It helps you store all your information online without taking any load of maintaining the data physically.

What is Sales Force Automation?

Sales Force Automation, on the other hand, is a programming software to help you use that collected analyzed data in an efficient manner. Creating a sales pipeline, SFA helps you reach your customers with your products at the right moment. It tries and generate your coming leads and nurtures its complete process.

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Are CRM and SFA the same thing?

If you think so you’re not the only one. Many people think CRM and SFA are one and the same thing. But the reality is different. CRM helps marketers and salespeople manage and analyze their relationship with the company’s actual and potential customers. That is the reason why marketers always know who the customer is and what should they need by checking their previous history. With the increased chances of conversion, it makes their interaction with the customer more friendly. This attribute of CRM gets beneficial for the sales team. It helps them automates their sales inventory, leads, and performance.

Thus it can be said both CRM and SFA shares some common attributes of one another to help themselves.


Features of CRM

  • It helps you create and maintain the customer’s profile on the basis of their purchase history, behavior data and many more.
  • It helps you collect and store all their accounts data with their e-commerce transactions.
  • It provides you the correct center to call and approach.
  • Provides you complete tracking of customer communications.
  • Works as a process of customer retention.
  • Data Warehousing.
  • Efficient in providing a set of tools to manage the entire sales and marketing funnels.
  • Allows tracking the efficiency of marketing efforts to generate leads and conversions.
  • Encourages customer trust and loyalty.
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Features of SFA(Sales Force Automation)

  • It tracks provides salespeople the actionable goals and targets.
  • It helps you measure and manage the total number of sales activities.
  • It appears helpful in managing the pipelines and processes.
  • It mainly focuses on point-of-sale.
  • Manages the visits of salespersons with the activities performed.
  • Lead assignment and generation.
  • Focuses on the complete sales cycle

What to Choose, CRM or SFA

While going through the above features and description, it is clear that both the CRM and SFA are completely different tools. It depends on a variety of factors to decide which tool you require for your business. Ask yourself a few things like what is the main purpose of your business, why do you need it, you need to keep track of your service interactions, know who all are your customers, or monitor your sales campaigns. Then without any doubt, you should opt the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software. Or else if you want to help and improve the performance of your sales team then go for the SFA (Sales Force Automation).

Check your company’s visits made by the sales representatives it will help you decide in a better way.


Both CRM and Sales Force Automation carrying their unique features of workflow works differently. But both are equally important and useful in their own terms. Therefore in order to improve your business skills effectively, it is not necessary to choose only one among them. Start implementing both the software tools in your business to improve the productivity level of your business.


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