How employee management app can help you?

Often when you start your business, you should think about how you are going to manage your employees. Your employees can be the driving force for your business. They are the people who will be bringing your business and taking care of your company and organization. You should always think of having a Field sales app or employee management app.


You should think about how you are going to motivate as well as increase the productivity of your employees. This is a crucial factor when you can help your employees to put their best foot forward and in turn help the company gain progress and traction.


Any company that runs business depends on its products and services. These are the main factors that helps organizations to bring revenue into the business and drives the company forward.


There are many things that the company can do in order to increase the productivity of their employees. Things such as monitoring attendance, as well as building a system using which the employees can punch in and punch out and track their daily activities.


We are going to discuss the features that need to be present in such an app. This application is called Field Force Connect that will help your company to manage the daily activities that are done by the employees as well as help them to perform better to increase their employee productivity.


Following are the main features of Field Force Connect app:


Daily attendance monitoring in field sales app:


geo fencing

This field sales app has the feature to record the daily attendance of your staff. Employees can punch in and punch out of the app to record their daily attendance.


This app also provides regular reminders to employees to record their daily attendance into the system so that your employees do not miss out on doing their regular punch in and punch outs.




Geo Fencing for Employees:



When an employee reports to work, the system tracks the current location of the employee and allows him to punch in to the system, if he/she is present in a specific location.


Geo fencing is important because it builds a sense of trust and eliminates spurious or fraudulent inputs. Employees can report to work only if they are present in a specific location (This location can be set to your office). Isn’t it the best field sales app?


The system constantly tracks the geo location of the employees and thus assists them to report to work. This is immensely beneficial for sales people who work on the field for clients and have to constantly be on the field to report for duty.



Constant Supervision by Managers and Supervisors:


Field sales app of Field Force Connect is able to monitor and provide constant updates to managers as well as supervisors.


Employees are able to inform managers about their whereabouts when they are present on field for meetings and appointments with clients. Therefore this feature helps managers to stay connected and feel updated with the constant happenings in the workplace or environment.


Detailed Analytics in employee management app:



Field Force Connect can provide detailed analytics reports in the form of charts and graphs that helps and assists managers to analyze the performance of their employees and thus help to provide constant feedback to employees.


Employees can connect with their managers from time to time and get feedback from their managers. This is one of the best feature of field sales app.




Group Messaging or Individual Messaging in field sales app:


group messaging



This field sales app has a great feature of interactive messaging. Employees can keep their managers and supervisors updated about the current statuses of their work progress.



Task Scheduler:


Daily Activity Log | field service management app


Employees can create and record their TO-DO tasks list in the app. As the tasks keep on getting completed, employees can update their tasks in the list.


This feature of field sales app helps employees to not miss out on any important objectives that need to be completed.  Thus the daily task’s goals are clear to them.




Travelling reimbursement in employee management app:


On-Field people who go for appointments and meetings with clients can claim for transportation reimbursement by using this feature.


They can upload their daily transportation expenses into the app and get their transportation allowances in their monthly salary reimbursed to them.


Daily Timesheet Updation in field sales app:


Employees can claim for their daily time sheet updation to punch in and punch out their respective work timings.


If mobile network fails then they can use the web-based application to record their daily timings and reports to work.


Conclusion: Field Force Connect:


It is a helpful application that can be used by any company’s employees to manage their Task.

This app is very helpful for companies who have employees on the field . If you require a field sales tracking app then you have come to the right place, do contact us with your requirements and our representatives will get in touch with you. If you like our article then do check out our other articles as well.


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