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Best attendance tracking app for employee


Best attendance tracking app for employee

How best attendance tracking app can help you?


An organization runs on conducting business from its employees. The employees play a pivotal role in generating revenue for its business. Any organization that generates revenue depends on the efficiency and the work done by the employees.


But do we care about maximizing the productivity and the work done by the employees in record time. Don’t we require some kind of attendance tracking app.


There should exist a way by which employees can manually be able to punch in for work.


Also to perform work-related tasks such as meetings, messages and email notifications about the daily schedules at ease.


There should exist a system like an attendance tracking app that is able to help employees to do their work-related tasks easily. This maximizes employee productivity.


Let us analyze how we can maximize the work productivity of employees and help employees do their tasks better.



1) Ability to manually punch in and record your employee’s attendance in employee attendance app:


If you want to maximally your employee’s productivity, then there should exist a method using which your employees can manually record their attendance into the punching system.


Organizations should provide employees the leverage of trusting employees with having them to punch their daily attendance into the HR system.


The software should also allow employees to be able to record their attendance via the web if manual punching of the system via a mobile app.


A mobile app allows the employee the flexibility to be able to record their attendance into the system. In case if the mobile application does not function as it is supposed to, for example, there is no network in case of internet failure.


Employees can manually check in to the system and record their attendance.


2) Manually chat with your employees, supervisors, and managers:


If there exists an app that will help employees record their attendance, then there should also be an ability that employees be able to chat with their colleagues and supervisors.


It is essential that employees be able to communicate with their peers and subordinates on both the online as well as the offline platform.


This will help the employee to remain focused on the core tasks at hand that has been assigned to them.


They will not get distracted with other work. This is an essential and a must have feature in the attendance monitoring app or system.


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3) Live location tracking and analyzing feature in attendance tracking app:


Firstly If the employee is reporting to work, there should exist a system to be able to track the employee’s live location. So that they are not able to falsely punch into the system.


Secondly, Live location also helps keep a record as well as builds trust between employees and their supervisors.


This is especially important when there exists field force employees who go into the field for generating sales for the organization’s products and services.


Field employees are always on-field for various reasons such as meetings, schedules, appointments and presentation meetings, etc.


They need to be in constant communication with their subordinates for work related tasks, this feature helps build trust in managers and supervisors by satisfying them about their current locations.


This feature uses GPS to track and analyse the field force employee’s live locations.


4) Maintain a list of to-do tasks:


Firstly ,this is another important feature that helps employees record their  daily goals and activities that they need to accomplish.


This feature helps in providing reminders and notifications about the tasks to be completed and helps in increasing the overall productivity.


Finally ,this serves as a reminder list. And functions as a ready made notepad for jotting down the tasks to be done.


Employees always should note this and make use of this feature.



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5) Get Detailed Analytics of your attendance and analyze performance with the help of attendance tracking app:


The detailed analytics of the task done is made available that you accomplish daily.


Also, this will help you to analyze your performance through attendance tracking.


This will let you know where you stand.

Finally, all of the above-mentioned features have been integrated into the best attendance monitoring app. Which is called Field Force Connect.


If you want to monitor your organization’s employee’s attendance as well as keep a tab on what activities were done then you surely need to use Field Force Connect.


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