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Task Management App for Business and Housekeeping

“Task Management App for Business and Housekeeping” is locked Task Management App for Business and Housekeeping

Task Management App for Business and Housekeeping

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Task management (also known as task scheduler) is the process of creating and managing a list of things for which an individual is assigned. It involves creating, planning, testing, tracking, and reporting the progress of the tasks based on which the user can take further decisions. 

It helps individuals achieve goals and groups of individuals to share knowledge for the accomplishment of collective goals. 

With the use of the right software tools, you can create and design task management apps to effectively organize and manage tasks. It provides you detailed reports analyzing the overall efficiency of an individual, department or organization.

No matter if you’re running your own business or is simply a part of a department, a team, or just works for your own self it gets difficult to manage all the tasks single-handedly. In business as well as in household each day you have to face multiple deadlines, to meet and manage tasks that need to be on the highest priorities. If not managed properly it comes as a challenge and engages you with increased workloads. 

Fortunately, with the growth and development of technologies, we are provided with various software tools that are dedicated to task management. Ensuring smoother workflow it helps you makes your tasks easier by prioritizing, organizing, meeting deadlines, and manage all your employees even at home. 

Resulting in providing you improved ability to manage and complete complex tasks especially for people who work with multiple projects at one time. Managing the household chores are a perfect example of this. It gets really tough to manage your house and work-life both at the same time and at the same priorities. Both the things are equally important and to lead a good and successful life you’ll have to be the best in both things.   

Task managing apps make it easy for companies and business that comes with projects having different demands and requirements. 

Here’s a list of features and criteria that almost every task management app should possess to stand out best. 

  • It should add tasks taking minimum time.
  • It should categorize each work type differently.
  • It should possess a calendar marking important days and tasks. 
  • It should send reminders and notifications about things on priority.
  • It should notify you before and after any deadline.
  • It should be easy to handle having an easy and attractive user interface.

Advantages of Task Management App

If you are doing your own business, task management is very important to save your business from losses and if you’ve started it with a small startup it is even more important. 

Therefore, in order to fame, the name of your brand in the market using the least time here’s a list of the advantages task management app provides :


  • A good task management app keeps you well organized and helps you effectively to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Task management software app provides you great flexibility with your work. It provides you good control, convenience, and cost savings over your projects.
  • In today’s competitive business world it helps you manage the ideal resources. 
  • It helps you track, monitor, identify and fix all your work issues by managing your time and money.
  • It helps you stay connected with your team members by enabling you and your team to work cohesively.
  • Task management app helps you to unite all your team members to work towards a common goal.
  • Task management software app providing security features enables you to restrict the access of sensitive information. 

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Housekeeping Schedules

Just like your work schedules housekeeping schedules too holds great importance. It helps you inform about the housekeeping activities that are important and needs to get scheduled. It takes care of many things like – 

What Needs to be Cleaned?

It considers the entire space for which a schedule is developed including floors, walls, ceilings, windows, and items or things that are on display. Informing you about the areas and things that are more sensitive to dust and comes easily into contact with more dirt particles. It helps you inform which area of your house requires more cleaning. 

It also takes notes of the factors or the reasons influencing more need for cleaning. 

For example – 

  • Quality of items
  • Types of items that are placed
  • Used space between the placed items
  • Location of items kept is more prone to receive dust or not
  • Environmental conditions  

It depends on place to place, for example, which place you are taking. If the selected place is a public area, then the frequency of cleaning will be more than as compared to a personal house. 

Let’s say if you want to housekeep a place where daily numbers of visitors come then its cleaning factors will also vary like how many items are on display, type of furniture used, frequency of visitors, environmental space, etc. 

You should be aware of the material of which the items are made of. Whether it is a paper, plastic, metal or anything else. Are they placed openly or covered or displayed behind glasses?

You should be aware of the risk factors that are involved with the cleaning process. It would guide you if the item needs to be replaced with another location or not. 

Undertaking Housekeeping Tasks

Who will perform the task?

It will inform you who will be allotted to do the task. Like, for example in case of a whole building, the owner will employ a cleaner to take responsibility for regular cleaning of floors, corridors, rooms, walls, including the complete interior and exteriors. 

How it will be done?

Decide the appropriate method by which the cleaning will be done. The furniture should be dusted, glass items should be cleaned properly using wet clothes, a proper dusting of heavy items, etc. 

For each cleaning, it identifies and tells you the most appropriate, least risky, and time-consuming method. It takes care of all the safety issues to prevent occurring of any kind of damage. 

Imagine an app providing all these services where you can guide, manage and control all the activities of business and housekeeping. 

Seeing the above characteristics and demands of handling both home and business at the same time we would like to address you with an app called Field Force Connect. It will not only create separate sections for each project but will also manage each of your tasks separately. 

Field Force Connect 

A sales automation CRM software which empowers you to maintain field force automation by constant employee monitoring and tracking the field workforce on GPS. It would be the best task management software with an activity tracker to monitor all the work conducted by your employees.

Beneficial for not only sales organization but everything that involves fieldwork. It not only helps you with your employees’ real-location but also provides various other features to make your tasks simpler and easier. 

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Here are the services of benefits provided by field force connect to maintain work schedules of both home and business. 


Geo-Fencing –

employee attendance tracker allows your employees to handle their attendance directly from fields rather than again coming back to the office.

Employee Tracking –

it helps you locate the real-time location and meeting updates of all your employers along with relevant information about their day’s accomplishments.

Lead Log Management –

lead management helps you add new customers and check new leads for your business and gain opportunities.

Visit Tracking –

it helps you to maintain the records of customers needs and demands. This specifies you overall information about meetings status and its conclusion.

Expense Management –

simplifies and keeps the data of employees expense records while they work at different locations. It helps them apply for the reimbursement form their managers and bosses. 

Roster Plan –

you can easily schedule meetings of your field staff, and make changes by allocating schedules to employers based on the availability.

Dynamic Forms –

helps you create forms for users which can be filled and accessed anywhere.

Task Management –

it tracks, manages and provides solutions to each project you’re involved with along with handling the work of your complete team. 

Order Management –

its order processing feature helps you take online orders through the app. It manages all the data online means you no longer have to keep and carry the physical copies of each document.

Reminders and Notifications –

it helps you remember your meetings and follow-up schedules by sending you notifications.

Visiting Card Scanning –

it facilitates you to directly scan the visiting card which automatically fulfills all the necessary details. 

Opportunity Management –

it helps you build the information in a series providing you in detail sales pipeline information of all the leads from beginning till end.

Call Logs –

helps you manage your past client call logs and lists them categorically for ease of use and access. 

There can be many other ways to schedule workers and housekeepers but the best techniques are ones that use manager’s time wisely. 

Using the best task management app create new maintenance tasks in your checklist, assign work to correct employees and schedule it as per its deadline. If you’re looking for the best task management app with whom you can manage all your employees work activities, install field force connect app

Along with its unique features, it will also help you make the best decisions for your work activities. And the biggest benefit it provides is that instead of using different apps for conducting different works with the use of this single app you easily manage both your business and housekeeping activities.


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