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Expense Management System

Application allow employee to add and
claim expenses and track reimbursement status.
Admin can allocate budget and track expenditure.

Expense Management Solutions




Travel & Expense


Employee flexi-benefits and allowances


Expense Claim Solutions


  • First of all, the most important component of any company is to check the costs incurred and how they can minimize it.
  • Likewise, Field Force Connect, allows you to easily track the expenses incurred by your field staff while they go about their work.
  • The expense management system makes employee claim reimbursement even more simple. Therefore any expenses occurred by the field force can be entered here with photocopies of the bill as well. This can help in tracking any expense occurred on the job.
  • As a result, the claim can be added with details and assigned a filter to indicate the type of expense.
  • Above all, the expense claims can be set for approvals on various levels before going to the accounts department for the final reimbursement.

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