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Simplify Lead Management.

Application enable fieldforce to manage leads,
sales report analysis and sales forecasting
for future marketing decisions.

Features Of Lead Management

Lead tracking app


Follow up report

Lead tracking app


Multiple client data Collection

lead tracking app


Prime concern

lead tracking app


Sales report


  • Getting a lead and maintaining the lead until conversion is the most important task for a sales professional. Therefore, it can become increasingly difficult to maintain all the details and logs of every meeting and follow-up at all times. Secondly with lead management app or lead tracking app of Field Force Connect, you won’t have to. Above all a good  lead tracking app ensures that every lead is automatically fed into the system
  • Details gathered about an individual or representative of an organization are the Leads. Most importantly with thi lead management app or lead tracking app feature, you can create multiple clients lead or you can add leads to important information like name, address, contact details in  lead tracking app.
  • Besides, lead management app or lead tracking app can help the sales team develop strategies based on the interests, hobbies.  Also, the people in particular demography and the way the leads should be approached to sell the products or services can be tracked.
  • Thirdly, In lead management app or lead tracking app, you can assign the leads to any of your employees. You can save leads on a priority basis like HOT, WARM, COLD or on a time basis. Therefore in lead management app or lead tracking app, you can identify genuine clients for your company. This is the best feature of  lead tracking app which is the secret of business.
  • Most importantly this also helps you to check what actions need to be taken for each and every lead, who has assigned the lead to whom, and what are the next steps should be taken and also after the meeting, if an order has been given then the order details can be checked through this lead management app or lead tracking app feature.
  • In conclusion, you get all the history of lead-log and track the daily sales performance.

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