Lets understand how free lead tracking app can help you in 2020.

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A company thrives on the business that it does. It can sell products and services or it can develop projects and get leads.


In this cut throat competition where every company tries to out -do its competitors and tries to be the best to serve consumers, it is essential that these companies generate revenue depending on its business model.


Sales persons who work for such companies are the driving force of such type of business models. Companies depend on its sales persons to bring and generate revenue to drive the business forward.


In this article we will discuss how a free lead tracking app can help sales people to close the sales and properly manage their day to day activities.

There can be several benefits highlighted for free lead tracking app.


Organized Lead Data

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For businesses that depend on traditional methods to manage leads and potential customers, a free lead tracking app could cause the lead management data that is collected to be streamlined and organized in a systematic fashion.


The lead data is transmitted and stored in a centralized system that is accessible via a mobile app connected to the internet or via a web application that is accessible by any computer browser running on a computer or a tablet.


This lead management data is organized depending upon the needs and requirements of the potential customers. The lead data is essential to be captured in a single format. Thus by CRM system that the company uses.



Efficient Lead Tracking:


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Keeping a check on the leads that is coming inside the system could be a struggle in and of itself.


There can be few things that is as frustrating as losing a quality lead due to not proper management of the lead in the process.


It can be quite challenging in order to differentiate between the leads, that are more or less likely to convert and become a customer for the company.


In this example, lead tracking from a properly managed and organized lead management system can become tremendously valuable.


By closely tracking the leads you can optimize the experience for the leads and bring them closer to getting converted into a valuable customer for the company.


You can make better use of your time and money.



Impactful Lead Nurturing:

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Nurturing and polishing the leads that are likely to get converted is a significant process.


This can become much easier with the aid of a free lead tracking app


Leads that are nurtured with the use of email marketing or other methods are more likely to get converted.


These leads may end up purchasing more than leads that are not nurtured and taken care of.



Better Filter Your Leads in free lead tracking app:

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It can get daunting and time consuming if you weigh leads against one another.


When you try to determine which lead is likely to convert, you should approach each lead the same way without any differentiation.


A free lead tracking app  puts many tools at your disposal in order to optimize your lead filtration process.


Create a lead scoring process or system and set up filters and restrictions so that the best and the right leads are being sufficiently targeted by your sales people.


Be More Productive With Free Lead management App:

A properly set up lead management system, that involves automation with many processes will allow business opportunities in order to automate additional workflows such as what to do with lesser quality leads.


Where these leads may be less likely to convert they still have tremendous value.


Utilizing lead distribution, business will be able to organize leads so that proper products and services can be pitched to them and can be resold to eager buyers.


Sharper Insights:

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Keeping a close watch on quality leads is a must. A lead management system will allow you to do just that with proper lead tracking and management capabilities.


Follow along the customer journey and get an indepth perspective into the decision making process.

Not only that this data will help you to  convert the leads that you are tracking, but it provides you with a pathway or a road map on how to create better journey for many future prospects.


This provides you with ample opportunities to convert these leads into prospective and valuable customers.


Real Time Reporting Capabilities:

When the leads are coming to you or inside the system quickly during a campaign, you need to know what drives your leads.


Knowing this part is essential  for getting the most out of your investment.


For example, real time reporting is an invaluable feature and resource that you can use to make changes on the fly depending on your lead generation analytics.


Getting to know how the various publishers are performing will let you quickly double down on your successful channels as well as scale down less effective components.


Improving Team Coordination in lead tracking app:

The perfect and right lead management system will provide you as well as your team with mountains of data that provides an insight to every single campaign.


These valuable insights can be very useful for your sales and marketing departments. These departments can work harmoniously by learning from the same data sets.


These can help increase lead generation and lead conversion by enabling you to create a more focused sales funnel. Plus keeping everyone on the same page will help you to reduce mistakes or miscommunication





There is a lot of things that depends on sales people. In order to continue sales, it is essential that the sales process is streamlined. Also all glitches and faults are eliminated.


 All the above benefits will drive your business forward towards a more efficient process of lead generation, tracking and conversion. The right lead generation system will help you to improve your ROI and keep your business booming.

The above points dictate how important lead management app can be for your business.


 Therefore it is essential for the organisation to select the right tool. A tool  that aid you in doing your business comfortably.


Your customers and leads will be invariably using your products and services. It is essential to filter out quality leads so your sales reps can gain quality customers. This also prevents sales reps from chasing low quality leads that are less likely to convert. Therefore using a quality software is such as Field Force Connect is essential for your business. So that you know how many leads are generated sales representatives.