Sales force automation has helped organizations increase their revenue by multiple folds, harnessing the power of automating even the most basic tasks has helped companies save time and money for investing in other important objectives.


Most of the benefits of field sales app that are associated with automating the business processes have benefited organizations in a huge way.


In this article we are going to discuss how Small and Medium Fast Moving Consumer Goods companies (FMCG) can benefit with the help of field sales app by automating their business process. Though SFA software that connects with their CRM systems.


There are multiple benefits that FMCG companies can use in order to increase their sales and revenues.


Inventory management


FMCG companies need to supply their goods to many destinations.


Predicting when the demand will rise for goods and services helps FMCGs to predict and automatically place orders for raw materials to stock for their inventories.


SFA or sales force automation can easily predict and place order as well as automate payments for raw materials so that the inventory stocks of the companies does not get exhausted.


After procuring the raw materials, FMCGs can easily automate their systems by ordering for the manufacturing of products that the companies need to fulfill the demand for.


By doing this, it helps a lot so that FMCG companies can meet the consumer demands and thus satisfy the consumer directly.


Vendor management and allocation


Because FMCG companies manufacture the good themselves, they have a long list of vendors for ordering raw materials from.


Sales Force Automation can easily manage these vendor lists. Based on the best vendor for ordering the raw materials from, can easily place orders from their automated system, to dispatch and procure the raw material to stock up their inventory.


Doing this helps the companies to meet the rising demand and fulfill the requirements of the FMCG goods and services for these companies.


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Automated logistics services and transportation


Sales Force Automation can also automate the logistics process of the companies, thus delivering the products to the right place and at the right time.


Doing this helps these companies to meet the current demand of products and services as well as making sure that there is no shortage of the required product in the market.


This also helps to keep the prices in control and helps to eliminate the situation where companies raise their product prices in order to meet the demand that is present in the market for these products and services.


Automated Customer feedback and response gatheration through sales force automation app :


Companies can integrate the customer feedback and complaints.


Use this for improving the product quality in order to meet the expectations from the customers.


If a proper automation system is not implemented for FMCG companies. Then it can be a nightmare to tackle, solve and resolve complaints from the customers simply because of the sheer number of customers that are present and providing with the same feedback.


Automation means to take corrective action into account and troubleshoot situations by taking into action the corrective steps for improving the product quality and implementing the customer feedback on the products respectively.


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Monitor the fieldwork through field sales app:


Instead of tallying sales reports with every sales representatives.


Business owners have access to a variety of reporting and analysis tools.


That helps the business owner to get the clear picture of where the organization is moving forward. Business owners can easily use metrics to see and gauging the success rate.

 As well as get an accurate sales prediction and get to know the sales revenue.



Know the market trends through  field sales app:


SFA can easily equip business owners with the necessary tools to develop the sales representative’s territories.


Without running the risk of uneven distribution of sales representatives inside a given area. As the dynamics of the market tends to change.


The business owner can easily distribute the sales representatives in different territories to fully utilize the SFA apps capabilities. In the most profitable as well as a meaningful manner.


Realtime- On the Go functionality with sales force automation:


Realtime location tracking, as well as 24/7 usage, are some of the most important components of the SFA mix.

It can be used by anyone and anywhere who wishes to monitor the current status of companies products and services.


This helps business owners supervise their field sales team remotely.

Which can easily transform the business and the sales communication greatly.


More sales through analytics:


In addition, SFA can provide sales representatives with a better capacity to see the shopkeeper’s order history.


This creates an exciting opportunity to cross sell or upsell during a conversation with the seller. It can also help the sales representatives in order to create a more accurate as well as reliable sales forecast.


That is based on real-time figures, thereby preventing any kind of unexpected surprises at the end of the quarter or fiscal year.


More freedom and independence to sales representatives:


Any business owner who cares about his representatives, feels essential for them to be independent in their work.


The sales force automation app can make his representatives more productive. Has better access to information while working in the field.


The business owner can also add incentives for his representatives. For increasing efficiency and bringing in more independence and rigor into their work. This can be a big win-win for both.





There are numerous benefits that companies in the FMCG sector can leverage and gain an advantage in.

Providing quality products that solves a pain point is the main motive of these companies.

Companies can gain more customers and maintain a better overall view just by implementing a Sales Force Automation software for their operations environment. This is a revenue generation tactics that we have just shared with you.

We hope that you have found this article informative and have enjoyed reading it.



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