Lets understand today the benefits of Mobile Sales App.

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Are you into Sales? Or have you ever been in a marketing field?

If yes, then you must be well aware of the issues they usually face. Sales and marketing is something which goes hand-in-hand. You can’t only be in sales and sell your products and services unless your teams are further aligned with other related sectors.


Firstly with the innovation of new trends and technologies business development has seen new growth. For doing your sales in the right direction you must find the best platforms to further manage and count your sales.

Big thanks to technologies, sales representatives can do much more than just calling and texting. Using the new tools they can make bigger impacts on customers and boost the functionality of your sales.


Without changing the basic principles of sales it can help you boost productivity and ease the salesperson’s job.  

If you’re thinking it how? Here are the following 10 benefits of sales field app to find potential customers for your sales team.


Easy Mobilization with mobile sales app :


Running and managing your sales team with a mobile app helps you mobilize your efforts easily. Without waiting for a proper system you can manage and do real-time communications with your team. Using the app within your mobile phone you can insert, receive, and update your project info anytime and anywhere. Also, it helps you easily connect with all the employees in your work area.


Real-time Data Transfer:

Using this feature of sales software you can check, transfer and interact with any new update while sitting somewhere away from the office. You don’t require the need to send a request or wait for the employer or you to reach to the premises. 


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Using this software you can insert the final update after your meeting and can discuss the next steps without wasting any time. Instant updates relating the stocks and services provide you definitive answers. Also within a few clicks, you can manage and maintain your orders.


Mobile sales app helps with Lead Management :


Successful leads are the other name of successful sales. Using a sales app you can easily manage and connect with your leads. You can also prioritize the most sensitive lead for the first response. Based on the availability of employer you can instantly allocate it and get the deal closed. It informs you all about its availability, location, and conversion percents to further get you the idea about customers and their needs.  


Generate Instant Quotes


It was a tough job then when meeting and getting a quote used to involve 4-5 days of hassle. With the 24/7 online interaction, you don’t need to roam company to company asking and meeting people personally to receive the quotes. 


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At one time you ask send hundreds of companies to send them their quotes and within minutes you can compare and finalize your choice of services. In just a couple of hours, you can send and receive all the verified forms and can communicate over any confusion.


Forms and Questionnaires


Desk and field are two completely opposite places to work. However, being a sales representative you should handle both. While going on the field you have to gather a lot much information about the client including all his needs. Instead of handling all the information through paperwork using a correct sale mobile app you can easily store all the information in it. 


Using a mobile sales app you can fill save the information in a more sorted way. It provides you arranged features like forms, tasks, feedback surveys, columns for customer requirements, and many more.


Saving all the details digitally reduces your paperwork. Using this you can manage long years of data with just a few clicks.


Track Performance with sales app


Using the sales app you can track your employees work and the actual way they are performing.  Using this you can calculate their actual working hours and productivity. It helps you figure if the employees you’ve hired are useful or not. 

Else you can even suggest and guide them to improve their performance. In order to do all these actions, you should have a good sales app which tracks the work performance. Such an app is great to keep as it helps you greatly in improving the productivity of the company.


Order Status


Real-time sales app even helps you with information like order status. If you’re doing specific product business you can track and know the exact location of your products. You should be answerable to the customers about their products. Therefore, using the correct sales app without looking and calling out the delivery team you can just open the app and check it by yourself. 

You can also inform the customer if the delivery is prior or delayed due to some issues. This Concerned attitude of employers towards their customers builds a good impression of the company.


Manage your Expenses


Sales applications also provide you columns where employers can put their expenses during the field visit. It helps you manage and record all their personal expenses. Which employers at the end of the month, or anytime when they require can ask and get the reimbursement back. It is more helpful for managers and accountants as the process appears easier at the time of disbursement.


Mobile sales app helps you with Reminders


Sales app also got the features where you can set reminders for particular meetings. It helps you notify about the meeting schedules and their follow-ups.


Keep Your Employees Focused 


Keeping track of all the records and targets helps you reach closer towards your goals. Besides it gives you a clear idea about the performance of employees, which further helps you take better decisions. Seeing their performance you can easily see who’s good for your company and who’s not. Also, when it comes to sending people to the client you can take your decision in a much better way. Even sales reps can know their ability to work and set new scores of goals.




Finally  Field Force Connect is one such app where you can all the above features including many other more. Using this sales app employers can use the geo-fence and track their employees’ real-time location. Using the single app they visit and fill out the forms, scan the visiting cards, manage leads and tasks, manage calls and orders, etc.

Being a CRM field force app, it is pretty good in maintaining your relationships with the previous clients and find potential customers for your brand.

If you like to buy or thinking of having any such app for your company you can contact us. Field Force Connect automates your sales solutions globally with the right CRM software.