10 Steps Towards Building Great Sales Culture

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The term ‘Sales’ is a process which comprises all the activities related to buying and selling of products or services. It involves all the techniques and methods used by a salesperson which helps them improve their sales and revenue targets.  


Many companies depend on the sales generation process to boost its revenue generation and to grow and prosper.

The sales process is comprised of several steps, here are the basic seven sales steps followed by each salesperson or sales team –


1)Product Knowledge




3)The Approach


4)Needs Assessment




6)The Close




Sometimes even after following all the rules and techniques, your business sales do not grow. The term “sales” means much more for businesses. Along with the ambiance, place, work, and people there are many other factors that affect your sales.


Sales Culture


Sales culture is one of them. In any organization, sales culture plays a huge role in affecting the growth of its business. Influencing everything including how much sell your salesperson does, the way they conduct their work, the way you hire and treat customers, etc everything. Reflecting on the personality of your team a positive sales culture results in more deal closings.


Sales can become the number one factor by which a company can grow and excel. It is the backbone for business generation and gaining revenue


However, despite being aware of all the situations many company owners and managers fail to pursue a great sales culture.


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Here are the following ten steps and strategies to start a truly good great sales culture. It helps you establish a sales culture that motivates, inspires and drives success.


Monitor Daily Activities


While running any business it is important for the sales leaders to have a deep understanding of their sales pipelines. Their proper monitoring will help them detect where you are going wrong during the closing of your deals. They analyze and perform some tests to let you know where you need to improve. Daily monitoring helps you analyze the entire situation of employees to suggest correct treatment plans.


Daily activity monitoring helps you to make a checklist or a list of things that you need to do for getting the best performance from your team. You as a sales manager can get your team to be motivated and put the best efforts forward when closing a sale and dealing with a lead.


Simplifying your relationships with customers makes your dull repetitive tasks more effective and interesting. Thus it ultimately makes you more close to customers, where you can listen and fulfill all their needs and demands. Resulting it helps you increase the productivity of your business.


Hire Right Culture Fit


It is very important for your company to hire correct people that fit your organization. Just because the person was good in other work doesn’t mean they will fit in your firm as well. While hiring new people at your organization you must see and find an optimistic attitude in them. 


When you hire people for your team, you need to make sure that your organizations vision matches with that of your employees and peers or even the probable candidates, so that they are able to do quality work and get the best results for the company.


You should find people who are open to learning. Avoid hiring people with negative or poor ethics. Your employees should have a goal and mission that matches your business ideas. Find people possessing good sales culture, who aligns with your values and morals.


Share Company’s Vision With Your Team


You should communicate and talk about your company’s vision and mission with your employees. It will help them know why you are selling any product, what is your motto and what are your targets. Knowing all these they will know what they had to achieve and so will move in the right direction. Clarity and understanding between owner and employees make your sales team stronger. It will help your employees earn more profits and growth to your business.


Doing this is exceptionally important so that you can share a common thought process with your team members


Support Learning and Development


If you like to improve your sales culture you should monitor their daily work routines and targets. It will help you know about their key strengths and weak points. It will help you find solutions to improve their common practices causing problems.


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Learning is a continuous process and is essential to keep you and your team up to date with the required skills and knowledge. As efficient sales managers, you need to support your teams learning activities and invest in learning for your people and team.


Invest your time in teaching new lessons to your employees relating sales. Continuous feedback and guidance motivate you to improve your work. Seeing your dedication towards work will improve the growth and productivity of your business.  


Collaborate With Marketing Team


The relation between Sales and marketing is very important as both works towards the same goal. Marketing makes it easier for the sales team to connect with customers. Reducing the number of cold leads it helps you generate more effective revenues. Marketing is the medium through which customers get to know about your services. 


Collaboration and communication with different teams and departments is essential to get the right information about your sales customers and your leads information as this is essential for your product pitches to the client.


Sales are the direct process where sales team talks to customers. Therefore sales reps should regularly collaborate with the marketing team so that they can successfully align and work well. Marketing helps salespersons to close deals much faster. For making your company grow and achieve success it is important for both the sales and marketing team to help one another.


Encourage Healthy Competition


There’s always some sense of competition among workers. You should always encourage and bring forward a healthy sense of competition. Organize monthly competition among teammates. The one with the more number of closed sales leads at the end of the month should win a monthly reward. 


This helps to maintain fair competition between your teammates and team members and motivates them to put their best efforts forward.


Facilitate some kind of contests it will encourage a sense of healthy competition among all the co-workers. And the thrill of winning the reward will definitely help your firm earn more profits. It also spreads a kind of positivity and enthusiasm towards work in your space of work.


Build Strong Team


Your company won’t receive any profits if only one or two people will perform well. Competitions and contests among teammates will surely help you bring your teammates more close to each other. Make time for team activities and take them out for lunch it will give chances to your team members to get open and feel comfortable.


It brings coordination among them, it is your job that your team members work together. All these activities build your team stronger which ultimately helps your company. Happy employees make your sales culture more positive and appreciative.  


Tap into the undiscovered potential of your team by helping them to upgrade their skills.


Appreciate Activities Over Results


Even after monitoring and managing all the steps correctly the leads don’t get close successfully. It is very common in the sales field as salespeople cannot control their buyers to choose their services. Therefore in those situations, you should always check and appreciate the activities and steps performed over the result you achieve. 


Rewarding the teams’ achievements helps to boost the morale of the team and inspires them to work even harder.


Always asks your employees to keep their activities and attitude towards work high irrespective of thinking about the results. Good follow up work activities would anyhow bring you success. Measure the quality of the sales field instead of focussing on the numbers. This will make your employees head lighter and your sales culture more optimistic.


Discuss Both Success and Failures


For keeping your sales culture positive, disciplined and focussed you should ask your sales reps to share their experiences with clients. You should always discuss their meeting with clients. Not only focussing on the good and successful deals but also about the deals which failed. Discuss and try to figure out reasons for its failure, it will keep your employees optimistic and careful next time following good sales culture.


Have an open talk with your team and make them aware about their strong points and the areas where they need to work on. This will improve the ability of your team to perform better at the challenges that they face daily.




Managing and maintaining a good sales culture always ends up building a great sales team. However, it is not easy to keep all of our employees together. It asks big impacts to keep every member of your team happy and successful. Each team should take the responsibility to hold each other accountable.  




You should always communicate and spend time with your teammates to establish a positive sales culture. It is always a cherishable idea to share your company’s goals with your team. Only then you’ll be able to move together to achieve growth. Sales leaders should always be open and available to talk with their employees. It is the most beneficial and important step for becoming a winning sales culture team.


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