Sales Automation To Increase Field Force Productivity
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Sales Automation To Increase Field Force Productivity

Sales Automation To Increase Field Force Productivity


What is Sales Automation?

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For a sales team, sales automation is the key solution to resolve all their conflicts of distress. From generating the coming lead to continuous manual follow up to the final payment. The sales team have an abundance of manual tasks and documentation projects to be done. However, due to common mistakes and oversights, this often happens that we lose many deals.


Sales automation can be a boon for sales representatives because it helps them to manage and close almost all of the sales leads that come across them.


Sales automation using the software automates all the repetitive tasks and follow-ups. It adds, eliminates and manages your sales pipelines to help you accelerate and improve the accuracy of your sales process.


Sales automation is precise and eliminates the chances of human errors or mistakes being introduced when following up with a sales lead.


Salesforce automation is nothing but the manual sale, functions, and the sub-functions done in a techno perspective. Automating the manual process of sales sub-function is termed as sales force automation.


 Why Sales Automation


Use of Sales automation has changed the way sales teams functions. Progressing towards the better result, it helps you doing much essential work. 


Here are a few important reasons for sales force automation :


Reduces Cost of Sales:


Use of automated tools reduces human errors. With manual data entry, there is an increased number of chances of errors. However, with the use of sales automation ratio of errors and duplications is very less.


The chances of human errors or mistakes that can happen when a sales representative follows up with a sales lead are minimized and the sales automation software is able to work tirelessly closing all of the sales leads that can boost the sales revenue for the company.


Keep Your Sales Team On Track:


Salesforce management helps you exactly know what next steps you need to take. With a clear vision of an idea, it helps you convert your lead into a sale within a short period of time.


A sales team can easily be able to track and follow up with all the sales leads, and the automation software can perform most of the repetitive or mundane tasks that occur within a sales process.


Increased Productivity:


Salesforce automation involves CRM to help you improve customer relationships and communication.


Saves Time:


With fewer bugs and errors, automating unburdens your employees with an abundant workload. Which further takes very less time to complete-up the deal.


Role Of Sales Force Automation:


It helps you improve team management and business results and also makes it easier for your field force.


Focuses On Cultivating Customer Relationships:


It includes customer relationship with the organization to increase customer loyalty and retention and organization’s profitability


Improves Customer Satisfaction:


Synchronizes information with the corporate client/server database.


Features & Benefits of SFA


Customer Information:


Salesforce management’s main aim is CRM. with this it helps you gain most of the information about the customer and business’ they are associated with. It helps you understand the customer’s requirements and needs very well. Thus with this using the exact product and material, we can approach the customer.


Integration of the sales automation software with the CRM software is essential as this helps the sales software to gather data about the customer in the process of the sales pipeline.


Opportunity Management:


With its tracking and automating technique it never misses out any opportunity to lose your lead. It continuously tracks all the activities at every stage and performs actions accordingly.


The sales software also helps to manage the different opportunities that is presented to it for closing the sales.


Task Management:


Daily follow-ups with the orders to check whether the activities are going right. Keeps a check with the calendar to manage the daily scheduled tasks.


The process of following up with the sales leads is done with far more accuracy and efficiency as compared to manual follow-ups done by the sales team.




While working in a sales management team accuracy is something they always strive for. With sales automation there’s no such issue, it’s centralizing pricing computation technique makes the team always ready with the exact costing of each product. Also with sales force automation in case any data gets inserted incorrectly it will immediately show the error. This will make us correct our mistake at initial step only.


With the advent of sales automation software, accuracy that has been achieved to manage the sales has always been at the maximum level, compared to manual processes done by the sales team.


Lead Management:


Sales automation managing the leads is easy. This allows us to keep track of the previous projects along with the new leads. Using this there’s no chance of losing any new lead to convert it into your next project.


The sales automation software can be used for the efficient management and organization of lead and sales data. This helps to properly apply automation processes for the unstructured manual data and extract every amount of efficiency from the sales process.


Desktop Integration:


It allows you to sync all your information like contacts, e-mails, and calendar with the CRM system. Through one app you’ll be able to handle and answer all the queries, check your future plans, and keep check of your personal expenses.


How To Close More Deals With Sales Automation Software


No matter what business you’re running, sales are something everyone has to take care of. In order to get the beneficial success in your business either you use enough trending technologies meeting your competition else use the sales automation software. To meet your products with the most positive success one such software implemented is sales force automation.


Because sales are the backbone of every product or service-based company, it is essential that organizations adapt to automating their manual sales processes for better efficiency and management purposes.


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Using the tools of sales automation salespeople leverage the high amount of benefits. While those who are still unaware are still circling around the mess.


Here are some of the ways to maximize your efforts of success with sales force automation:


Find Who’s Lurking Around Your Website


Automation helps you keep a track of the number of visitors approached your website. Some actually fill all the entries to reach you while other unknown visitors just leave the page after few clicks. Automation helps you find out their place of location and company. Knowing all the details you can front approach them through ads or other methods. It can help you get more clients and visitors to your website.


Automating Auto-dialing


With this feature of CRM, whenever any new lead comes it will directly give you the option to call and generate all the details. Without dialing individually this feature lets you auto-dial to call each person one by one. With this, you can reach hundreds of customers in a very less span of time.


Automating Emails


Similar to the calling, it gives you the option of approaching through emails. Using the technique in the right way it provides you the option to follow up with the customers via emails. After the set number of days if you haven’t received any voice from their side it will automatically do the follow up to remind them again.


Electronic Contracts


Sending the right proposals and documentation to customers wastes lots of time. Using CRM we can send the online proposals and documentation without wasting any time and money. This will help you with no pending decisions and work.


Make Notes While Calling


With CRM we can directly call the clients or customers without changing our screen. We can make notes of all the important things there only. The notes will get stored on the contact record of the lead. This will help you mark down the things your clients want from your side to add up in their project.


Follow all the above methods to measure your sales graph and the productivity of your company.


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Why Modern Business Can’t Ignore Sales Force Automation


Due to increased competition, longer sales cycles, fragmented lead data, and expanding sales together everything can be too hectic. No matter how hard work you and your employees put in your work it won’t reach your customers until you use the right method.


Salesforce automation using the right tools possess the quality to fulfill the most important steps in the field of sales – turning the lead into a customer. Due to increased competition and the number of businesses around the world, you need to follow the significant techniques to rise up your business.


How modern sales automating helping you to increase your productivity and growth :


Lead Scoring

Lead Routing

Automated email funnels

Provide each lead with personal attention

Consistent follow-ups

Manage opportunities

Track competitors


Sales Automation Key To Productivity


Salesforce automation software carrying the power of its tools helps you increase the sales win rates, reduces sales cycle duration, eliminates admin tasks, automate your sales workflow and helps greatly in enhancing your sales representatives’ productivity and improves revenue. Using automated tools you’ll be able to save your time spent on all the non-reproductive or repetitive tasks. By making your work easier and smarter it helps you function all the toughest tasks into a much simpler way. With its lead management automation solution it is much easier to generate your leads until it gets qualified. Sales automation follows a defined workflow to proceed with its actions. Comparative to other manual methods and after seeing the graph, this guarantees its users a greater percentage of success.



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