How to close a sale?

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Often it happens that the companies who are into the field of selling products or services do make awesome products but often fall short of presenting it. These products do a good job of helping people but the lack of effective presentation and pitching skills often makes the salesperson fall short of making it a closed sale. This can lead to ineffective sales that fail to close even after doing everything right.

There are many methods for successfully closing a sale. The main method is the ablility to understand the requirements of the customer in a well defined manner and is able to suggest products and services that align with these customer requirements perfectly.


So what is the preferred way of effectively closing a sale? In this article, we are going to discuss with you the effective ways using which you can close your sales faster and thus make a significant impact on your overall sales figures helping to skyrocket your sales revenue for your company or organization.

Sales persons uses a well known ability to understand the clients and customers requirements and needs. Because he is able to place himself in the place of the customers and think about the wants and needs of the customer well.

The way that is used by most companies in order to make that purchase decision has been constantly changing. So it is highly essential and important that you need to re-evaluate your sales strategies and make it perfect for the company that you are pitching for your products and services.

A successful sales person is able to influence his customers and help them to make that purchase decision successfully. This is a trait that is observed in most sales persons and is used in pitching products and services to customers and clients.

Evaluating the sales strategy with your staff and important stakeholders is paramount and important for your business. Selling any product or service can easily be a fine line for you to walk on. You need to make sure that you find the perfect balance between being persuasive but ensuring that you are not being arrogant or annoying for that matter.

Sales person must be persuasive and affirmative, this helps them to put forward their points and views in a well defined manner to their customers and clients. Being persuasive helps the customer to bag good deals and close them successfully using their persuasive skill in speaking with people.


Making this a reality requires you to carefully plan and organize your approach for the company. But using a solid strategy that you have in place can ensure that you are staying consistent and closing more sales deals. You need to remember that when you are trying your best in order to make a sale, the customer’s priorities and goals need to come first. Listed below are some of the most effective sales strategies that can help you to bag that sales deal helping you to close more sales for your company.




Identify the decision-maker:


 Of course, the decision-maker in your company will be the most important person that you can rely on in order to make that purchase decision. You need to influence this person and ensure that your product is going to solve his/ her problems in the long run thus benefiting the company in the process. 


No matter what industry you are present in, you need to know the decision-maker and this is crucial for you to make a quick close. Many times it will happen that the decision-maker will send someone on their behalf into the fire in order to learn everything and all the information they can about your company.

Try to speak with the main decision maker in your company or organisation helps them bag lucrative deals and make the decision maker aware about the various advantages that the product provides. They are able to make the organisation head aware and alert about the product offerings and align them perfectly with the solutions that he is pitching them.

If this is the case then, you need to ensure that you put yourself into the head of the decision-maker, so that you are able to customize and tailor-make your sales pitches to suit that person interest, even if they are physically not present there.


Your best scenario can be to sit down with the decision-maker. Do whatever you can to schedule and set up a meeting with that person.


Be Real:


You need to be focused and prepared for whatever comes your way. This can be question s that might sound even the most absurd and out of interest. You need to answer these questions in a way that makes the opposite person feel that you have a genuine care about their interests and want to help them out with their problems and obstacles by allowing them to use your products.


A client can sense if you are being genuine about their problems or not during the sales pitch or process. It is very important to convey to the client that you do care about their business and are not just focused on closing the deal. Coming off as being calculated can turn people off during sales pitches.


However, you do need to remember that it is nothing wrong with being prepared. It is just fine and okay to appear like you are ready for every question that comes your way. Do not make the mistake of acting like you do not really care about the customer’s best interests.


When you are doing a pitch for the client, you need to make sure that you provide a feeling of affection and care about the feelings of your client and value their problems above anything and want to genuinely help them.

Being truly optimistic about the offerings of the product helps the customers to set their expectations from the product and aligns them to be truly satisfied with the product that they are offering.


Create a Sense of Urgency:


You need to make the customer feel that this is the best deal that they can have and no other person or company can provide you with such a lucrative offer. Attaching a deadline to a deal will help the customer to ensure that they give the customer an incentive to complete.


This can be as simple as providing a discount or giving something for free. It just makes the customer feel that they have an upper hand at what they are getting. That does not mean that the customer should rush now to bag that deal. It simply means that they get a little extra reason why your product or service is the right choice that they can make to have it right now.

You can manipulate the customer by creating a sense of urgency which means projecting discounts and offers that are time bounded and limited to attract and make the customer feel a sence of previledged offerings that makes him feel premium and lavish

This sense of urgency is what will drive the customer forward and pursue them to close the deal that you are projecting.




Overcoming Objections:


You need to prepare the closing sales presentation. That you are capable of providing them with a reason. That your product will be able to overcome all the objections that people might have with your product. Prepare the sales presentation in such a way that enables you to answer any objections that people might have for your product. This can speed up the deal very quickly.


If something catches you off guard, you might need to think of a solution that eases them. By having an outline of anticipated problems. And a carefully thought process analyzing the risks that are involved. You will be able to reduce the resistance that people might offer for your product.

The presentation should be such that it covers all the objectives that a customer would have regarding the product. The pitch should be done in such a way that it satisfies the customer and client and is able to meet the expectations easily and provides them with a sense of satisfaction.

I highly recommend that you sit down with your entire sales team and ensure that you discuss and speak about the problems. That people might have which can prevent them from using your product. With the involvement of your sales team, you need to come up with objections that your product can anticipate. Give them your sales pitch and see if there are any objections that you and your team might have missed


Knowing your competition is one of the strategies to increase sales:


It can be easy for you to underestimate your competition. Thinking that your rivals are not capable enough can be a big mistake. That you can commit right now at this crucial moment.


Competing for business can be a tough process. Knowing the areas where you are more competitive than your rivals can easily lead to a quick close. Again this can be all about preparation and efforts. Put by you to know the subtle nuances about your product or service.

Do thorough research for your competitors and make a checklist of all the obectives that your competitors products are able to achieve. Try to acheive something different by improving your products such that it has an edge over the competior. Offer something that your competitor cannot offer. This way you will be able to lead the market and always be on top of your competition.


You need to do your research thoroughly and make sure that you take note of something. You are doing something that your competition is not doing. This can be often at times the biggest selling point. So make sure that you do not ignore this aspect of the approach.


Watch what you say:


Often it can happen that you put words in other’s mouths, Keep it precise and to the point for your sales pitch. Make sure that you keep your pitch presentation to the point and provide on your areas of expertise and specialization. You want to be real and personable but make sure to remain professional.






So you see that closing the sale is very important to bad deals and increase the sales revenue. We have discussed the top 6 strategies to increase sales that you can effectively use for your organization. If you have found this article useful then do check out our other blogs as well. These strategies are essential and if followed properly. Then it can help you to bag most of your sales deals closing them efficiently.