What Is a Sales Lead?

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A lead can be termed as any person, business or organization with an interest in the goods and products you are selling. Any person or organization becoming your client for your selling services is called lead generation. The person is interested in your products or services because he/she feels that it will solve the real-time problem that he/she is facing


Your interest can be expressed by filling, submitting your basic information like name, email id, or contact number on the company’s website. Becoming a lead is the first step. After receiving your interest companies call back to know your queries hoping, you eventually become their clients. You should make sure that you respond to the customer within 24 hours of getting a query from the client.


How Do Leads Obtain?


Leads generation is acquired by the two basic methodologies.


First either by the reference of any previous customer who is already using the concerned company’s services. This is usually done by word-of-mouth publicity or promotions that the existing customer does because they feel that you have provided exceptional services to them, so they deserve recognition from you as a customer.


Secondly by any advertisement, trade shows, direct mailings, third parties, or other marketing tactics. Thus a company’s marketing sector plays an additional important role in the lead generation


Lead Generation Sources


Lead generation would always be the topic of conflict between the marketing and sales team. It may happen that the sales team from different companies also handles the lead generation tasks


Because marketers are the ones responsible for bringing and adding new leads however its sales team’s job to convert that lead into the future client. This is the sole responsibility of the sales department to ensure that the lead converts into  a prospective customer


Many lead generation brought by the marketers appears junked or not useful by the sales team which again creates a reason for conflict between them. No matter what their approaches are, there is only one goal and that is, increase your company’s revenue by increasing its clients.


Thus it’s important to keep your marketing and sales team properly synchronized with each other.


The most common and easy process of lead generation begins with direct marketing. It includes advertising campaigns, postal mails, telemarketing, email marketing, mail marketing, etc. It also includes simple referrals from existing customers.


Online marketing opened many gates to spread the name of your firm showcasing its talent services.


Voice of content, blog posts, articles, and videos that play an important strategy in promoting the name of your brand. So you need to ensure that your customer is well aware of your products and services. You need to do more promotional activities that do not cost you much. You can use social media websites for this as well as post regular blogs and content on your business websites for the audiences to read.


Companies hosting business-to-business (B2B) events, performing activities such as trade shows, webinars, and lunch-and-learn meetings, etc are all different ways of scattering your business services to make new clients.


How Do You Qualify As A Sales Lead?


After passing lead to the sales team, they try and ensure to check whether the lead they’ve gotten is useful or not.


Many times leads passed by the marketing team isn’t appear worthy to the sales team and it just devastates both of their mental states. Such types of leads are not confident of conversions and they are called as low-quality leads.


Thus try to give at least one minute of time to each lead before passing it further. Checking whether the coming lead’s website is matching your services or not.




Make sure whether the person you are talking to is in authority or not.


Number of Employees


It will let you know how big their company is and tell how many numbers of employees it is stretched with. Because more the number of employees means more the budget. As well as the roles and responsibilities of the brand or company are much more hence it is essential to provide quality services by your company.




People with varying locations carry different cultural style and nature of attitudes. While knowing about the location you get the idea about their locality and what background they follow.


It helps you ease out your conversation with them. Leads budget will also be different according to the varying locations. It can have different geographical locations or can be spread throughout the world.


Find out whether they’ve used any product or service like this before or not. It will guide you about their previous experiences.


With that, you can prepare yourself much better on specific points where you need to pay more focus.


What are the problems or the challenges they are still facing which need rectification on a prior basis?


On the basis of the above talks and their interest, it will be easy for you to know what is their overall mood. And are they really keen to proceed with you further?


On the basis of all this, you can make your cost. If both get agree then close the deal fruitfully. This will provide you with an opportunity to serve the customer and ensure that you provide them with quality services and products that help them to solve their day to day work problems.