How to increase Field Sales by 2x using Field Force Connect | Salesforce automation tool
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How to increase Field Sales by 2x using Field Force Connect

How-to-increase-field-sales-by-2X-using-Field-Force-Connect. | product sales tracker app

How to increase Field Sales by 2x using Field Force Connect

For any organization, the employees are a key aspect of conducting business. Employees generate the business that drives the company forward.

Proper guidance and motivation are required for any employee in order to give their very best performance during work hours.


For companies that thrive in delivering products and services, it is important that proper management is provided to the employees to track every sale that happens for generating revenue.

In this article, we will discuss the ways in which you can double or triple your sales by using basic Field Force Management apps, for example, Field Force Connect.


If you are eyeing to increase revenue for your business by managing the sales force efficiently then you have come to the right place.


Let’s Discuss what the basic things that should be done for managing the field force people.


Travel Management:


Field Force people or salespeople work on field for generating sales and meeting people, fixing appointments, it is essential that there be a management app that is able to record all the sales activities that are carried out as a daily task for sales people.


Sales people may tend to forget important meetings or reminders when there are more than 10 or 20 meetings or appointments to be carried out in a day.


It is very hard to note down all the meetings and carry them out during the day, especially when you have a long list of people to meet for projecting your daily sales requirements and meeting targets.


Also sales people are accustomed to travelling to different places for work reasons. There should be a way to manage and record the travelling expenditure and reimburse them in the system.


Geofencing Areas:

Because Salespeople have a point to travel as a part of their daily schedule, they are busy in meeting people, fixing appointments and carrying out important tasks.


There should be a way by which salespeople are monitored by using geofencing techniques for recording their locations and position during the course of the day.


It would be better if salespeople can record their current location when conducting a meeting or an appointment with the client for carrying out the sales activities.





Salesforce automation tool helps in CRM integration:


If the sales software of a company is integrated with the companies backend software, it would be beneficial for the system to pull all the data for recording the leads and contacts in the system.


The software should be automatically fill in all the details of the leads and help the salespeople to fix appointments with the leads that are generated.





Automated lead entries:


There should be a system or a salesforce automation tool that is able to record all the leads data and provide important reminders and notifications to salespeople about the leads that are being auto fed into the system.


The salespeople can take note of these leads and fix appointments to pitch the products and services on behalf of the organization.


If the lead data is well managed and organized then it becomes easy for the salespeople to catch up with these leads and convert them into customers for the organization.


Regular Attendance system:


product sales tracker app

When managing any sales data for the salespeople, it is essential that the centralized app is able to record attendance and provide a method for employees or salespeople to punch in and punch out of the system.


This feature helps employees to monitor their daily/weekly and monthly performance and analyze their monthly targets in order to meet them and drive the organization towards efficient revenue generation.



Salesforce automation tool helps in Analytics:

product sales tracker app

It is essential that the app or centralized system is able to provide analytics for monitoring the performance of the company and to help managers analyze and drive more sales for the organization.


Important KPIs should be assessed and fed into the system. This helps to record the activities that took place to generate maximum revenue as well as to compare and contrast when sales are not happening as per the expectations.


It is better if the salesforce automation tool is integrated to show the sales force performance based on a number of factors that help to provide a viewpoint in the form of charts, bars, and different graphs.




All of the above-mentioned factors help companies to meet their revenue targets by helping manage all the sales activities better. Using a salesforce automation tool like Field Force Connect will help businesses excel in their methods of managing the sales better.


This will thus empower companies and organizations to better project their products and services to people and overall provide a better experience and increase brand reputation and value.


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