Lets Decode today about Sales Manager vs Marketing Manager.

Discussion: Sales Manager vs Marketing Manager


Organizations often depend on selling their products and services to consumers or customers. They depend on their sales and marketing departments to carry out the activities that are related to the different departments for marketing and sales.


 It is sometimes for some companies to integrate these two departments, for example, sales and marketing departments can function as one and the same department. But these two departments often have different roles and responsibilities and it can happen that they function as the same department or different departments.


The sales department depends on projecting and delivering the sales for the companies and is associated with revenue generation and converting prospective leads into customers. It is also essential that the sales department provide proper after-sales support for customers facing any issue with the product or services provided by the company or organization. 


On the other hand, the marketing department is responsible for effective brand promotion, brand awareness, product promotion, and awareness as well as effective lead generation and then passing these leads to the sales department. The marketing department is also responsible for effective sales prediction and prediction of product demands for lead generation and analytics for the company or organization.


Sales and marketing are two exceptional departments that function within the organization- they both impact lead generation as well as revenue. The term sales is generally referred to all the activities that lead to the selling of products and services. The term marketing refers to all the activities that are involved for getting people interested in the goods and services that are being sold.


A sale is a term that is used to describe the activities that lead to selling goods and services. Salespeople are responsible for managing relationships with potential clients or customers or prospects as they call it, and providing a solution for various prospects that eventually leads to the closure or fixation of a sale. 


Marketing encompasses all the activities that help to spark the interest of various people in your business. Marketers are using market research as well as analysis in order to better understand the interests of potential customers or clients. Marketing departments are responsible for running campaigns to attract people to their brand, product or service.


These sales and marketing departments are headed by their various managers namely the sales department is headed by the sales manager and the marketing department is led by the marketing manager.


Let us compare as well as contrast Sales Managers and Marketing Managers.


Sales Manager VS Marketing Manager:


Sales managers and marketing managers have very similar job roles and responsibilities. They have similar job duties as well as their careers are also very different from each other.


Sales managers and marketing managers both supervise a group of employees, but they take on very different roles in their occupation. Sales managers are fully responsible for managing the employees in charge of selling a service or a product. Marketing managers focus their attention on gauging the demand for these products or services in terms of goods.




Sales managers, as well as marketing managers, both, work in order to supply customers with the product or service that is based in very different ways. Marketing managers are responsible for overseeing the strategies for getting new products as well as service requirements for potential customers.


Sales managers are equipped for providing data as well as training in an effort to better equip sales associates in order to reach their departmental sales goals. Both types of managers have the responsibility to focus on analyzing sales projections and market demands.


Sales Manager


They are able to analyze and examine sales statistics and come up with various strategies to gain customers and bring them on board as well as assist staff with various staff training opportunities. Sales managers are also responsible for improving and finding ways to improve how products and services sell in the market based on existing sales data as well as customer preferences.


These managers must have exceptional leadership and communication skills in order to motivate their sales staff to perform better and increase company revenue. They must also be able to analyze and implement effective sales strategies that they are keen on trying out. Sales managers may require to frequently travel in order to meet with dealers and various distributors and may also need to work long hours that can include evenings or weekends.


Here are the basic job responsibilities that a sales manager has:


1) Assisting customers that may have a query or any complaints regarding any products or services.

2) Determining a products profitability level and effectiveness of their products in the consumer market

3) Setting various timely goals for different staff members.

4) Hiring as well as training various staff and employees within the team or outside it to educate them about sales

5) Working as well as coordinating with other departments within the company or organization


Marketing Manager


Marketing managers are responsible for determining which products or services should do well in the market. Based on various survey results, customer buying trends, and various other market-related data. They must have exceptional or great analytical skills in order to properly read and understand the data that is collected to create marketing strategies based on that information.


They must also be exceptionally creative when they are assigned the tasks for creating new products and services for the company that will eventually lead to the gain of many different customers. Marketing Managers must need exceptional organizational skills in order to manage assigned deadlines and budgets. Travel must be necessary in order to meet new potential clients.


Here are the basic job responsibilities for a marketing manager that are essential in today’s world:


1) Creating marketing plans and executing them as required

2) Negotiating as well as closing business contracts or distribution contracts.

3) Deciding on the pricing as per the product or service provided by the company or organization.

4) Hiring and Training staff

5) Coordinating with public relations, sales as well as product-related development departments.

sales manager vs marketing manager



Lets see a Difference now.


 Sales Manager

 Marketing Manager

He is a person who manages the sales process for a company or an organization

A marketing manager is a person who manages and coordinates the marketing activities for a company or an organization

Sales manager typically can have a team or a single person to manage the sales activities

Marketing manager definitely has a team of people to take care of all marketing activities

Companies that are product or services based will typically have a sales manager

Companies that are product based or services based will have a marketing manager.

Sales and marketing are more or less similar and have the same set of goals but for different objectives

Marketing and sales are similar to one another in terms of company goals and are carried out by either the same or different persons.

Sales manager takes care of the sales pipeline and drives customers or prospects to it and converts them into customers

Marketing managers take care of brand awareness and product awareness for the general public or audiences and can comprise of all marketing activities including digital and traditional marketing.

Sales manager jobs are target-based and need to close some amount of sales for revenue generation.

Marketing managers take care of marketing activities that are goal or results-oriented and typically involve all kinds of marketing forms.

Sales managers are typically focused on revenue generation activities for the company

Marketing managers focus on lead generation and passes them to the sales team.

Sales managers focuses on managing the leads generated by the marketing team and closing the sales for them

Marketing team is responsible for generating leads or prospects and is typically drives products and services to customers.

The sales team cannot function without the marketing team

The marketing team can function independently irrespective of the sales team or not.

Sales managers or team focuses on converting leads into customers that are generated by the marketing team.

Marketing managers or team focuses on generating the demand for the products or services that they are required to promote 

Sales are concerned with only selling the products

Marketing is concerned with generating new products ideas and services that can benefit consumers or customers.

In many organizations sales and marketing teams function that complements each other that helps one another.

In many companies, sales and marketing teams exist to complement and aid in doing the work for each other.

Sales managers must have great communication and negotiation skills

Marketing managers must also have exceptional communication and negotiation skills.

Sales managers are responsible for closing the sales by converting the leads into customers. By projecting and pitching products and services to them. In short, selling products to them.

Marketing managers are responsible for product promotions and lead or prospect generation

Sales managers also forecast the sales by using data analytics and prediction models

Marketing managers focus on lead and demand generation for the products and services. They also provides product ideas that help organizations to create new products and services for the firm or company.








So now you know the difference between a Sales Manager and a Marketing Manager. We have also talked about their various job responsibilities and goals. 


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