Field Force Connect is FMCG sales app suit the business process of the FMCG industry. Enabling Field Officers, Delivery personnel, Managers and the company benefit with Sales order placements, product movement identification, delivery confirmation


There is a huge market being created for the Fast Moving Consumer Goods in other words daily family needs,” These pointers have direct impact on the retail universe, efficiency & effectiveness distribution channel – most importantly the availability & visibility of the brands / products. FMCG Companies irrespective of size and location have started using the automation technology to improve performance of field force and boost productivity there by growing profits. Currently about three hundred companies are automated with users reaching 50,000 mark. However there are many fence sitters in going ahead with sales force automation as they attend other aspects of distribution on priority basis. Sales force automation should be used as a necessary tool for all other interventions in Distribution network to reap benefits. The future of FMCG products effective & efficient distribution, market leadership depends on SFA.



Tracking Sales Representative


Location Sharing


Effective Communication


Multichannel Strategy


  • Always remain updated on the sales performance using FFC
  • Accumulating Sales points can be viewed on a real-time dashboard
  • Create any type of dynamic form to extract information from the customers
  • FFC also lets to manage your expenses using its unique expense management feature
  • Geo-tagging option enables your sales team to check-in instantly from any location which can be a measure for attendance
  • Meet sales target without doing any paperwork which will also help the company in micro-market analytics
  • Expanding to newer markets becomes a breeze. The company sales manager can now track and manage the sales person without an additional overhead of managerial layers. This is significant for smaller companies who want to control their cost of sales
  • Now your salesman can punch in all the details of the retailers into the mobile FFC app.

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