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attendance tracking app | Employee attendance app

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Employee attendance app allows you to monitor your employee’s
Check-in, Checkout time and attendance from
anywhere and at any time. Any industry can use staff attendance app.

Features of Employee Attendance App

Employee Attendance App | staff attendance app


Individual attendance app
Employee Attendance App | staff attendance app


Attendance record
Employee Attendance App | staff attendance app


Checkin-Checkout update
Employee Attendance App | staff attendance app


Admin privileges
Geo-fencing app


Holiday report
 Tracking app | In Mumbai


Time-sheet request & Approval


Firstly, Employee attendance app tracks your employees Punch-in & Punch-out.
2: Secondly, this Employee tracking app will help you in tracking employee’s location.
3: You can also set the geo-fencing areas as required with the admin privilege from the map.
4: Above all geo-fencing area can be saved through drawing or setting the exact location. Geofencing can be set for a particular user for a particular area . One of the best feature of this app.
5: Furthermore, Employee will be restricted and mapped to the selected area for check-in and check out purpose with employee tracking app.
6: Most importantly, on the global screen, Admin can see sales employees’ current location on the map even when employee’s location keeps changing. That’s how employee attendance app works
7: Besides in staff attendance app, Admin can configure the settings for the particular user through:
     1: Its Global setting section.
    2: Number of total working hours in a day.
    3: Total working hours in half day. 
    4: Specific holidays can also be set by selecting date and providing the description of the holiday. 
8: Finally, In employee tracking app an employee can also:
    1: Request timesheet update by filling up timesheet request sheet.
    2: This will help in case check-in and check-out has been missed or delayed in busy schedule. 
    3: As a result, Admin will manage employee timesheet process in time.
9: Employee Attendance App in FieldForceConnect can be integrated up-to 5000 software. It can be integrated with whatsapp too.
9 : Watch a training video of free Employee Tracking App.


Rajesh is an entrepreneur, and has staff that works in the field. He heads the sales department and also overlooks his company for heading board decisions taken up by the higher management.
Ever since he started his company, he has been trying to find a way to track and trust his employees on field for doing work. He wants to establish credibility for the work that his employees does on field and also wants to track them at work. 
Rajesh is worried about dishonest employees and want to establish a level of trust for his employees. He also wants to manage and assign tasks to his employees on field. With a view of understanding employee work behavior, he comes across Field Force Connect, the best employee attendance app.
With features such as Live employee location tracking using GeoFencing techniques, and an easy to use and monitor interface, Rajesh now has the confidence that his employees will do the work in time and help him monitor his business.
He immediately installs Field Force Connect for his employees and starts using employee attendance app on a daily basis 

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