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Field tracking has become an important requirement for any company that employs sales or service people. Also, the Field tracking app allows the manager to keep informed about employee client meetings and the distance traveled for a day.

Web-based field tracking features allow the organization to generate various dynamic reports from the data captured in the field tracking GPS based mobile app. The field tracking app also helps the manager to understand the time spent by an employee across various clients.

Getting lost, taking longer routes, getting stuck in traffic, and inefficient scheduling of your field staff are always making the customer wait. And also field tracking app helps the finance to calculate the exact number of kilometers traveled to arrive at the conveyance calculation.


10 Benefits of Tracking the Location of field force:



1) Increased Efficiency-


Tracking your field force along with their login and logout timings help the manager to know whether they are actually present on the field or not.

This keeps a track of their actual working hours, which will eventually boost performance and productivity.



2) Fair Reimbursements-


Often salespersons take advantage of their trips and visits by showing more than the actual distance traveled. With no proper monitoring, there’s always obscurity of their reimbursements.

In such scenarios, a location tracking app comes to aid. With detailed reports of distance and fuel, managers can calculate exact allowances.


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3) Real-time tracking-



Real-time tracking is always necessary for better field service management.


Knowing the real-time location of executives, the manager can assign new tasks and real-time meetings to the nearest executive available.



4) Create Checklists-


Any salesperson assigned with more than one meetings/visits can create checklists of tasks and can opt for the shortest route that covers all meeting places.


This route optimization helps to reduce fuel expenditure and saves time.



5) Daily reporting-


daily reporting

Now field executive doesn’t need to take manual reports of the places visited during the day’s work.


Through the Playback Tracking feature, managers can get the details of areas where the salesperson visited throughout the day.



6) Geofencing-


geo fencing

Geofencing helps managers to have a strict eye on their visits.


Through this, they can create a virtual boundary around the meeting area, and the system alerts them when the particular salesperson enters/exits the fence.



7) Routing-


Yet another benefit of GPS tracking is time and money-saving. If any of your field teams have to visit an unknown or distinct place.

The employees’ GPS tracking app suggests the safest and shortest route to the destination with directions.



8) Issue management-


This is the most significant part of field service management. On-field executives often come across the issue of vehicle downtime during their visits.

Knowing the GPS of the employee, the manager can send aid to him immediately and can assign his task to the nearest executive available.



9) Performance Assessment-


An employee GPS tracking app lets you know whether the field executive reaches for the meeting and visits on time.

This helps the manager to assess an individual’s performance and rank them accordingly.



10) Visit Management


Now managers can ease the job of their front- lines sales team by giving important insights while they go for any visit or meeting, such as customer information, customer history, and sales analytics, etc.

This proves to be vital for successful meetings and increased productivity of your field team.



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There are so many other advantages graphs discussed below:



1) Track the number of sales calls done in a day.



2) Make a perfect plan to reduce the wasted time and fuel expenditure through tracking.



3) Increase the number of potential clients per sales professional to raise efficiency.



4) Raise the accountability for those who sometimes become careless for their liabilities.



5) Calculate how long a meeting takes so that a clear structure of time required for each client to get the deal done can be scheduled properly.



6) Find the real-time location of sales professional in case of any emergency call.




So here’s our very own numerous business of using employee GPS tracking app, and how important it is for your business’ field force management. If you have any inquiries regarding Field Force Connect, We have the best software for all your lead and employee management activities.