Importance of Field Force Tracker
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Importance of Field Force Tracker

Importance of Field Force Tracker

Importance of Field Force Tracker

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The backbone of a company is formed by the sales and services which it provides. To improve and increase the brand of a company you must focus on its services. A company can prosper only if the sales and services are carried out in proper form. A company depends on sales in order to grow and progress. 


If the sales are not in order or are done only to generate numbers on paper, then we all know that the company does not do well as far as long term growth is concerned. A company can only grow if they are able to market their services in proper order. 


For a sales and service based company, it is paramount importance to track all activities that the sales and service people carry out in order to ascertain the growth and expansion capability of the company.


Generating sales is a skill in itself, sales people have to be communicative, influential, and compelling. Generating sales is an art in itself, meeting people and communicating with them about the offering of a company, finding and providing solutions to company problems always helps you generate growth.


This creates a need for a tool that can track the activities of all the employees. All agendas need to be kept in place and needed to be tracked or cross-checked with the sales force people in order to ascertain whether the sales are done in a correct manner. Any company that is able to generate sales is able to ascertain that the products and services offered can help the clients to solve a particular business problem.

Everything to Know About: Field Force Connect CRM Application

The tool or the app needs to have the following features that can help to track all activity of not only the sales people but track the activities of all the employees.


  1. The ability to track the location of people in any geographical location.
  2. The ability to record meetings, discussions and important events.
  3. The ability to manually punch in and punch out of an application in order to record attendance.
  4. The ability to store all types of contacts through text recognition and image recognition.
  5. The ability to store all important tasks in the form of to-do lists and setting reminders for the tasks as well as setting deadlines or date due to perform the tasks.
  6. The ability to record all type of expenses that are incurred when meeting people, such as transportation or commuting expenses as well as expenses for hospitality and other activities.
  7. The ability to communicate with superiors in the form of interactive group messages or chats as well as to create and send emails in a single interface.
  8. The ability to locate a person geographically and in real time
  9. The ability to record all tasks that were done during the day in order to complete a given assignment or task.
  10. The ability to manually update the day to day timesheet if any problem or inconvenience arises.
  11. The ability to seamlessly integrate with the mobile phone contacts and WhatsApp messages for getting updates.
  12. The ability to manually request for leaves, manage paid leaves and half days or full working days.
  13. The ability to show data in the form of analytical graphs and charts.


The list of features that are required to design a sales force tracking app is endless.

However, in the process of covering all of the important features, we have listed above some of the essential for managing or carrying out sales activities.

Using these sets of features we have designed the app called Field Force Connect.

This app can manage and track all the activities that a salesperson can carry out during his work days.

Following are the benefits of using FFC, or the Field Force Connect App (Available on the Google Play Store as well as on the Apple App Store).


  1. The app is able to provide real-time updates regarding all the activities carried out by the Salespeople.
  2. The app can be used by both salespeople as well as non-sales people or any employees.
  3. The app is free to download and try out.
  4. The app is a great tool for supervisors and directors as well as executives to manage and track employee activities.
  5. The app functions as a day to day punch in and punch out for recording attendance.


To sum up, Field Force Connect is a great tracking and managing app for coordinating the activities carried out by employees. This app has all the features needed in order to track and manage the activities of people working on fields as well as for general employees.

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This app can be used by all the organizations working in the B2B or B2C sectors. This is an all in one application designed to track and manage all employees activities. In short, it simplifies a human resources management application. Every organization needs this kind of application to track and manage activities as well as record the daily tasks carried out by people.

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