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Effective Ways to Handle the Task of Your Team

Effective ways to handle them task of your team

Effective Ways to Handle the Task of Your Team

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In order to run a business or guide the employes of your team, proper team management is an important way to lead. With good communication and positive feedback, you can provide your team a strong support system. However, the challenge is that it is not always easy. Managing different responsibilities with balancing your employee’s work while keeping the company’s goal in mind sometimes becomes too difficult. 


This blog is to help you find solutions to overcome these challenges.


Here’s a list of the steps or key points to achieve a happier and more productive team:- 


Assemble Right People 


It is a very first and important method to keep in mind. You should always pay close attention to the people you are forming your team with.  Therefore while selecting the people in your team be sure to choose the most suitable people because skill gaps can create a lot of issues.


Evaluate each and every member individually to make sure they can play the roles effectively that are assigned to them. At any time of the interview process, if you feel the employee can give better performance for different positions do not hesitate to ask them. Making changes and understanding your career skills at an early age ends up giving you a potential employee.


Trust you Team 


Assigning the activities and tasks to your employees is a compulsory thing. However, what you should be careful about is never try to micromanage their work. It gives your employees a sense of you having a lack of trust in them.


Therefore instead of questioning and controlling offer your support. Some people require instructions while some not, therefore, let them choose. In this way, people who are needing your support will automatically come to you asking for it. It will create a professionally friendly bond between you and your employees. 



Give Real Motivation


Knowing your employee’s needs you should deliver them some motivation. Raise in salary is a universal motivation expected by everyone. Therefore try to choose something else to give them encouragement.


Like you can provide them opportunities to work from home once a month or maybe just verbal appreciation praising their efforts. You can use these techniques to motivate your team while they feel tired of doing work. 


Team Projects 


Build teams of different employees and ask them to work togetherly. Your relation with your employees matters but the way they interact with each other is more important. Working together with different employees is a bit challenging thing.


But if the teams join up they can accomplish bigger projects in the simplest ways. Let each employee see the company’s vision and moves together forming a team.  


Map Goals and Timelines


Keep a timeline for a particular task for your employees to finish their work. By mapping out the individual’s performance the employees themselves can figure out their contributions. This may help them understand where they are lacking and can speed up their working strategies and sharpen their skills.


Timeline reviews also keep them encouraged to perform better next time. Seeing their activities and work roles you can even switch their work after particular schedules. 


Team-Based Productivity Software


It is a very challenging and tough thing to introduce software of your own for increasing the productivity of your company. It is a very handy and centralized resource to keep everyone updated with their work progress. But it depends on the type of work your company produces.


It depends on whether your employees do field activities where they have to go to fields outside the office or simple task completion on their desk. 



The use of software helps you find many benefits, depending on the features of the software it can provide you various services through which you can finish your business activities easily. 


For example, let’s take the example of Field Force Connect, it is a CRM software that provides you the service of live employee tracking and monitoring sales software activities. 


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Field Force Connect


It is a live employee tracking app specially designed to keep track of your employees when they are working outside in the fields.


Bringing you a one-stop solution, it is a sales app automation CRM software that empowers you to maintain an effective field sales force by constantly tracking the field workforce on GPS. Using this app, field sales organizations can see the exact location of their employees on the map through their cell phones. 


The app is also embedded with various other multiple features:-


Attendance and Geo-Fencing –

It allows you to handle your attendance directly from fields rather than again coming back to the office.


Lead Log Management –


Lead CRM helps you add new customers and check new leads for your business to gain opportunities.


Meeting Analysis –


Specifying overall information about meeting status and its conclusion it helps you maintain the records of your customer’s needs and demands. 


Expense Management –


It helps you simplify expense records from managers and accountants through their disbursal and reimbursement process. 


Roster Plan –


Using this you can easily schedule meetings of your field staff, and make changes by allocating different schedules to different employers.


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Dynamic Forms –


Helps you create forms for users that can be filled and accessed by office real-time.


Task Management –


It tracks, manages and provides solutions to each new discovery by managing complete teamwork.


Order Management –


It helps you take online orders through the app, also helps you reduce all the paper use.


Reminders and Notifications –


It helps you notify meeting schedules and their follow-ups. 


Visiting Card Scanning –


It facilitates you to directly scan the visiting card to fulfill all necessary details automatically. 


Employee Tracking –


It helps you locate real-time location and meeting updates of each employer along with their results.


Pipeline Management –


Helps you build information in a series providing you all in detail sales pipeline information of all the leads from beginning till end.


Call Logs –


It helps you manage your past client call logs and list them categorically for ease of use and access. 


Set Example


As a leader or boss, your behavior will always have a great effect on how your team conducts the work. It is only after showing a punctual and disciplined attitude towards work that can you set expectations from your employees. If you’ll show a serious attitude towards work your employees will also follow the same. 




Your work process completely depends upon your team. Therefore it is your job to make sure that your team works together as one unit. Instead of just hoping that your team members adapt and adjust with all the changes, you need to introduce them all the necessary changes in a friendly manner. 


Celebrate your team efforts keeping new expectations and goals and be sure to reward them for their hard work which they pay off. All these points will help you keep your team together to carry out good business results. 

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