How to Keep your Lead Information Organised?


Often companies find it difficult to generate leads for their business. With the right approach to lead generation, it should not take a long time to generate leads for any business. Companies depend on social media and engaging content in order to generate leads for the business. To effectively handle business and to make sure that product sales are happening properly, it is paramount for any company to develop and use Funnel Management software.


Field Force Connect is such lead management and sales tracking software that allows companies and organizations to monitor the leads and track information about them. Any Funnel Management software organizes lead information in such a way that the employees can find any information they require about a particular lead. There have been many Funnel Management software that has been developed by the masses. But what makes Field Force Connect any different is that it caters to nurturing and monitoring all the activities that a potential customer can do.


Field Force Connect allows employees to organize and maintain customer data in such a way that the employees can find the information required at their fingertips. This information can then be used to contact potential customers and pitch the relevant products and services to them. Lead information can be organized into many different categories in FFC. Using lead management software can provide multiple benefits to companies and organizations.


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Here are some of the Benefits that any lead management software provides:


1. Paperless approach:


All the information about a potential customer or a lead is organized and stored digitally in the Application, on a mobile phone. The information is accessible whenever and wherever required. Using a paperless approach helps the information to not get lost. This information is stored in the app permanently unless someone uses the information and it is no longer required.


Noting down the information in a paper can prove to be disorganized because the notes or paper can easily get misplaced or lost in the list of documents. Moreover, it takes less time to find and retrieve the information that is required. 


2. Access the information from anywhere:


Using an app to manage the leads or the potential customer information, an employee can access this information directly from his mobile phone using an app that is developed exclusively for Funnel Management.


The employees of any organization can access this information from anywhere using the internet and their phones. The Funnel Management software allows any employee to access any leads data that is stored centrally in a database.


3. Schedule meetings easily:


It becomes easy to schedule meetings and appointments directly from clients looking to use the companies products and services. The app is able to provide notification and reminders to users when a particular client meeting or an appointment is due.


This also takes care of the hassle of scheduling meetings and client interactions manually which often tends to get canceled or postponed due to certain circumstances.


4. Track location of clients


A lead management app can easily track the location of the client via geofencing or using GPS technology. It pinpoints the exact location of the client as well as suggests directions directly using the Google Maps feature. The sales team can easily reach the location of the clients and also use the directions to reach a particular client very easily.


5. Organize Lead data:


Many lead management apps are capable of organizing the lead or customer data using digital technologies that make it effective to retrieve and use the data for use by any employee directly using a few clicks.


This organization saves time and effort to manage the leads when the data is huge and needs to be arranged and sorted in a particular fashion.


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6. Integrates with your Custom Software easily:


 Funnel Management apps are often found to seamlessly integrate with the custom software that any organization might have. It offers a seamless approach to extend the software features as well as use the centralized data to effectively conduct businesses.


7. Use Social Media Effectively:


Modern-day Funnel Management apps also tend to integrate with Social Media platforms effectively. These can use the platform to filter out and funnel the leads or potential customers as well as engaging them with social media content.




Field Force Connect provides many of the above-listed features and benefits for effective Funnel Management and organization. If you are looking to generate leads for your business, whatever be your approach, Field Force Connect can help you to manage and organize your lead data effectively. If you have any inquiries for Field Force Connect or want to know how our software application can help your company or business to effectively manage leads, do contact us. You can request for a free demonstration or trial of Field Force Connect.


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