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Field Force Connect suit the business process of the Pharma & Chemicals industry. Enabling Field Officers, Delivery personnel, Managers and the company benefit with Sales order placements, product movement identification, delivery confirmation.


The Pharmaceutical sector moves on how good the sales of the drugs are – creating awareness, making the drugs available across the world to earn profits. It means that it is essential that a strong field workforce manages this arm of work. Most importantly, coordination, transparency, communication are essential to the back office and the field force personnel. Field force management solutions help the field force to achieve the set targets with more efficiency. What’s more, with the advent of predictive and machine learning technologies, field sales and medical reps can now heavily optimize their appointment management taking into account doctor visit, success rate, weather and traffic conditions, size of the deal etc.



MR’s visits Tracking


Easy form Updation


Sales Team Tracking


Easy Field Management


  • FFC creates real-time reporting-driven capabilities for Pharma & Chemicals industry, which gives sales directors and managers a better view into how sales representatives and mystery shoppers are doing in the field, which therefore helps daily reporting and allows the managers and directors to adjust their business decision-making according to the insights generated from the data.
  • An administrative workload is almost eliminated and thus the time saved can be reinvested in selling.
  • Besides that, seamless collaboration between call center agents and sales representatives, which will enable the company’s multichannel pharma crm strategy.
  • Using Geo-Fencing, Entire territory and number of visits done by the sales force can be recorded which in turn increase their productivity by 30%.

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