Employee Communication- Field Force Automation CRM
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employee communication

Employee Communication and Collaboation

Application facilitate user to communicate among employees
and share their views and opinion.
Interacting with team employees is essential
for the growth of any organization.



Internal communication


Team communication


Teamwork in the workplace


Instant Message Sharing


  • First of all, internal employee communication tools are vital to your organization and not just limited to employee-to-employee.

  • Hence, these tools give you even more foundation for employee-to-manager communication.

  • At the end of the day, unless every level of your organization communicates effectively, it will be impossible to run a high-performing workplace. With Field Force Connect, communication between the office staff, field staff, and management can be done at the touch of the screen.

  • Furthermore, the tasks can be assigned to different sales force personnel and get completed individually and on time.

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