Daily Activity Tracker App

Daily Activity Tracker App| Track sales and Daily Activity of Employees

Daily activity tracker app enables tracking employees
work activity and Daily
performance monitoring.


daily activity tracker app


Work Activity Tracker


Meeting Update
daily activity tracker app


Sales Activity Tracker


Organize daily Task


  • Every employee along with his manager must know what daily tasks or daily activity he has to perform and by when he needs to complete them. Therefore meetings is an important part of the life of a field force professional therefore need to be done properly.
  • Meeting status updates performed after the client visit has been done. The feature helps you to save a note about what has been discussed in the meeting, leads are save on priority basis like HOT, WARM, COLD etc. and what the next action point will be taken like- email documents, make phone calls or Whats-app etc. Besides that, it keeps giving you a reminder about your next action point so that you got to know about your daily activities.
  • Most importantly a user can organize and schedule their daily task as per the priority. Besides that, one can add a client meeting reminder.
  • As a result, Field Force Connect, daily activity tracker app works by asking what you’re doing. Every activity provided goes about as an example. Together with sessions demonstrating when you’ve begun working, for to what extent and when you’ve quit working, FieldForceConnect can make precise every day time-sheets.

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