Q: Does the Field Force Connect app has an employee attendance feature?  
A: Yes, It allows you to monitor your employee’s Check-in, Checkout time and attendance from anywhere and at any time
Q: How do I track employee attendance?
A: You can do this through GPS tracking. By Geo-fencing you can set a fence for an employee wherein if he enters a particular set fence he can clock in or punch in/Clock out or punch out.
Q: What are the main features of employee tracking software?
A: Individual location tracking, Attendance record, Checkin-Checkout update, Admin privileges, Holiday report, Time-sheet request & Approval
Q: Can I monitor employee day to day activity? 
A: Yes. You can use daily activity log feature for work activity tracker,Meeting Update, Sales Activity Tracker, Organize daily Task.
Q: How do you view your employee’s track record over time?
A: You can go to the Attendance log feature to see his daily attendance timing and punching time, You can view is work report, you can see his attendance report by click attendance report feature icon on the app. As a manager, you can easily view his completed and pending task in My task feature icon.
Q: How do employee task management feature works? 
A: It helps in Team Task Tracking, Online Task Manager, Task Tracker, Task Planner. Basically it works as an employee monitoring software.
Q: Can I assign the task to my subordinates in this app?
A: Yes you can do it in the task manager feature.
Q: How do I track team tasks? 
A: You can assign the task first and then you can track the task completion or pending in the same task management feature.
Q: Can I request for a time-sheet update?
A: Yes you can request.
Q: How do  I request for a time-sheet update? 
A: You can go to timesheet update and select the time and day you want to update and write a small note as a reason for the update request.
Q: How do I correct my time-sheet after I’ve submitted it? 
A: Follow the above instruction and just change the reason in the note.
Q: How can I get a detail report of my attendance report? 
A: You can click on attendance report feature icon  wherein you can view the actual monthly hours to be completed, total monthly hour completed , absent,half days  of an employee.
Q: How to upload my expense in the field force connect app? 
A: Click on my expense feature icon, you can choose category, date, amount, attachment, Description and event.
Q: Can I try a demo version? 
A: Yes, We always encourage demo version so that customer may get actual feel of it. Follow the step below: >> Go to “feature page” >> Select any feature you want to use as demo.>>Click on “Get Started with demo” >> Follow the instruction on the login page.
Q: How to contact FieldForceConnect? 
A: You can call us on: +91 8879094302 +91 9819312721 +91 9920977080 or you can chat with us online.