The Best New Real-time Tracking and GPS Trackers App for Android | apps for tracking sales
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The Best New Real-time Tracking and GPS Trackers App for Android

Real time sales tracking and GPS tracking app | Real-time Tracking

The Best New Real-time Tracking and GPS Trackers App for Android

Lets understand today about Real-time Tracking

Query: Real-time Tracking


Sales Tracker:


Sales tracker is a tool used for tracking and keeping all the records and details about your sales process. Keeping a track of all the records and important activities it tells you all that required for closing the deal. Right from the incoming inquiries, calls, emails, and messages to face-to-face meetings and discussions. 


Analyzing these sales records sales managers and companies develop a sustainable strategy. Providing clear visibility with detailed instances sales processes find new ways to convert prospects into customers.  


As you all know there’s a continuous rising competition between Android and iOS where both are equally strong and popular. But due to Android’s cheaper pricing and easy availability comparatively, it is used by more number of people. Android being more familiar all over the world is equally popularised with its trending apps. 


GPS Tracker :


GPS is an important feature used by mobile users. Establishing a good connection to human interaction with the environment it helps you map and know the exact location of the user. 


GPS tracking for sales works as a monitoring system which allows you to track and monitor the activities of your sales team. Using the GPS locator you can easily and instantly track their exact location and distance traveled to manage their field sales. Since everyone these days uses GPS enabled phones using the free field sales app one can easily create and get connected with the transparent field sales process.


Using the GPS tracker you can get all the necessary information you want without calling and asking the other person. Preventing hundreds of calls and emails for status update it promotes a culture of transparency in your business. 


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Benefits real-time sales GPS locator provides are – 


1: It provides your employees’ real-time location along with the locations that have been visited previously. It tells you exactly where they have been and what all activities they have performed. Therefore using the correct GPS locator app you can check and measure the productive hours of your sales team. 


2: These apps are personally created to provide services that are needed. They are absolutely secured and do not upload any of your personal information. It provides you accurate information about the location of the user. Thus using this you get to know the exact place your employees are and the activities they are performing. 


3: For sales teams, time tracking software works as the best solution. Saving your enough time it helps in optimizing the productivity levels of your employees. 


4: Using the sales tracking app you can send messages to your employees, create a common group of employees and can share your views to all at one time. 


5: You are also allowed to share pictures with your employees in real-time. 


6: Using these time tracking software apps you can manage all the work activities with your mobile phone.


7: Using the app you can keep a close eye on their work meetings, visits to clients, and all the related field activities. 


8: Using the app employees can easily record their field expenses and can claim it at the end of the day or month.


9: It does not ask you to carry anything else. It can save all the contacts and feedback reports within it.


10: Use of sales tracking app providing enough security manages to handle and save all the necessary information in one single app. 


11: Capturing accurate sales data and insights sales tracking app assures a hundred percent increased ROI.


Look at some of the best real-time sales tracking and GPS tracker App for Android :


Field Force Connect: 


Field force connect is a sales CRM software that works by live employee tracking and monitoring sales software activity.

Bringing a one-stop solution field force to connect app empowers you to maintain an effective field sales force by constantly tracking the field workforce on GPS. Using the app field sales organization can see the exact location of their employees on the map through mobile. 

It helps organizations to improve their productivity by giving them true clarity about user’s daily activities and performances. Providing the users this interactive mobile application you can increasingly grow field sales and lead generation. 


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This app can be used by both Android and iOS users. Download the app to take a free look of its features – 


1: Saves time

2: Maximize Profits

3: Paperless Process

4: Order Management

5: Lead Log Management

6: Attendance and Geo-Fencing

7: Task Management

8: Pipeline Management

9: Dynamic Forms

10: Roaster Plans

11: Call Logs


Using this sales tracking application you can efficiently manage and control the sales, target, and revenue details. 


Other field sales Android apps are – 


a: Google Maps

b: Spyzie

c: Xnspy 


e: Glympse




These are some of the field sales Android apps you can use to grow and increase the productivity of your sales team. 


These apps help you reach your destination safely. It guides and navigates you to take the best optimal routes. Each of the apps have their own features that make your journey worthwhile. You can take a tour of these apps by downloading them in your phones and enjoy the services for your business you think that meet your needs. 


If you’re looking for a sales tracking app and time tracking software who can help and sort all your field problems by having customized features in it you can try Field Force Connect. It is one of the best field sales tracking apps which is trending in the market. You can plan and design various features in it for increasing your production goals.  


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