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Every employer wants their staff to perform at the highest level. Managers collect and analyze all data on employees’ work for optimum performance and better project delivery, especially when it comes to time. While it’s easy to monitor the work hours and activities of an employee working in the office, things get more complicated for people whose jobs require often travel. That’s where the employee GPS tracking app comes in.

It is known that employee monitoring and tracking helps to increase the employee productivity in any corporate environments.

Need for Sales Tracker App


Tracking your sales teams in real-time has been a testing requirement for companies around the world. Refusing the size of your sales team, an effective GPS enabled geofence tracking solution is a necessity for any business.

GeoFecing has bought together with it numerous advantages that includes live location tracking and monitoring, instant position based notifications, alerts, SOS notifications and alerts and more.


Most of the business has a separate sales team and representatives spread across cities and even countries. In general, the sales teams have a lot of freedom out in the field and it’s very hard for the companies to observe their employees, how they spend their time on the job and if they are using their working hours effectively. The best way to address these issues is by implementing a GPS tracking system, which allows the manager and executives to locate their sales team in real-time.   

This enables sales managers to be in contact in real-time with their sales executives thereby enabling live location tracking and monitoring and instant feedback about Geo Positioning system.

Also, the Outside sales team has always presented many management challenges, such as attendance, assignment, and mileage tracking. With the evolution of mobile technology, however, many of the issues are being addressed with a simple app on field rep’s smartphones. Investopedia defines outside sales as the sale of products or services by sales personnel who go out in the field to meet with prospective customers.

Outside sales people are the ones who work on field and helps companies to generate the sales for their products and services by using sales and pitch techniques to various clients.

Outside Sales professionals tend to work self-sufficient outside a formal office and formal team environment.

Any sales team is capable to work individually and independently to generate sales for the organization and contribute to the company’s revenue structure.

They travel to meet customers face-to-face, as well as to maintain a relationship with existing customers. An outside salesperson is spending the majority of his or her time out in the elements meeting people in person.   

There are many job responsibilities that a sales person has to handle, moreover, when they are tracked it provides a sense of satisfaction to the managers and supervisors namely in assurance that the work is being done.

If travel or passage is part of your business, you have likely considered tracking employee location as they from client sites to client sites. Whether you run a construction business, land spacing or cleaning company, delivery or any other business with field staff, you need to know where your people are so you can properly perform team members and get work done. You can all do that with the field employee tracking app. However, it is not always easy. If you are trying to keep track of everyone with sub-par tools, it can be a real nightmare. 

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So here are the 9 features of Field Force Connect:


1) Location Tracking-

 Our location tracking also gives you the option to sale employees to take pictures with GPS details, feed in his/ her daily expenses and upload pictures of any outdoor marketing activity done with GPS details where activity was done. When your sales employees check-in and out of the customer they visit with the app, and their location is recorded, the duration of the visit is calculated, and detailed are mapped out in real-time.    This not only lets you stay connected with your team but also helps you better plan and manage your sales team, terrorists, and schedules. 

Location tracking accurately shows your current location on Maps using Advanced Global Positioning System (GPS) based techniques so that you can track the person in real-time.

2) Sales Target- 

A sales target is a goal set for a salesperson or sales department measured in revenue or units sold for a specific time. Also, setting up a sales target to help keep you and your sales team to focus on achieving your goals. If you want to sell any sales then it should be stored safely. There should be a proper count on it. Your company should have a proper hold on the supply and demand. And also you should ensure how to increase sales. And this above will be done by the field force connect software.         

Sales targets can be accurately be done using advanced GeoFencing techniques to monitor your location and meet clients at different locations.

3) Employee Communication- 

Employee Communication is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the running of day-to-day business. The success of our company depends on communicating the right content and information to its employees to drive them towards the common goals set for the business. This is more kind of platform that focuses just on the project we are working on. It will keep the employee in touch digitally. And also allow them to share their ideas on the project. This is the purpose of this feature.

Communication is essential for successful work completion and task management. This goes for sales process as well. Managers need to communicate to remain on the same page as far as sales task is concerned. With the helps of realtime messaging and notifications you can get the edge in communicating with your managers and supervisors as well as your clients.

4) Expense Management- 

Expense Management is the system a business used to process, pay and audit their business spend. These costs normally include employee travel and entertainment. Expense management systems can also be used for a sole trader to manage and monitor their business spending. For Eg: If you are sent for a job outside your office by the boss, and you are connected with the whole team on this software and then you travel and meet your clients so the expenditure that comes in a short company has happened. 

People who are always on the go especially sales people can reimburse their travelling expenses using the advanced expense management in Field Force Connect.

5) Team Management-

 Team management is the ability of an individual and an organization to administer and coordinate a group of individuals to perform tasks. In team management usually, we manage different people with different tasks. Also, team management refers to the various activities which bind a team together by bringing the team member closer to achieve the set targets. Also, communication among the team members must be clear and transparent for effective team management. Team members should be motivated on a regular basis.

Efficient team management is feature that has been integrated in Field Force Connect.

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6) Attendance and Geo-Fencing- 

A Sophisticated time management system with the geofencing capability helps track employee attendance in real-time. Geo-Fencing is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographical area. In case there is an issue, the employees can send a notification in real-time, from the mobile app. For EG: If an employee if comes at 9 am and if he or she check-in is done but then you come out from the office and while for a reason you are lazy and do direct check out this feature will catch you out.             

This is a technique that allows you to mark your attendance when you report to work for the day.

7) Lead Management-

Lead management is the process of acquiring and managing leads ( Potential Customers) until the point where they make a purchase. There are more involved processes than standard advertising and is most applicable to an e-commerce store that generates individuals’ relationships with customers. Lead is detail about something or someone to progress for. Lead management is helpful in bringing more customers and clients which will increase sales. Also, Lead management bridges the gap between marketing and sales.   

Efficient lead management can be done through the use of lead management and organization feature provided in Field Force Connect.

8) Dynamic Forms- 

Dynamic Forms are something that collects information from customers and clients and helps the employee to store and handle the data properly. This feature will help you to fill the form from any location. So that the communication platform is built between the company and clients.  

If you have any forms to be created for customers then you can do this using Dynamic Forms in Field Force Connect.

9) Roster Plan-

 A Schedule is often called as roster, its a list of employees that associated information eg: Location, working times, responsibilities for a given time period. Eg Week, month or sports season. This is a finishing line of the features, like collecting information of sales target, expense manages, etc are done so now it’s time to align them straight put them in proper orders in a properly structured manner so that the rulers and instruction are followed properly.

You can also set different roster plans as per your job and task scheduling needs for your company or organization.

Conclusion: Sales tracking is important because it monitors the performance of your team and performs quality checks from time to time. It gets to know which product/services, geographics and salesperson bring maximum revenue and why. It increases customer satisfaction by adding queries and provides customer services to them. By these technologies, we can keep track of salespeople by apps. And this will provide the company to improve its sales. If you have any inquiries regarding Field Force Connect. We have the best sales app, sales tracking app to improve your company’s sales performance.