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Benefits of Sales Force Automation System

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Benefits of Sales Force Automation System


sales Force Automation is one of the most important.

Field Force Manager

SalesForce Automation also called as SFA, is a highly used and appreciated technology that is developed for automating the business operations such as inventory management system, business process management, account management, real-time employee monitoring system, and sales force automation helps them by automating the task lead tracking, sales force analysis, sales team performance evaluation, and so on.


SalesForce Automation is identical and very much similar to automated programs that integrate and mechanize the distinct and unique parts of the business processes that are able to process sales quotations as well as to conduct performance evaluations in customer contact management.


It is able to connect all the components of the enterprise in a more orderly and structured way and that allows for a consistent flow of information to the various branches. Till a certain extent, robust and rigorous conceptualizations are made mandatory and required at various levels and it is difficult to agree on small human resources

SalesForce Automation is one of the most important as well as essential parts of any effective organization. We all know that efficient execution helps it to become a resource that cannot be replaced or substituted.

Field Force Manager There are several customization options available for sale force automation systems. You can customize the sale force automation software in order to meet your business needs or to make purchases in the right markets for your business needs.

4 Key Features/Benefits of Salesforce Automation

The characteristics of sale force automation are much more dynamic and flexible in nature. Salesforce automation is well suited to handle all business affairs. These features have been subdivided into the following sections.

1) Transactions and Customer Management:


Because the sales are the backbone and the skeleton of any business organization, you can never overlook sales. The primary goal of SFA is CRM, so some of the key features are a part of this area.


Manage Contacts


You can get to easily view the contact details, event history, historical interactions as well as the account discussions at your fingertips. You are also able to gain insights for different social media platforms. The paramount part is that all the data is available in the SFA framework as long as you refer to it.

Opportunity Management

You cannot miss out on ongoing transactions, such as progress, team status, quotations and more.


Salesforce Participation


You can create custom campaigns within a few clicks as well as monitor how you can engage with your customers. All developments will be notified immediately

Sales Cooperation


You can find experts to get competitive information as well as you can track details on the go.

Business Performance Management


You can get to improve performance by gathering real-time data from your team, as well as you can set metric-based goals. It also provides feedback and training information and rewarding your efforts.

2) Leads Management


Leads are as important as business sales. Without a lead, sales can be difficult to achieve. SFA has an intuitive as well as an easy-to-understand lead management system

Management of Leads


Get the most effective ways to invest as well as tracking real-time leads and transactions, and you get to optimize campaigns to keep your games in top condition

Partner Management


You can get to work with your partner on a whole new level. Proactively monitor engagement, and share goals as well as activities in order to achieve maximum results.



3) Increased Productivity


One of the main benefits or advantages provided by SFA is that you can make use of the cloud platform in order to increase your productivity. There are several features that you can use to greatly improve productivity.



Smartphones are not just phones. They have transformed into a portable sales office with a sales force automation application. You get to record phone calls, verify sales, respond to projects, and you can also get to know your business anytime, and anywhere.


Workflow and Approvals

Designing as well as automating a business process using a simple drag-and-drop GUI is an easy task.

You get to minimize the management of business processes such as commissions, trade discounts, promotions and use a flexible approval 


Internal Sales Console


You can provide the full support needed for your internal sales team. The sales team can now get to access multiple leads gathered from sales intelligence, detailed company information, as well as Field Force Manager single screen to build a smarter faster workforce.


Mail Consolidation


You get to integrate all the existing email applications and make use of them efficiently without making any changes. in salesforce automation


Synchronize and share files


It has never been so easy to share files, discuss with your team, as well as publish and manage content in real-time. You get to easily search for required files, manage access as well as be notified when the change occurs


4) Insight Management

Insight is a sketch of rewards and effort. All the data that is handled by the sale force automation ends in the form of insights into demographic data that is bound to be accessible by everyone.


Reports and Dashboards

Using intuitive interface and graphics, you can get to access your dashboard anytime as well as anywhere and get to know the real-time reports for your business.


Sales Forecast

You get to deliver intuitive, intelligent and simple and accurate forecasts to your team dashboards in real-time using powerful features such as in-line editing, the range of visibility and multi-currency support to simplify sales forecasting


Area Management

Geographical management is a very difficult business. So SFA simplifies the process by creating multiple models as well as previews and allowing you to freely balance and optimize areas after the implementation is over Field Force Manager.

SFA has many numbers of features that are tailored towards your business processes so that you can always up to your game.





There are several advantages to getting a Salesforce automation system for your business for managing your business processes. This is an absolutely essential aspect especially if your organization’s revenue is generated from selling products and services to the general audience. We hope that you found our article useful. If you’re interested in monitoring your field force activities then do give us a call. We can discuss your requirements for Field Force Connect Software.

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