9 field sales tools for successful startup|outbound sales automation
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9 field sales tools for successful startup.

9 field sales tools for successful startups

9 field sales tools for successful startup.

Becoming an entrepreneur is not an easy task. It comes with its own challenges and obstacles. However, succeeding these obstacles and overcoming the challenges is what calls for establishing a successful business and becoming the one that faces ever storm.


In this article, I have compiled a list of all the tasks and features of an app named Field Force Connect that will help you to succeed in your business and get the most out of your entrepreneurship in reality.


Attendance Monitoring in Field Force Application:


cartoon of four people discussing something | employee tracking

When we speak about a company, it is the employees that drive any company.

Even the smallest company will have some employees hired for running the business and driving the company forward.


It is essential that there be an employee monitoring and attendance tracking app so that employees can have the flexibility to record their attendance when they report to work.


This builds a sense of trust and satisfaction for both the employees as well as their hiring managers and supervisors that will be monitoring them. This is one of the best Field Force Application software


Employee attendance monitoring in Field Force Application is essential and is important for any company. This motivates employees to put their best foot forward and help the company succeed in their business goals.


The Field Force Application has an attendance monitoring feature that employees can use to record their attendance and punch in as well as punch out from the app. This Field Sales app is centralized and connected to a robust database that records the timings of when the employee punches in.


Also, the app has a GeoFencing feature built-in that acknowledges the location of the employee from where the employee is recording their daily attendance.


An employee cannot punch in from any location and has to be present in a fixed location for recording their attendance. This feature is important as it does not allow employees to punch in from home. 


Task Management in Field Force Application

cartoon of four people discussing something | Task management


Task management is an important feature for entrepreneurs as it allows the company stakeholders to manage, organize and schedule their daily and day to day tasks.


Proper scheduling and commitment are required from all the employees and stakeholders to fulfill these tasks.


These tasks can be as simple as scheduling an appointment and as complex as delivering a pitch presentation to a reputed client.


This feature can be used by any employees irrespective of the rank or designation that the employee bears. This is the most essential and very helpful feature that we have integrated into the Field Sales App.


Entrepreneurs and employees alike can create custom To-Do lists that they use as a checklist for completing day to day tasks. Employees can also set a deadline for the tasks to be completed. And the app provides reminders and notifications to stakeholders reminding them of the same. 


Sales Target and Order Management


Man writing something | Sales order management

We have also integrated order management and sales target planning into our Field Sales App.


The app helps you track all your orders and manage them with realtime reporting and provides you with analytics and dashboards to check them.


Using this Feature you will be able to take orders directly from the field. Entrepreneurs can use this feature to streamline the orders that the clients provide them.


Staff Roster Plan field sales tools


Man teaching something | Field Force Application

Companies that work in shifts for their clients will find this feature very helpful.


Staff Roster plan is a phenomenon where automatic scheduling of the job responsibilities is done for effective employee work allocation.


Field Force manager assists managers and supervisors to prepare an effective employee Roaster plan also known as Staff roster plan for their coworkers and colleagues.


This results in better employee work collaboration and streamlines the daily work tasks that need to be achieved by the employees. Entrepreneurs can effectively monitor the staff roster plan and make necessary changes as and when required.



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Employee Communication

four people discussing something| Field Force Application

Proper employee communication is pivotal to the successful execution of the daily work activities and in turn for any business to become successful.


Keeping this in mind we have provided an employee communication and chatting feature built right into the Field Force Connect App.


Employees can make use of this wonderful feature to effectively chat and communicate with their supervisors, coworkers, and stakeholders informing them about the daily work updates that they have achieved.


Team interaction is important for any task to be completed and we have given due importance to this objective.


Daily Activity Log

Daily Activity Log

Field Force Application allows every daily activity to be logged into the system and enables employees to constantly monitor their daily logs and tasks that have been achieved by them.


This helps managers and entrepreneurs to be on the same page when it comes to the daily tasks that the employees have to achieve as a part of their work schedule.


We have meticulously designed this feature to be most beneficial to all important stakeholders of the company such as managers, employees, supervisors, directors and so on.


Sales Team Structure


Sales Team Structure

This is an administrative feature that we have set up in Field Force Connect.

Using this feature entrepreneur will be able to monitor and assign sales teams in a particular hierarchy for managing sales territories and leads.


Employees will be able to work and report under different hierarchy formats as per the company’s desires for.


Lead Management App in field sales application

Lead Management App | One person taking a cart with himself and one person is sitting

Firstly We have also provided a lead management feature that entrepreneurs can allow their employees to manage and track leads and potential customers.


Secondly the lead data is auto fed into the centralized system and companies can use this data to manage and effectively communicate and project their products and services to their leads.


Paperless Digital Forms


Paperless Digital Forms| Field Force Application

Filling forms is a thing of the past. Now is the age for digital paperless forms also known as E-Forms.


Besides we have provided in Field Force Connect the feature of creating customized forms as per the convenience of the companies or organizations.


These forms are easily shareable with clients. This feature also provides you the flexibility to customize the forms the way you want it to be. You can present these forms to your employees and collect data from it.


Entrepreneurs can make use of this feature to present customized forms to their client which they can use to collect data from.


This is a wonderful feature that eliminates the use of paper and streamlines the method of collecting valuable data that companies and organizations can make use of and leverage.




Any entrepreneur in order to be successful can make use of the above-mentioned tools and techniques to gain valuable business.  It is important that companies move on from the traditional methods to modern means.  Field Force Connect helps you to make the company productive. Contact us at info@fieldforceconnect.com. If you found this blog informative then do check out our other blog topics.

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