What are the Geo-fencing apps?

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Firstly geo-fencing app technology is flourished by taking advantage of location-based marketing. This is used by a modern business for employee tracking also. This technology is aimed to build a sense of trust by recording the GPS location of anyone who uses it.


Secondly, It acts as a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. Using this feature employee tracking becomes easy and you can be aware of anyone’s location you want to. Therefore  You can know their exact location, at what time they reached their, and even how much time they spent. This avoids any criteria of the person under the GeoFencing technique getting lost in an unknown area or place.


Thirdly Geo-fencing app after putting as a feature in your software can be used to gather information about the person’s arrival, staying or leaving details. Using the Global Positioning System (GPS) any software using this feature of geofence can collect information about that certain geographic boundary.


For instance, mobile app marketers, location-based marketing becomes a big advantage. Using this you can be aware of your consumer’s nearby location, reminding them of visiting your store. You can also perform or do some promotional advertisements so that you can attract customers to your various offers and services.


Above all geo-fencing app can earn your business many profits of shares when Placed around a real-world location. This is the same used for employee tracking. Using this technique, employees can rest assured about the work updates that their employees post daily. Geofencing techniques require a minimum amount of intervention to operate. 


 With the high upgraded developmental changes in the techno markets, mobile phones have become the salient tool for the marketing channels.


It is very tough for any developer to build something which the user keeps in their system for at least a year. With the primary use of mobiles by the marketers, business changes keep on occurring. With the ever-changing and updating field of technology, it is essential that companies keep themselves updated, use and adopts various upcoming technologies


How Geo-fencing apps Are Useful to Marketers.


Many marketers using these geo-fencing apps are able to increase their productivity. By limiting their advertisement only to a limited area. This can be used in location-based advertising to target customers who are present in a set location.


In addition to Increasing their foot traffic, it helps you sending promotional offers to users passing nearby your stores. Any company using geofencing apps can advertise and spread information about their stores and products.


It automatically helps you locate and reminds your potential customers if they pass through your store’s geographic radius.


Not only that if you’re leading a big MNC and very often your employees have to go on sales field this feature of the software will keep you updated about their exact locations. This is especially useful when you have employees who visit customers and clients to pitch their products and services.


Marketers receiving the huge benefit of this receive the greatest ROI. Moreover Using the GPS and Radio Frequency Identifiers it is very easy to connect and relocate the user’s true geographic location.


Marketers using this information influence their users by throwing multiple offers and loyalty rewards. Here plays an important role in geo-fencing apps. 


The geo-fencing enabled apps are considered as the most effective marketing strategy due to the following reasons:


1:-It easily helps you target interested people.


2:-Tells you all about the geographic locations of people who have downloaded your app.


3:-Informs you whenever they walk into your area.  


How Do Geo-fencing apps Work?


Amongst many, it’s a rumor that the geo-fencing apps works only by utilizing the GPS. however, it is no the case exactly. It can run on many other working technologies like WiFi, GPS, cellular data, geomagnetic and Bluetooth beacons.


What technology you choose depends entirely on the area of geofencing. It decides important factors such as accuracy and range of positioning. For example, if you need geofencing for larger fences than the best suitable technology would be WiFi.


While searching geofencing for the lesser area or indoors WiFi, Bluetooth or geomagnetic any of them can be used. Without doing any mapping these are sufficient enough to provide you with accurate databases. GeoFencing is accurate enough to pinpoint your exact location with respect to your maps eg, Google Maps. It can locate your exact position based on your GPS location on the map.


You can even define them at any of your preferred geographic locations. Like, be it your partner’s location, your child’s hostel or any of the place you desire. Geo-fencing apps – Field Force Connect is compatible to fetch the exact real-time databases.


Few points to keep in mind before starting with the Geofencing are –


1:-Choose appropriate software that covers all your requirements along with geofencing.


2:-Make sure your geo-fencing apps meet your desired goals.


3:-Before selecting, go through each feature of your software


4:-Take the help of a good app developer to install your software


5:-Use each feature of the app at its best.


Check out the features of one such geo-fencing app called Field Force Connect. Along with real-time meeting updates, it will even help you provide the live location tracking. A sales CRM app carrying multiple functions to measure your sales productive growth.






Geofencing with real-time meeting updates helps its consumers provide real-time locations. With no fault in its database, it helps you take proper decisions for your employees and clients.


Install a good geo-fencing app such as Field Force Connect to give your business a new level of growth and support. Many geo-fencing apps carry other multiple features to help you provide with the other business benefit criteria.


Check out the one suiting your business priorities to take your business at the new level of heights.