What is Sales Force Automation Software. 

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For any companies that are big or small in number, managers can be confused and unsure about implementing a Customer Relationship Management(CRM) or a SalesForce Automation (SFA) System is worth the cost and the efforts to be borne.

Sales Force Automation Software Solutions Features
1) Employee Attendance App Checkin-Checkout update Individual attendance app,Attendance record Time-sheet request & Approval Admin privileges,Holiday report
2) Lead Management App Follow up report Multiple client data Collection Prime concern /Hot Leads Sales report
3) Task Management App Team Task Tracking Online Task Manager Task Planner Assignment of Task
4) Expense Management App Reimbursement Travel expense tracker app Employee flexi-benefits and allowances Expense Claim Report
5) Employee Communication App. Internal communication Team communication Teamwork in the workplace Instant Message Sharing
6) Sales Order App. Sales Target Plan Sales Inventory Management Order Administration Sales Pipeline Management

When you are going through this important decision, you may be asking yourself many different questions.

Sales force automation software does not do any kind of rocket science. It is meant to make the lives of sales people easy as well as efficient to manage sales data.

This also helps to follow up with clients and customers on a regular basis.

attendance tracking app | sales force automation software

For any business to prosper, it is paramount that they pay special attention to their customers. As customers are the driving force for any business.

Sales Force Automation Software is a system that allows your business to keep track of your customers and leads. This is what allows you to invite new customers to your business.

The system will, in turn, help you to generate more business for your existing customers

Before we dig deep into the top 5 reasons which your organization’s business should go forward and implement some form of online CRM or productivity tracker and automation system, let’s check what exactly is a Sales Force automation software actually is.

Sales Force Automation Software is also known as Sales Force Management and these systems are information gathering and organization systems that are designed to help automate the most common processes and tasks that occur in the Sales Process.

Salesforce automation(SFA) systems are commonly integrated as a subsystem of a customer relationship management system such as
Field Force Connect. Some of the primary elements of SFA include lead tracking, sales forecasting, sales lead process tracking, product knowledge base, and order management.


Top 5 reasons why a company needs a good Sales force Automation software in order to carry out their tasks


While there can be innumerable reasons why a company or an organization should implement a Sales Force automation software or a Salesforce management system, here are some of the most important and business-critical reasons why you should consider when you are deciding to include SFA in combination with your CRM processes.


1) Sales Force Automation Can You Help Regain Lost Opportunities:


Traditional sales operation would include noting down the contact details in a notepad or diary and then following up with them. Such type of activities can be inefficient in the sales process because the materials can easily get misplaced.

Also when there is a lot of work or tasks that need to be done. For example, when the salesperson needs to carry out 30 or more meetings in a day, remembering all of these contacts, as well as the time for the meetings, can appear to be a daunting and cumbersome task.


The sales representative can also easily forget to carry some of these meetings during the daily schedule.

Humans are not perfect, so you should not expect your salesperson or sales representative to remember every interaction, deadline as well as appointments that are scheduled with potential customers.


Without the use of a central system in order to remember all of these tasks and activities, the sales agent can be easily burdened or overwhelmed.

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With the help of sales force automation software, you can squeeze every bit of efficiency for your sales process.


This helps you to manage and maintain your sales process to be the most optimum objective that your company can have.


There is a high level of chance that he or she may miss out on important contacts. Being persistent is a valuable quality for a sales employee, and providing them with tools to efficiently manage and follow up with their contacts is invaluable and the need of the day.


Most of the CRM or Sales Force Automation Software that are available in the market not only help you to manage follow-ups with a specific lead or a potential customer but also manage the reminders of a potential deal that you have in your plate for each of the customer entities.


The proper management of this objective allows the sales agents to focus their time and attention in increasing the number as well as the quality of lead interactions instead of getting bogged down with the management of these obligations and eliminates the risk of missing the tasks that were supposed to be completed during the day.


2)Poor Prioritization:


There is a need to prioritize as well as organize the tasks that need to be completed during the day. This objective is essential for the success of the lead management system that is in place.


There should be some form of management involved in the best utilization. Of the sales representation time and efforts that they put for the leads as well as contacts.


Traditional sales methods do not offer efficient prioritization of the mission tasks and objectives that needs to be organized. Hence it is pivotal that an efficient lead management system is in place to help the sales representatives deal with their potential leads or contacts.


Without the use of a tool that can help to easily list down the potential deals that the sales representative has in the business, how can the managers expect their sales staff to understand which task is the best use of their time and efforts that they put into it?


sales force automation software

For many companies and organizations, the number of leads that are being generated is not an issue but the quality of leads that are being generated matters the most.


You do not want your best staff working on poor quality leads that are less likely to get converted. You want to make sure that each and every resource is used in the most optimal and efficient way that is possible.


Sales force automation helps you to prioritize and carry out your sales process in an efficient manner. This boosts the sales and you get a better chance of managing your customers and clients as well as attending to them.


With the use of a product sales tracker app to users, managers can easily assign lead ranks to each of their potential clients. And be able to drive out a clear visualization and segmentation between cold sales leads and hot sales leads or opportunities.


Not only this but you are also able to track potential indicators about how important a client deal may be, such as being able to ascertain the potential value of the client as well as the overall value, the estimated chances that a deal will close and finalize.


Such type of information will enable the managers to assign proper resources to each and every deal.


3) Lack of Forecasting and Intelligence:


When you are using the traditional methods of managing the sales process as well as the leads, you are missing out on the important factors of vision forecasting and intelligence to maintain relationships with the leads and potential customers.


It becomes difficult to ascertain where the interactions with the leads are going. And whether the lead will convert to a customer in the end.


Sales force automation helps your company and organization to manage your clients and customers better as well as provide better quality of products and services to them.


This matters the most because the organizations and businesses are dependent on closing the sales with potential customers.


When you are using traditional sales management techniques that have been regarded as inefficient and unproductive, you are missing out on the important factors that drive the leads.


This point takes a step that goes beyond the capability to solve the problems that are occurring in the sales process.

Thus allows and enables you to solve the problems that occur in the other areas of the business. By properly defining the end result and the estimated outcome (probability X revenue amount). The managers are equipped to make accurate predictions of the future revenue that is being generated.


This thus allows the business owners to make intelligent decisions about resource allocation, the overall marketing budget, and nearly every other aspect of the business.

You will be well equipped to monitor the future cash flow for the business as this proves to be an invaluable tool when it comes to running an organization or a company.

These reports can be easily generated. When the sales team is dedicated and disciplined about making the efficient use of their product sales tracker app.

Beyond just providing forecasting tools, the product sales tracker app provides you with all forms of reports and metrics.

Users will easily gain vision as to which steps result in the poor performance of your sales representatives and how you can correct them.

You will also be able to gain an insight as to which steps perform well and how you can apply the correct steps to all the other leads for them to close.


With this users will be able to differentiate between all of your sales. By dividing them between specific geographical segments or market segments as well as territories.

This helps you to optimize your marketing techniques and sales objectives to better fit the niches that your business excels in.


4) Sales Force Automation Helps In Employee Accountability:


When employees are given a sense of responsibility they put every effort to make it a success. As they feel privileged. Such is the case with the employee time tracking app.


Employees are made to have a sense of responsibility that they are well equipped to handle. And make sure that they deliver the objectives that they are enlisted for. This also provides employees with a sense of improvement and enables them to identify.


Know the areas where they lack and thus provides room for improvement and increases the efficiency of the employees.


attendance tracking app


With the use of a good sales force automation solution, your sales persons will be in a much better position to handle and manage all your sales related activities.


Whatever that can be measured can easily be improved. By allowing managers to track each and every individual sale.

That happens within the company, your sales CRM system is able to provide you a detailed breakdown of your employee performance. You can analyze which steps of the process, or which types of customers you can succeed with.


But going beyond this you are also able to see how successful each employee is with these segments. Basic reports can provide you with small but telling pieces of information such as how much revenue an employee has generated. Or what percentage of leads does an employee be able to convert.


This sort of intelligence can help gauge employee performance. It can also help you to manage the resources on training your employees to improve.


As well as change employee roles to better fit their skills and objectives, reward your employees for a job that is done well. Many businesses and organizations will even go to the extent of sharing their performance reports.


With their peers which can thus promote healthy competition and push the entire team to perform at a higher level.


5) It Helps In Collaboration and Data Sharing:


Sharing the data with your peers and employees means that they get a chance to see where the company is headed to.


Make necessary changes and adjustments to bring the employee objectives and goals to the same as the company’s goals. This is essential as it enables the employees to have a clear vision of the company’s objectives and long term goals.


Thus allowing all employees to be on the same page as the companies managers and objectives can be.


This last point defines the ability to share the data with your staff. There will be many scenarios where your sales process and the data can improve.


If the salesperson would have a better understanding of the status of leads that they are contacting. The past interactions that the lead had with the company and many more such things. A productivity tracker will provide two major solutions for you to help in this area.


The first being the ability in order to manage the business details on all the business contacts in a central area.


Where all employees can access these details. For example, one employee will handle the meetings of the prospect at an event. Then add their contact to the cloud-based CRM system solution.


This employee will be able to write down details about their experience with the lead.  For example, the lead is a soccer fan or a coffee aficionado. Later on, when your sales agent calls up this prospect lead in order to follow up.


They already have the information that they need to build a tighter relationship with this contact. And thus improve the probability of closing the deal.


This goes beyond the management of specific details about the customer or the contact. The SFA system also manages your interactions and history with every contact.


This allows every sales representative to be able to view a single image or customer record. Get a complete history of all past as well as current dealings with this customer. This type of collaboration is very important and paramount when dealing with resources.


That leaves the company or even an employee who is unavailable for the day.


Conclusion: The First Steps to implement Sales Force Automation Software.


Well, the first step is to determine which Sales force automation software is right for your company, which you have hopefully done above. Once you have made up your mind to move forward, you need to find the right software.

Every sales team is different and can have different needs and requirements. So it is important to think about the unique needs for your business.



Here at Field Force Connect, we value your objectives and hence deliver a product that not only integrated with your needs and values but provides you with a system that brings harmony to the table.


At Field Force Connect we have focussed on delivering a system that integrates completely with every process in your business and is accessible from anywhere.


Our product sales tracker app provides you  to manage the billing and fulfillment areas of your business. Example: customer service, invoicing and marketing, project management, and estimates.


So what do you think of sales force automation software? Want to have a free trial?