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Often companies market their products and services to consumers. These organizations depend on consumers to generate revenue and sustain their business. When the question is about maximizing your profits then you have to make sure to be ready to implement some changes into your work processes. These changes can easiy fastack your revenue generation business model and help you to sustain your business in the long run


When the question is about increasing productivity, you should always consider using productivity tracker apps. There are many apps that will help you to monitor your productivity levels.


You should also think about how you can increase your productivity thereby using some kind of employee time tracking app.

This can only happen when you make up your vision to increase your productivity levels when you work. In this article we are going to share with you some tips on how SMEs and businesses can maximize their productivity. You can do this and achieve this by using a productivity tracker app.

There are many productivity tracker apps, but what makes them stand apart? You should always check the feeatures that you are going to get because you will be using them to manage your productivity levels.


Why productivity tracker should be used even though you are in traditional sales


Traditional sales used to happen when the salesperson used to visit or perform sales by visiting door to door trying to sell their organization’s products. Their only aim is to make sure that they manage to sell their products by doing door to door marketing. Now, this method has some disadvantages which means that it does not have a facility to monitor its customers and implement brand loyalty and create brand recognition.


Traditional sales does not offer any means to monitor them, Also you cannot track your customers when they do traditional sales.


Traditional sales also cannot be monitored and tracked for, this is the biggest disadvantage that  door to door sales has. Also traditional sales rely in a hit or miss approach for gaining customers and this can be inefficient to project your sales, especially if you are running a product based company and depend on your sales persons to generate revenue.


Traditional sales also depends on the sales persons product pitching skills as well as negotiation skills that persuades customers to buy into the products and services.


This can create a problem for small companies that are looking to increase their sales as they thrive on making door to door sales the traditional way. Traditional marketing has helped many small and medium-sized companies to achieve their brand recognition and brand loyalty the hard way. It takes years of commitment for a company to gain a sense of customer commitment and earn a huge customer base just by the door to door marketing.


Companies like Lijjat papad has managed to efficiently pull this off in an old fashioned way. Companies like Lijjat papad have relied on traditional marketing to function and gain revenue. The business model that they follow is incredibly simple and easy to understand.


They make sure that there is demand generated for the products that they supply.  Lijjat papad also supports traditonal methods of marketing and sales promotions that are done.



Productivity, even using a productivity tracker, is something that one cannot achieve on an overnight basis. There are considerable time and efforts that one must put in for maximizing productivity and ensuring that you have the highest levels of productivity for your work environment.


Here in this article, we have listed down some tasks and objectives by which you can ensure that your productivity levels are always kept high for you as well as for your work colleagues.

Following these objectives will easily help you to increase productivity for all the work that you do. These tactics or objectives will help you to increase your productive that you have never witnessed before,


Task Management in productivity tracker app :


Planning concept and tasks organization on board | task management | productivity tracker

When we talk about increasing productivity, using a productivity tracker, what does come into our minds? Focused and concentration about work that is well organized and well structured to manage and complete tasks. This is where task management apps and functionality plays an important role.


Task management also helps us to organize and manage out work schedule effectively. It is effective when you have organized your tasks in a simple fashion.


Task management helps a user to organize and create tasks that he or she can manage it to do it on their laptops and smartphones. Task management helps users and customers to manage and work about their daily tasks thus helping them to achieve their work goals.


Do you know the Productivity Tracker app helps in lead management :


there is compture with the icon | lead management | productivity tracker

One more productivity management function is the way company employees and organizational heads organize and manage their leads. Productivity app also helps to effectively consolidate and arrange leads based on priority. This eases lead management and helps to boost productivity.


Lead management is effective when you use a productivity tracker to manage it. Effective leads require proper nurturing and follow up to manage properly.


Proper lead management is the key for product success. It is essential that leads are cultivated and grown in to prospective customers that buys the products and services to ease their life and solve their daily problems that they face.


This is lead management and employees need to manage their leads efficiently to make sure that they are able to meet their daily targets when it comes to projecting products and services. Lead management also helps companies to follow up with their prospective customers better


Lead management is crucial when it comes to customer retention and brand management. Companies want to retain existing customers as it is cheaper to retain customers than acquiring new ones.


Expense Management :


business-man-planning-calculating-his-expenses_| expense management | productivity tracker

Companies also need to pay a lot of attention to expense management. Salespersons require to do a lot of travelling when they are looking to gain leads or customers for their products and services. Expense management is crucial and helps sales employees get their travel reimbursement from the organization. This is where Field Force Connect Comes in.


Field Force Connect also helps you to scan and record your expenses that you encounter while travelling or transporting. This is especially useful if your work requires a lot of travel and a lot of expenses is associated with your work related travel.


It has an intuitive expense management that helps employees record their travel and other expenses recorded in the system. This helps companies to keep a track of employees traveling expenses when they visit clients for product promotions and pitches


Attendance monitoring :


When employees are given the freedom to their work at their own pace and effort. They tend to become more productive and they make sure to give their best efforts to help the company. A recent study about employee culture has found this out. When employees are monitored there prevails a sense of responsibility and share accountability as well.

This overall boosts employees and motivates them to perform better at their jobs. Also by doing this, you can expect that your employees value your trust on them and they perform better even in your absense.


Attendance monitoring thus helps employees to put their best efforts when they work. This helps to make sure that employees are motivated to give their best efforts forward when it comes to productivity monitoring.


Productivity tracker helps in employee time tracking:


Employee monitoring increases productivity:| employee time tracking app

Studies have proved that when employees are monitored they tend to provide the best performance as per the companies expectations. Therefore it is proved that employee monitoring is essential for the progress of the company or organization.

It is equally important that companies implement a good form of an employee monitoring system.


That is friendly and helps the company to grow directly or indirectly. Also this motivates employees to put their best efforts forward and this can eventually help the company to grow and prosper. After all a business should prosper in order to grow and meet consumer expectations.


Which is where we allow Field Force Connect to be used as an all-round employee monitoring software. This helps to maximize productivity and ensure that every employee is providing their best capabilities at work. With the help of a productivity tracker, you can track your employee’s activities.


Time management :


flat-design-characters-doing-time-management | time management | employee time tracking app

 When we speak about productivity, one must know how to efficiently manage time and work priorities equally. There must be a balance of what work you do and how do you allocate your time and resources to the efficient execution of your work priorities.


This is where time management skills will help you out. employee time tracking app also help you to keep your productivity levels high. Time management also helps you to effectively organize your work schedule and prioritize your tasks during your work day.


You can also utilize apps that help you to maximize your productivity efforts. One such app is Field Force Connect which helps you to efficiently manage your time and efforts. Towards proper execution of your work priorities and also provides you regular notifications of your tasks completed.


Conclusion :


 One needs to manage their productivity in order to make sure that their work priorities are completed. This can be done efficiently by installing an employee time tracking app such as Field Force Connect to efficiently manage. And make sure your productivity levels are always high and work is completed on a high priority basis.


Making sure that productivity is always high requires one to practice and preach with time. This is not something that will happen overnight or in a day. But it takes much time and effort to be put in with dedication to make sure. That our productivity is always on the highest levels that one can achieve and maintain.



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