Lets decode today the secret of becoming highly successful salesperson


So why it has been very difficult to recruit and retain highly productive and efficient salespeople if sales are such an attractive position? Whenever the sales manager gets together at the company’s meetings, improving sales figures and enhancing the sales effectiveness and providing high sales turnover rates are amongst the topics of discussion whenever a meeting happens.


When the managers examine their sales force as well as when they read articles on sales and marketing, they always seem to accept the fact that the majority chunk of sales that is 80% of sales is done by only 20% of the salespeople. The turnover amongst less productive salespeople has now been accepted as a necessary burden for salesforce. 


Studies have shown us that about 55% of the people into sales are in the wrong profession.

It often happens that sales people can miss out on important information that might be vital for the sales  to take place or close successfully. The major sales drives only happen due to the dedicated people that perform sales.

So what does it take to become a successful salesman.


Professional sales experts believe that a person’s attitude, personality as well as work methods. That is classified as their approach to work are an entire basis for professional success. Common sense have shown us that a person’s approach towards work plays an important role in the performance of the job.

The attitude towards the work that the sales person has reflects the ability to successfully deal with the client and close the sale for the company or organization.

By the very nature of the work itself, a successful salesman has a very unique characteristic. That helps them to possess a set of personality attributes helping them to succeed.


The approach towards the work defines what a sales person can achieve in his or her ability.

Mediocre sales performance cannot be put forward or disguised as a salesperson’s success or failure is revealed immediately by the bottom-line results. It takes a special kind of individual fort getting success in sales.
There were 6 key qualities that are essential for success.





A successful salesman has the empathy to identify customers, to feel what customers feel and to make them feel respected. Empathy is not Sympathy which involves a feeling of loyalty with an individual. It is more than understanding that sparks the ability to gain trust as well as establish rapport with the customers.

Empathy means that a sales person is in a better position to understand the needs and requirements of the clients and feels empathetic towards them.

On their side and not appearing to be judgemental. Empathy enables and allows salesperson to read the customers, show interest and clearly demonstrate his or her concern in providing a proper situation.




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A person with appropriate focus is internally driven to accomplish goals as well as to stay attentive to one topic. Focused individuals are more in demand for themselves that other people and they are always self-motivated.

A person who can focus their attention towards work and be dedicated and committed towards it can achieve success in the sales field in the long run.

They are capable to organize themselves and recognize the needs to be done in order to achieve their goals.


In a professional salespeople or salesperson, provides the best results when it balanced with empathy. You are then able to see a person who is able to listen to customers and identifies the problems faced by them. While keeping focused on set goals and is able to translate these goals into solutions for customers.


Responsibility of Successful Salesman:


A person who has a strong sense of responsibility will not place the blame on other factors or people when placed in a difficult situation. This person is referred to as an agent who gets things done.

Successful sales person knows what the customer wants and what is he looking for. He tries to match the products goals and expectations with the users requirements. Understand the customers requirements and then aligning it with the products is all what every salesmen or sales person should do.


When the obstacles arise is capable of accepting any errors or omissions that may have occurred. He or she does not get defensive nor do they blame the situation on other factors or other people. Sales managers should strive to hire agent-type representatives.




A salesperson that has an optimal level of optimism will see themselves as resilient. It can be described as someone who is slow to helplessness. This person has persistence, A trait that is critical in the sales world because of the frequency of rejections salespeople experience.


In the face of someone’s failure, some people will give up and threw their hands up in the air and resign themselves to disappointment because they fear helpless in order to change the situation.

Others, however, will see themselves as more resilient. That a customer’s refusal is not a rejection of themselves personally, but because of the opportunity that is being offered.


 Successful Salesman always has a huge amount of optimism are able to appreciate themselves even when they fail, although they are disappointed, it does not destroy their positive view of themselves.

In the most adverse of situations even when the clients or customers do not buy into your product, sales persons should remain optimistic about their product offerings and make sure that clients requirement are being met with the product.

They consider themselves as still in the running and are able to turn the situation around. They believe that they can make things better. By looking at it from a different perspective or approach and by trying again.




Ego drive is similar to optimism and in that both traits require persistence. But Ego-drive is nothing other than persistence for the purpose of succeeding and above all winning. It is all about competitiveness. 

A sales person who is empathetic and has a humble approach towards work and clients are sure to bag in some sales by pitching some lucrative deals for customers.

When a person hangs in there with their fists clenched and teeth-gritting appetite. In order to succeed at his or her goal, you can see a powerful ego-drive. This person is self-motivated and is a self-starter that has clear ideas about what he or she wants to achieve.


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