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How we can manage the logistics field force?

How we can manage the logistics field force

How we can manage the logistics field force?

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  • There have been times where managing the logistics was a difficult and daunting task. The logistics people play an important role in managing the delivery of products and services to various parts of the world. 
  • Prior to digitalization, all the things would be carried out manually using a notepad and pen to note down the important tasks that are to be accomplished. Today it is important that there should be a software that manages and allows you to keep track of the daily activities that takes place in the day to day lives of the logistics people. 
  • There have been numerous apps that allow you to do this. One such app that is used is called Field Force Connect Using this app you can enable the tracking and management of the logistics tasks using geofencing. The app uses GPS to correctly pinpoint the exact location of the logistics people on the map. 
  • Not only this but this app can also be used to set meeting schedules and a to-do list of tasks for the logistics supply chain people. This app is also beneficial for people who are not into the field of logistics. 
  • The app is able to record daily attendance as well as set up scheduled tasks for employees.  This app can record meetings and is useful for tracking any activities of employees or logistics people. The app is able to keep monitor and record all the activities that a logistics people do in their daily lives.


Field force tracking is a very useful productivity tool and a handy application which helps you manage the field force of your business very efficiently. The technology is highly essential for various industries, some of which are: transportation, shipping, logistics, etc. it is used to monitor their ground-level teams in a very effective manner. Companies requiring remote fleet management can fully take advantage as well as benefit from a robust field force management system to respond to situations in a faster and more efficient manner.

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This article illustrates the importance of field force tracking application for your business or organization and its use in making smart, informed decisions. This can be implemented on a managerial level to track location or can be integrated into a web or mobile application to facilitate communication between two or more teams. Let’s have a look at how Field Force Tracking helps the organization:


1) Efficient route planning


Using field force tracking and management app, you can see real-time traffic details on the route your fleet has chosen. This helps in deciding the shortest possible route between source and destination. With in-app communication with the driver, you can suggest the best paths to take. By saving on fuel and time, you ensure a better quality of service to your customers while keeping costs to a minimum.


2) Track your vehicles


Knowing the real-time location of your vehicle can be a big benefit to your business especially if it involves the transportation of goods over long distances. With vehicle tracking, you can ensure the safety of your driver, vehicle and the goods carried by it. In case of any emergency, quick action can be taken in order to recover the vehicle and supplies. As an added advantage, field force tracking will also help you significantly to recover vehicles in case of theft or car-jacking.


3) Location-based notifications


By enabling location-based services in your logistics or transportation business, your company or organization can display reminders, points of interest, deals, offers, etc. based on the current location of your customers. Location-based notifications are designed to work on pre-defined instructions which are triggered as soon as the user enters a particular geographic area. Reverse alerts can also be sent to managers, notifying them about the location of fleets as they enter particular areas.


4) Coordinate among your mobile team – on the ground, sales, alerts, etc.


Another way for implementing Field Force Automation is for the management of your ground-level team or staff. Let your teams synchronize amongst themselves to work efficiently. Giving teams a platform to communicate on opens up new opportunities to collaborate.


Conclusion: We have seen the importance of the recording tasks that logistics people do in their daily lives. We have also seen how this app is able to improve the productivity of the sales and logistics people when they carry out the daily tasks. The app is able to maximize the efficiency of the logistics and salespeople thereby enabling them to perform at peak productivity for gaining high profits for the company or organization.


If by reading this you feel the need to implement the Field Force Tracking app to increase productivity and revenue, you can get in touch with Nimap Infotech to know more. We have been working in the map-industry with over 10 years of experience under our belt. 


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