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How a Field Sales App Can Transform Your Workforce?

13 ways how a field sales app can transform your workforce

How a Field Sales App Can Transform Your Workforce?

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Many product and marketing based companies send their field service agents to talk to qualified leads and prospective clients. The agents have to remember manually all their appointments and plan the sales visits manually. Sometimes they also need to collect various types of information as well as collect and verify documents. Relying on a manual process increases the chances of missing many meetings and significantly reduce the sales representative’s efficiency. That’s why many companies have therefore adopted field sales app for their agents to make them more productive and efficient. Today we will find out how you can solve and correct the pain points as well as enhance your sales process by using a field sales app.


Here are 13 reasons for you to embrace a field sales app


A field sales app can provide your sales force to maximize their capabilities as well as increase their productivity. They can easily handle all facets of sales using a single app on their mobile phone.


Record Attendance Digitally:

You don’t need to maintain a register or a separate attendance system when you use a field sales app for your tasks. Your agents can check in using your app and register the attendance. Geo attendance technology can be used to mark attendance whenever the agents reach a dedicated location.


Manage the Daily Schedule:

Your sales representatives will be able to see all the meetings for the day with additional details like date time, location and more. They can plan the day effectively as well as optimize the routes and travel time smartly.


Discover Nearby Leads:

This app lets the agents track the prospective leads in their vicinity. They can see the address of these leads on the map and schedule a meeting with the nearest ones.

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Smarter Route Planning:

Your sales representative has no other way of planning the routes without an app. They just have the address noted down on a diary and rely on the knowledge of the city to plan their routes. A representative may catch a bus to point A then travel 6 miles to reach point B and another 8 miles for point C. He has no way of knowing the best routes or the available options in order to save travel time. A sales representative app comes with GPS maps as well as all the meetings are marked on the map. The GPS maps allow him to work out the best routes in order to save time and cost and let him plan beforehand.


Meetings and Reminders for Appointments:

Your on-field sales rep again has to rely on his diary to stay on schedule for all the meetings and appointments. But before the task becomes challenging when there can be 50 meetings lined up for the week. Your sales rep might forget or miss appointments which ends up in the bottom line of the company. The field sales app comes with integrated calendars as well as a scheduler on the maps for marking meetings and important appointments. The app can send auto-notifications to the sales force when the meeting is due so that they never miss an opportunity. You can also add tasks and leads to your representatives and they will receive instant notifications. They can close the lead and reduce delays in the process.


Opportunity for Successful Conversions:

Closing the leads and souring the orders are the main goals to be achieved for your sales team. Your reps would need adequate information as well as data about the leads to close the deal successfully. This means that they have to be prepared for the meeting and hope that the client doesn’t ask extra questions. Field sales app can be integrated with your existing CRM. This way they can have access to all the information and the past history of a lead and can answer the prospects with confidence.


Automated Lead Search:

The sales reps can get some free time between their meetings or in case any appointments are canceled. They might want to use this opportunity to visit the new leads in their neighborhood. But have no way of tracking their leads or knowing their exact location. The app stores the database of the leads along with the location and other details. The sales reps can quickly glance at the GPS locations and determine the nearest lead to start with. It can save them time and increase productivity.


Mobile CRM:

Without an app, your agents need to note down the details of the new lead in the notepad. They will have to return to the office and enter the details in the CRM. At the end of the day, the agents may forget some of the vital information and miss out on details. With the field sales app, your agents can directly enter the new lead details in the CRM. You can also minimize the chances of errors and reduce the number of steps in the data entry process.


Create Instant Orders:

Your agents will be able to pick up new orders during the day. They either have to call the office people or staff or have to wait until they return to the office to record the order. The process can create a delay and the customer may not be ready to wait.

Using sales representative app, your sales agents can instantly take new orders on the go. No precious time is being wasted and the sales department gets to know about the update instantly. They can process the order and ship it in order to close the deal in a timely manner. 


Offline Functionality:

Your sales reps may be present in areas with a poor network or internet service. They will not be able to access the needed information or log details in such cases. Field representative apps already have the feature to work offline as well as online. The agents can input data in the offline mode or carry out other functions as necessary.


Real-time Rep Tracking:

Managers have no way to track the traveling sales rep other than calling them up and relying on their honesty. Some of the agents may also increase the distance traveled for the day to increase their reimbursements. Managers have no proper way to verify the truth! The apps can be used for sales representative tracking and managers can see the route taken by the sales representatives. You can also access the number of appointments attended, checked-in and checked-out times, total distance traveled for the day and other useful and needed details. What’s more, managers can also get the real-time location of the agents on the field through location sharing.


Go Paperless:

The sales agents have to maintain several diaries, forms, as well as the documents to manage their sales. They also have to write down the details and information manually which is not meant for this digital age! It also becomes quite troublesome, cumbersome as well as the chances of mismanagement increases.

Sales rep apps offer a paperless sales process. Your representatives can capture all sorts of data using the application and you can also create customized forms for your unique needs. The agents don’t have to carry any of the documents but only an app to complete their tasks.


Actionable Insights:

You or your company have to invest in tracking and collecting data from various verticals that are present if you want to develop insights about your sales agents or their performance. But not all companies are ready or are able to afford such a data collection process.


Conclusion: The field sales app or sales tracking app can be used to collect all sorts of data about your sales reps and their work. You are able to create personalized reports and analyze the available data to gain valuable insights. Analytics can also help you discover the weak areas in your sales process as well as boost areas of low productivity.

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