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12 Lead Magnet Ideas To Grow Sales Pipeline

12 Lead magnet Ideas to Grow Sales Pipeline

12 Lead Magnet Ideas To Grow Sales Pipeline

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What is Sales Pipeline?


Sales pipeline is a visual representation showing the systematic method of the sales prospects. It is a complete pipeline showing an overview of sales prospects and their status in the purchasing process.


Informing you about the number of deals the salespeople are expected to close the deal in a period of time.


Navigating each stage of the sales process companies are well informed about the amount of work needed at each step to reach the end sales goals. Once the stage is completed prospects are advanced to the next stages.


Sales pipelines allow you to track and check the status of every deal you make. It gives you a complete idea of the money you can make in the sales deals.


Lead Magnets


Lead Magnets play a very important role in developing your customer value optimization system. If you’ve never heard of lead magnets it is nothing difficult that you cannot use them now.


Lead magnets are nothing more but anything that makes your potential customers exchange their contact information. For example any free PDF, template, whitepaper, video, etc that induces people to give their contact information.  


Why Lead Magnets Are Important


Lead magnets help marketers gathering information about their prospects. Helping you in making online marketing easy it converts that piece of information into leads. Expressing interest in your offers and services, it increases the chances to market your products.


Simple Steps to Create Lead Magnets Are:


  • Choose relevant buyer persona
  • Identify the common problem faced by every persona with a solution
  • Give Your Lead Magnets proper title
  • Choose what you’ll deliver to your value propositions. 
  • Remember the reason and value while you create your lead magnet


Stages of Sales Pipeline


Every company follows different structures of the sales pipeline. However, some of the common and important stages followed by each company are:




This stage of the sales pipeline asks the sales team to answer the queries relating to their needs, budget, are the products fit their needs, etc. Establishing contact with the decision-maker in the company this stage converts leads into opportunity.




In this stage, sales reps go into details and discuss the products or solutions if it would fit the prospect’s needs or not.




This stage takes the lead to the next step. In this sales reps sends a final proposal quote with all the details including its cost, time, etc. Creating a major impact on the final decision of the purchase it decides if the proposal meets the needs or not.



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It is the final stage of the sales pipeline where the finally the deal gets close and contracts are signed. From this stage instead of selling you start maintaining and taking care of the customer services.


What are the Important Lead Magnet Ideas to Grow Your Sales Pipeline?


Some of the important lead magnet ideas that can help you give good result in growing the sales pipeline are:


Timely Follow Up


With the increased competition and services consumers have more choice to look for. And therefore it had become very tough to transform any lead into a customer. Since the choices are more buyers often gets confused and therefore needs proper explanation and details before choosing the one.


Therefore timely reminding follow-ups are very essential for your sales. Set a reminder to help you remind your buyers after a particular time. Or else you can even go with the processes that automatically sends reminder emails or text messages for follow up after a specific time period.


Focus on Best Deals


It takes almost the same amount of time to process and close each deal. Therefore instead of choosing any deal that comes before you choose the best and most highly valued leads. In the long run, you’ll realize how it makes a huge impact on your success growth.


Identify Dead Leads


It is very important for you to realize the dead leads. Leads are dead when consumers or buyers clearly say no and are not interested in the services. Or else when they are unable to contact for a long time. Although it’s very tough to realize and drop the lead you’ve invested so much time into however it is necessary for you to go ahead.


Therefore learn to realize the dead leads so that you can stop investing your time into dead leads and go with the next sales opportunity.


Monitor Pipeline Metrics


Sales pipeline is a very important aspect of the growth of the sales business. With the help of this, you can easily monitor the number of deals in your pipeline, its ratio, and the average time of the deal.


Keep checking the result of these processes on a weekly basis. It will help you keep an eye on the growth of your business. To know which steps are helpful and which should not be continued further.


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Improve the Pipeline Process


You cannot always make successful attempts using only one technique. Therefore it is very essential for you to review your sales pipeline on a regular basis. It will let you know if the techniques you are applying are moving in your favor or not.


You can easily then make the changes and test other things to improve your sales pipeline.


Keep Short Sales Cycle


Try to keep your sales processes short. As per the previous records, it’s seen that long cycles easily become the barriers in affecting the sales. The more time you take to complete the process, the more the chances that prospects will change their minds. Therefore its good to keep the length of your sales cycles short otherwise it will unnecessarily convert your leads cold. Instead of following up 2-3 times in a day keep the length of your cycle short and reduce the number of days between follow-ups. Try and practice this new method of sales and observe if your sales improve or not.


Standardized Sales Process


It is very common for you to think that each customer is different from having different needs. But when you start into the business you end up realizing that no matter how different they are, everyone follows a basic pattern. They may have their own choices and aims but one thing which is important is that they have their needs, reasons, and demands to get fulfilled. And it is you who can help them and therefore you should follow a standardized sales pipeline. It helps you get perfection in your work which massively plays a huge role in growing your business.


CRM Sales Management


As your business grows you’ll probably have to change your ways of business communications. To keep track of large sales activities start using a CRM system. It will keep all your business data secured with the right information to present. Currently, it is the most basic part of sales and without it, one cannot even imagine their business to manage. Being the most important sales tool it not only automates infinite processes for you but also tracks, manages, handles, and enables your team to access correct information at the right time.




It is very important to keep managing your sales pipeline for growing your business and not losing your customers. To improve your sales pipeline it is very necessary for you to follow the best practices that improve your work. The above practices will help you get the correct idea of keeping your sales pipeline more organized, structured, shorten and reach your sales goal more quickly.


To know more about CRM, sales pipeline and sales business read our blogs of Lead Management App, How to Generate Sales Leads, How to Improve Sales Performance and many more relating to field force sales. For more details, you may sign up for a free personalized demo at fieldforceconnect.com


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