How to Enhance your Employee's productivity on field?
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How to Enhance your Employee’s productivity on field?

Enhance your Employee productivity(Employee walking)

How to Enhance your Employee’s productivity on field?

Let Us Know How to Enhance your Employee’s productivity on field

Topic: Productivity of employees

There’s nothing more important to an organization or a small business than its workers or employees. If your employees are happy and satisfied with their work, their productivity shall increase multiple folds, and that’s exactly what you require to help your business grow and prosper.


There is a saying that takes care of your employees and they will take care of your business. indeed employees are the backbone of any organization. And you have a very strong reason why you need to take care of them. Because they manage and drive your business forward, it is essential that you care for your employees the way you care for your family members.

It is essential that you put in the effort to understand their pain and their hardships that they go through during work. It is your responsibility to remove all the obstacles and hardships that employees face when doing any work for your company or organization.


Making small changes to habits will significantly improve the levels of productivity and workplace efficiency in your business. This will allow you to get high-quality work done in a short period of time as well as reduce the amount of time that is spent on unnecessary tasks.


Here are eight top tips on how to get the most out of your employees and ensure that their productivity is kept to a maximum:


1. Be Efficient


Consider how your business is currently working and operating, and be open to the potential of changing the way you function or work. Remember that it’s very important to make short-term as well as long-term lists so that the tasks can be prioritized, especially in a small business or an organization.


Your work that is performed by employees needs to be organized and structured in a way that employees find it very easy and they are motivated to complete the work. This comes with how your work structure is and how you can assign the work to the employees. It is essential that employees are made to undergo an efficiency check and taught how to be efficient at work when completing work-related tasks.


Is there a better way that the employees or workers could structure their day to enable them to achieve their daily goals? Provide each member of the staff startup with a plan and encourage each to make a list to ensure he or she completes high priority jobs on time and stays on the list for performing the task all day, resulting in efficient working.


2. Delegate


Delegation comes with an element of risk for failure, but increased responsibility is important for improving and boosting the morale and job satisfaction of your staff or employees. Give some roles as well as certain responsibilities to qualified employees that have a proven track record of working successfully in a certain field, and trust that they will perform the tasks perfectly.


If there is a particular work that is not of high priority but needs to be completed, then it can also be done that you delegate the work to your subordinates or your colleagues so that you can concentrate on your core tasks. You need to learn the art of delegation and this is essential for proper management of tasks. If you are able to delegate non-essential and not important tasks then you can easily get all your focus concentrated on your core tasks.


If you allow employees the opportunity to gain skills and leadership experience, it will benefit your company highly and will provide your employees with a sense of achievement and direction in their own careers.


3. Reduce Distractions


Social media can be a huge productivity killer, but it isn’t practical to have and implement a no-phone policy. Instead, try to keep employees focused and engaged while allowing them some breathing room.


It is essential that when you are in the office or at work, you provide your full focus and undivided attention to your work. This is essential as you should not be distracted with your phone or any other things such as gossips or jokes. When you are at the workplace, it is essential that you put your best efforts to your work and not get distracted to other things that might decrease your work efficiency and your productivity.


Encourage employees to turn off their mobiles but take regular breaks during which they are free to check their phones. This will ensure that the time spent at their desk is more productive for doing the tasks at hand.


4. Have the Right Equipment and Tools


Providing employees with the right tools and equipment is important and paramount so they can perform their duties efficiently, perfectly and on time. There’s nothing more counterproductive than spending time waiting for paperwork to print because you do not have a fast printing device.


Make sure that you have the right equipment to complete your tasks at work. It is essential that the higher authorities make sure that you have all the essentials that you need. This can either be stationary supplies to many other devices such as a laptop, and computer accessories, as well as a printer and paper for your tasks.


High-quality, modern programs and equipment make a massive difference not only to the workforce but also to how your company is looked upon. Save time and effort by using equipment such as MFP (Multi-Function Printer), which can work as a printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine.


5. Improve workplace conditions


A comfortable working temperature should range between 68 and 70 degrees F (20-21 C). An environment that’s too hot or too cold distracts from focus and concentration, as employees will spend more time walking around to get their coats. Ensure both heating and air-conditioning systems are in working order for when the relevant season comes around.


If there is anything that you can do that is there in your capability to improve your workplace conditions such as maintaining a comfortable working temperature and having comfortable seats for long hours working sessions then you need to ensure that your employees get the best of facilities for them to work peacefully and comfortably.


6. Offer Support and Set Realistic Goals


A common problem or risk for managers is having no clear idea as well as a  strong sense of whether their employees are high-performing or not.


Do your employees need an incentive to stay on track? Help them by offering goals that are achievable and can be easily accomplished. Provide clear direction to supervisors and employees to help clarify expectations from the employees. This will help to increase their productivity, as they will have a clear focus as well as clear goals.


You need to teach your employees how to set small but realistic goals so that they feel motivated and inspired to work every day. This is essential as you need to ensure your employees get full  support from their supervisors or their managers.


7. Practice Positive Reinforcement


Encourage, inspire, motivate as well as reward. Tell the employees they are doing a good job and give constructive criticism so that they can improve their workability. Most importantly, offer personal incentives or rewards for doing the job well and perfectly– could they get a free holiday or a free takeout coffee for going beyond their expectations for the work done?


If you want to make sure that your employees do quality work, then you need to ensure that you maintain a positive atmosphere and outlook at work at a professional level. This work atmosphere should be such that it always motivates and inspires your employees to work better and best. It helps them to always put their best foot forward in any work that they do and achieve success in completing the work successfully.


You should clearly indicate the success of one employee to the other staff to cultivate a sense of fulfilment in order to motivate the other employees. When you motivate and encourage your employees to work harder and receive exciting rewards in return, they’re more likely to put increased productivity high up on their to-do list.


8. Ensure Employees Are Happy


A stressful workplace will not yield results and expected performance. Workers that constantly operate under highly stressful conditions are mostly found to be less productive and have higher levels of disengagement and absenteeism. They need to be satisfied as well as happy!


Showing employees how much the company appreciates as well as respects the employees and values them on a personal level is gratifying – and often overlooked.


If you want your staff to work to the best of their ability, try out a few of these tips and enjoy the benefits. 




We have seen the various reasons why it is important to keep employees happy. We have also seen how to increase the productivity of employees on the field as well as in the workplace environment. If you enjoyed reading this article, we recommend you check out our other articles too. Do contact us if you want to try out our on-field sales productivity software Field Force Connect.


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