Going paperless with a digital form is a must for effective business
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Going paperless with a digital form is a must for effective business

Going paperless with a digital form is a must for effective business


When you are running a business, you are probably looking for ways in order to streamline your business activities, save precious time as well as cut unnecessary costs. Have you ever thought about moving towards a completely paperless business? The benefits of going paperless in the office might surprise you altogether.


Indeed with the advent of technology and the fast pace at which the technology and digital evolution is moving, it is essential that we move towards being a completely paperless company in the workplace or environment.


Here are some benefits for you for going completely paperless in the office. The benefits of going completely paperless go beyond environmental implications. There are reasons why you should pursue paperless office solutions.


1) Reduce the influx caused due to mail:


Sorting through stacks of mail might not take much time out of your day but it is nevertheless time-consuming. And when you are done arranging the mail according to your preference, you either have to throw it away, shred it or file it. Wouldn’t it be awesome to reduce the amount of mail you receive in a day?


You can opt-out of receiving paper copies of important documents such as bank statements, bills and even invoices. Instead of this, you can ask to receive documents via an email or through an online account. Reducing the amount of mail you receive daily will also add another layer of security. You need not worry about mail being intercepted by some intruder or misplacing important documents.


You need to ensure that you minimize the use of paper, be it in a printing document, you can always use a softcopy and store in your flash drive. Opt for a complete email or paperless approach towards getting mails and newsletters. This should be facilitated and done through emails or electronic forms of text such as WhatsApp documents and files, thus minimizing the use of paper and saving the environment from harm.


2) Clean up the clutter:


I don’t think anyone likes clutter. That is why we have spring cleaning for it, right! When we go paperless we can get rid of some of the disorganization as well as the chaos that comes with paper files. Digital files take up less room than paper files. Paper files can take up much of the office space that can stretch throughout the office space. And once you eliminate the space occupied by paper files and paper records, you might find yourself more able to access information that you need or require.


You need to ensure that you minimize anything that makes use of paper. This goes for office files and document as well. Organize the desk as how you want it to be, make paperless transactions and ensure that you do not use paper for printing emails, or documents.


3) Have access to detailed information at your fingertips:


When is my invoice due? Your customer asks. If you need to look up at shoeboxes of crumpled up documents to find a viable answer. It might be time to use a paperless filing system. With paperless business systems, you do not have to sort through mountains of paperwork in order to find the documents.


If you use a cloud-based filing system, you can access data from any internet-enabled device to access all your required documents. For example, if you use an online accounting system, you can update your books at any time you want, from any location that is feasible for you. All you need is an active internet connection.


Make sure you have a digital system in place such as a software system that can help you eliminate paper and carry the responsibility of working digitally. This ensures that you do not use paper and thus make your work easy and less complicated.


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Paperless systems can make up looking for a piece of particular information very easily as well as faster and more accessible. And you can send tailor-made email campaigns to customers instead of mailing out promotions. When you bank online, you are not limited by banking hours. You can have 24/7 access to your accounts that gives you the freedom to view account balances as well as pay the bills you need at any time. This also saves you time because you do not have to call in every time you need to transfer the funds


4) Transfer knowledge among your employees:


Sharing knowledge among your staff and workforce is the key to any successful business. But when each and every information is scribbled among notepads, sharing and transferring knowledge can be difficult. Using digital collaborative tools not only reduces the paperwork in the office but they can make it much easier to share knowledge as well as circulate and transfer information among each other.


This can encourage innovation, improve teamwork and prevent knowledge hoarding. Online tools can help to share information and it lets employees share documents, folders as well as projects using an efficient system. Employees can collaborate in the cloud instead of waiting for co-workers to hand them paper files.


You should always make it a point to share your knowledge with your colleagues and your teammates. It is essential that you maintain a give and take relationship with your employees. They will surely benefit from such an approach adopted by you. Use digital technology to your advantage and help others reach the level and capability that you are at.


5) Receive customer payments faster and efficiently:


  If you extend credit to your customers, you are going to need to invoice them at one point or the other.  Instead of sending them paper invoices, you can easily switch to electronic invoices that saves you money and time on paper, envelopes as well as postage. Aside from the cost savings that happen due to supplies, there is also a chance that you can expedite payment.


When you send an email invoice,  your customer will receive it immediately which could speed up the process on how soon they pay up. If you use software that lets you create and track invoices, you can handle unpaid invoices more efficiently by sending follow-up requests for payment, when appropriate. Keep in mind that invoicing online might not work up for every customer. Some customers may prefer to receive physical invoices. You should also have an option for the customers to opt-out of electronic invoicing if they prefer.


There are less chances of a customer opting for a physical invoice. In such cases, you need to ensure that you deliver a physical copy of your invoice to your customer. You can also try and educate your customers about the benefits of going paperless and tell them to opt for a digital copy of their invoice.


6) Streamline Business owner responsibilities:


Withholding as well as remitting taxes is a task no business owner can escape. Regardless of your business structure, you can owe taxes to the government. And if you have employees you can owe even more taxes. Look for any digital alternatives to other business owner responsibilities, for example, you can apply for an EIN (Employee Number Identification) instead of filing a paper form. There are many digital alternatives available that you can use to transform your business into a completely paperless operation.




We have seen the benefits that accompany the idea of going paperless in today’s world of technology. We have also seen the various problems faced when the organization relies on traditional methods of doing business instead of a completely paperless approach. 


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