When a company comes into existence, it depends on its employees for survival. In today’s world where there is cut-throat competition, organizations and enterprises depend on its employees for getting sustained growth. Employees are the number one factor that drives businesses to expand and grow. They are also responsible for handling customers and clients. It is rightly said that you take care of your employees and they will take care of your business.


 There are many objectives that any company management needs to take care of. Especially when it comes to employee grooming and conducting businesses. Companies depend heavily on their employees in order to conduct business. Employees are the major business bringers, especially to product and services-based companies.


If the company is a product or service based then there is 100% dependence on the employees front for doing businesses. Such companies have field persons or salespeople who go out in the field for doing business. There are a lot of responsibilities on the shoulders of the employees. They handle a number of tasks throughout their working day.


They meet clients, conduct presentations, visit client’s places and pitch products and services of the company and many more tasks are done by them. Meeting clients and customers, generating and converting leads into customers is their daily job. 


However, this is also the most frustrating part of any type of work that is done. The conversion ratio is also low. What if we tell you that you can increase your chances of gaining leads, converting leads to prospective customers and generating more business. 


There are some subtle ways and patterns which when well used can be used to gain a lot of leads and prospects for your products and services. Yes, with some tweaks and optimizations in the work procedure, you and your company can surely sky-rocket their sales process. You can enable themselves to gain a lot more customers that they normally would be able to convert.


Get Productive with Field Force Data in field service management software


productivity- Field Service softwareFirst and foremost the thing that needs to be adapted is the usage of a sales management tool that helps to organize important lead data.


Adapting and using a sales management tool is essential for you to conduct your business perfectly.


You can also make use of Free Field Service Management software. One good example here is field service management software that provides all-round management of Field Sales data, lead management data, task management and much more.


Lets us discuss how Field Force Connect helps you to manage your business. And why this software should be used by you.


Daily Work Reporting and Attendance using field service management software:

Work Reporting and Attendance Analytics- field service software

An organization that depends heavily on field salespeople, will find Field Force Connect software much useful.


As these are the people who do most of the business by meeting new people, projecting products, meeting clients, and doing field sales jobs.


As a large amount of time for your field employees is spend interacting and dealing with clients, they are most of the time out of office and on field duty.


This software is most beneficial for them as it enables salespeople. It manages all the data and organizes the work schedule for them. This software can check the Geo location of the sales field people and match.


People who are on the go to meet clients can easily match the Geo Location with that and conduct their meetings and objectives. The salespeople will be able to register their attendance and report to work using this awesome GeoFencing ability.


This is a perfect way to record and not the attendance of your field service employees whenever they report to work for the day.


This feature of Field Service Management software is most beneficial as it enables managers and supervisors to be in constant contact with their peers, colleagues and subordinates. They are well informed about their work schedule and can easily see the geolocation of their field workers that works using GPS technology.


Group or Individual Chat with Field Service Management Software


Individual and Group Chat- Mobile Phone

This software has an inbuilt chat feature that allows employees or salespeople to chat with their supervisors, managers and colleagues.


This is a boon for employees who want to be in contact with their managers.


They will be in touch with their managers and be well informed about their work schedules and their daily to-do tasks lists. Using this feature you will be able to remain in constant contact with your employees and peers when it comes to sharing work related updates.


Travel Expenses Reimbursement


Travel Expenses Reimbursement (Calculator and Car with coins)

Employees who bear travelling expenses can get their expenses reimbursed by using the expense management facility provided in the app.


Employees can upload their daily travelling expenditure into the system by merely clicking a photo of their ticket and receipts. And upload it into the system. These expenses will be given back to the employees as a part of their salary structure.


This feature allows you to get your traveling money back without using your own money to meet clients.




Task Management


Task Management (A man managing multiple tasks)

Free Field service management software app also has a to-do list feature that employees can use in order to set reminders and notifications of important tasks that they want to do.


Tasks management is yet another feature that has been integrated and added into this system.  You will be able to keep a record of the daily tasks that  you need to complete. You will also get updates regarding the tasks that you perform.


The app provides regular notifications about these to-do tasks lists and informs the recipient about the same. As the task gets completed, employees can tick off the tasks that are completed.


Think of this feature as a note-pad in which you can write important things to do, and strike them as and when you complete them. This is another feature that field sales employees will find useful and handy.


Dashboard and Analytics

Dashboard and Analytics

The software has inbuilt analytics that provides dashboards and performance reports for employees and their managers.


This is especially useful when you want to create reports for your managers and peers.


Using this feature your employees will be able to self assess their daily performance and improve upon themselves and commit fewer mistakes in doing the tasks.


CRM integration with Field Service Management Software


Customer Relationship Management Integration- field service management

Field service management software is also able to easily integrate with leading Customer Management Systems such as SalesForce and others.


These provide leading data integration and organization for effective customer details management and processing.







There are many features that salespeople can use for improving their productivity and doing the things that help them to gain more sales and customers.  These are just a few of the features that we have highlighted in the Field Sales Software Field Force Connect



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