8 Tips to Help You Select the Right Dispatch Management Software | Dispatch Tracker
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8 Tips to Help You Select the Right Dispatch Management Software

Dispatch management Software | dispatch software

8 Tips to Help You Select the Right Dispatch Management Software

Tips to Select Right Dispatch Management Software

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The capability of scheduling your service team depends largely on your business. Whether your company is handling break fixes, repairs, you have customers that are linked to contracts, provide installation services, getting people to places is essentially what field service is all about. The service dispatch tracker tool is an efficient tool that many households are using and are quite common today. Nearly every field service provider has a story related to time when their dispatched did not come through. Using field service scheduling software these stories are becoming a thing of the past. This also helps to keep track and manage your field service employees who are always on the go for their job.


Effective dispatch management software can easily organize and prioritize work schedules that are related to dispatching service personnel to your work location. Whenever you get to select the dispatch management software, you need to make sure that it suits your business and your work environment. This is because the dispatch management software is going to support you to do your work. This is going to be your bread and butter. Hence you need to choose the right features that complement your work environment and your working habits. Choosing the right dispatch management software for your business is essential because it is using this software you will be doing your jobs.


It is often talked about how optimized scheduling keeps your business near the profit margins. However, this is not expected to happen overnight. That is because it takes much more commitment and dedication to making this happen. This takes dedication from your dispatchers and technicians in order to be much more effective. Dispatchers need to have and learn proper dispatch management and optimization skills. And technicians need to be well equipped with field service mobility applications in order to help reduce the administration time. There is plenty of work that is involved in order to make dispatch management a true profit-making investment for any business. It is essential that your profit goals are aligned with the features and objectives that the software will help you to accomplish. Let us have a look at some tips for better service dispatching and scheduling.


1) Identify you company’s needs and abilities for selecting the dispatch management software:


teamwork | Know your team

You cannot start using service dispatch management software without knowing who your team is. You may not have enough workforce in your team to grow your business. So the amount of optimization efforts that you put in using field dispatch tracker will grow your revenue.


You need to look across your entire workforce and take a true count of who is working for you. How many good and talented people do you have. You need to know your members in your team well as well as their skills and special areas for you to assign proper work services to them. Since you are the sole member for managing your team of employees, it is essential that you know the skills of your team members to perform the job at best.

You need to select the dispatch management software after careful evaluation of your organizations needs and requirements. This will help you to identify the core areas where your dispatch management software can help you in providing the right services for your clients.


Full-time technicians, Part-time workers, Regular subcontractors, Specialty subcontractors, Interns and Apprentices


With this information, you will be able to see how many manhours you have to work with. If you keep taking services calls for your company than the number of people you have, either you use service dispatch management software to build new practices or look at increasing the number of people your workforce categories. Build and workout new practises that enhance the working functionality of your servicemen.


2) Organize your work and and check reviews and ratings online from different vendors.

You can check the credibility of the software that your organization will be using for providing the dispatch management services. You need to check the reviews and ratings for the different software so that you can gauge the popularity and sense the helpfulness of the software for your company.

contract singing | know your contract work

Preventative maintenance service calls are not just about helping your customers keep the equipment from breaking. These can be recurring work you can easily count on. They are dependable revenue your business knows they are getting throughout the life of the contract. Maintenance and proper administration of equipment is essential to prevent breakdowns of machinery at a sooner or later date.


And they are dependable service calls that you will be able to automate in your field dispatch management software. That’s important when trying to build a more efficient workforce. That’s because recurring work can be the foundation in which you build your service delivery model. Attending service calls and managing them can be a cumbersome task especially if you are not equipped with the right tools and software that helps you to manage and make your tasks easy using the right dispatch management software.


You know when and where these calls are going to happen and you will have more freedom of scheduling. Unlike an emergency repair, where a customer needs you at that moment, preventative maintenance service calls can come with different scheduling options. Use them to build your schedules and put them in time slots. Where you normally don’t have emergency calls coming in. Many field service businesses use morning time slots for this type of work. That leaves the afternoons and evenings open for emergency calls. Always keep the best servicemen in your team for the best work according to their capabilities.


3) Organize your service calls and technicians using field dispatch management:


daily reporting | organize your work

No service call can be the same. But these calls generally can fall into a specific category of work that needs to be completed on time. By using categories of work, you are well off to better utilize technicians who specialize and have the skills in that category of work. Basic service calls can be performed by your apprentices or interns. Properly trained interns can be a valuable asset for handling the service calls that may come up. It is essential that you monitor your interns and train them in the right method. As they can be a valuable asset for your business in the future.

When you select the dispatch management software be sure to check and match all your requirements with the features that the software provides. This will help you to assess whether the features of the software is right for you.

While more complex service calls can be completed by full-time technicians or specialty subcontractors or workers. When a service call comes in, the dispatchers can use a skillset search in their service dispatch software in order to narrow down the field of technicians. From there, they can make appropriate scheduling decisions and use their skills efficiently. By doing this you will be well equipped to handle the tasks assigned to your team and align the best person to complete the tasks to be done for getting the job done.


By categorizing the types of calls you will be able to take and the technicians’ skillset, you can narrow down or open up your workforce as well as schedule service calls to the technician that makes the most sense. You can easily take it a step further by then using resource routing tools to select a technician based on their location. So, you have a request for service, put it into a category type of service call, narrowed own your technician pool through a skillset search and found the closest one available to that call. That’s how you optimize your scheduling practice. In this way you can assign the best possible resources to the best work that they can do. You will be able to use the best resources for completing the tasks to be done.


4) Use the best service dispatch management software:


Using a feature-rich service dispatch software, running a successful field service business has become very easy. That’s because the days of doing everything by hand and manually are over. Whiteboards, emails, and Outlook have become things of the past. Paper-based work orders should never be printed again. You should always make and compare the features of the software with the features that you want to implement in your team or organization.


If you want to save time dispatching and scheduling technicians, you need to give them a dispatch tracker mobile application such as Field Force Connect that limits the time they spend coming back to the office. And the time they spend performing administration work. They can spend their time in doing productive work that benefits the company. Such kind of software helps them to manage their tasks efficiently


To be more efficient, you also need software that handles all of your services. Break/fix, contracts as well as projects require technicians to complete them. And some businesses have specific and dedicated technicians for each type of job. But using the field dispatch management software, you can have your entire team comprising of the workforce available to use for any call. You will be able to share the resources among your entire team and then get jobs done faster. The software helps you to not only manage your jobs better but also help to increase the overall team productivity and efforts.

The software that you select will be used everyday so you need to make sure that it is user friendly and easy to use and operate. These are the criteria that either can make or break the software and can be used to define its ability to work for your company or organisation.

5) Highlight the areas where Dispatch management can be a handy tool:


In all this talk of service dispatch software and the optimization. The truth is you need the people to complete the work. And in order to acquire those people, you need to attract them to your business. The field service industry has seen a shortage of skilled and experienced technicians, so it’s more important than ever to take care of the people you got. That means having good on-call policy and also being sensitive to your technician’s time is something you need to note. You also need to value your technician’s time and effort that they put into their work. As well as reward them for good work that they do. Giving regular rewards and bonuses to your employees motivates them to put their best efforts in every work that they do and also helps to inspire them to give their best.

You should also make it a point to note all the relevant departments who will be using your software and educate them about how to operate the system.

On-call policies are very much required in the field service industry. However, if you are having technicians work extra hours every day, that can turn them off your business. It’s important to build a rotation that works for the entire business and keep that in mind when using field dispatch management software. Built that rotation in and have your technicians only available for on-call service when it’s their time. In short perfect field dispatch management software can help you to achieve your work-related goals. It will also help you to perform much better as a collective team. This is essential if you are looking to help  grow your organization and get the bet productivity out from your team


6) Select the best features by avid comparison with other vendors:


Whenever you get to select the dispatch management software. You need to choose and eliminate those features that suit and complements your business and your work. Always eliminate those features that you are keen on not using in the future and keep those essential features that you require to function properly. You should also read about the reviews and testimonials carefully.  Make up your mind on which features you want in your dispatch management software. Reviews are an essential means to justify why the software is an overall right package for you. You will be able to gain valuable insights from reading reviews from reputed sources on the Internet.


7) Create a questionare

You need to make sure that you prepare a questionaire about all the various points that you feel will be relevant to asking for dispatch management software. This questionaire will help you to identify the ares where the software will mostly be used. You should also make sure that you also take up questions coming from your team since they are the ones who will be using the software.


8) Ask For Demo

You also need to make sure that you ask for a demo version for the dispatch management software. This will give you an idea about the workability of the software. This will also enable you to get an idea about how the software works and you can gauge the functionality of the software by using it for some limited amount of time.



We have listed down tips that will help you to select the best dispatch management software. If you are looking for an all-round dispatch Tacker and scheduling software then we will recommend you try out Field Force Connect. Contact us at info@fieldforceconnect.com for more details on how this software can help you to manage your dispatch and service workforce.


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