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What is Sales Order Management?


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Sales order management does what it says. Manage the orders received that conducts the sales process in an efficient manner that helps the business.


You need to keep track of orders, there is some amount of people management involved, managing the process as well as partnerships that is required to fill it.


It involves managing as well as keeping track of the order itself and providing proper management of the data that revolves around the customer, his buying cycle or his past order history.

Sales order management can be a helpful and useful tool, especially when you have a huge amount of orders to manage in the pipeline.


Do they pay on time to you? Are they a high volume customer. This also involves tracking whether you are capable of handling the inventory in order to handle the sales process.


The best way to think about sales order management is an ecosystem that revolves around fulfilling sales orders. The ecosystem includes many related functions that have to be working in tandem and together for the sales order management to run smoothly.

Companies must adopt and use latest state-of-the-art software systems that they can use for proper management of sales and orders.

In the wholesale business, an important metric that is used in order to measure the health of this ecosystem is often referred to as “Order to Cash” or O2C. Sales Order Management is the first component of O2C, Bill to Cash is the second.



The process  can include the following:


The sales rep who places an order for the product get automatically registered in order management app.


The warehouse that carries the inventory to fulfill the order.


Vendors that delivers parts and stock when the inventory runs to be low.


Shipping vendor that successfully delivers the order to the customer.


Back office functions such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger that automatically generates invoices as well as accepts payments.


There is a lot of things that is going on in this sales order management cycle. As the businesses expand, wholesales can find sales order management to be cumbersome with a lot of opportunities that can go wrong.


History of Sales Order Management app :


Back about 40 years ago, mostly companies  used to have paper processes to do the sales order management. Even today many companies still use these outdated paper processes to track their orders, that can involve a lot of risks for lost orders, angry customers, and lost revenue the ease with which paper can be misplaced or entered into your accounting and fulfillment systems incorrectly.


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The difference between then and today is the huge advent of e-commerce, most customers are to be able to place an order online and have it to be fulfilled exactly as ordered.


The ability to push a button and get what we expect  now as consumers: one click and completed and done.

 Due to the advent use of technology, many of the manual sales pipeline processes and tasks have now been automated, all thanks goes to sales order management software.

These expectations carry out to the wholesalers B2B space because your customers business is run by people, and these people expect that these processes will be easy to use, automated as well as accurate.


So that is why you should be looking for sales order management app.


An app which helps you carry out process.


notification | task reminder

This is an area where sales order management app can help.


These sales order management systems can tie together the disparate people, processes and partnerships together, giving wholesales businesses a single source of information in order to manage and analyse all the order related data, streamlining the taking, filling, and delivering the orders to your customers.


This helps to maintain happy customer relationships, and thus eliminate lost or incorrect orders, and helps to derive and extract more profitability out of the sales ordering process.

Sales order management also helps sales people to manage the customer pipeline and monitor their purchasing behavior. This helps to build customer relationships as well.

The sales order management app can thus sync automatically all of the customer information with legacy back office systems.


This is one way paper process can thus be eliminated. Applications like Field Force Connect can thus help boost the sales order management to be done efficiently and smoothly.


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Order management: Bringing it all together:


It thus can be very difficult to get a handle on all the processes and players involved with sales order management, which is why it is important to use an integrated approach for process improvements.


Customer Management

Through Field Force Connect, you can  integrate your back office systems with order management app and get a birds eye visibility into the entire sales order management life cycle.

Through the use of efficient sales order management software, customers from around the world can now make hassle free orders for their favorite products and get it delivered at their doorstep.

You should also take a look at how your company is performing using the best industry practices.


Eliminate the manual or redundant process and increase the efficiency of managing sales processes by adopting cutting edge technology to enhance and optimize your sales process and revenue generation.




So you see that efficient order management app helps you to manage and track sales order process.

Field Force Connect can help you to generate sales as well as manage your orders and customer data efficiently thus successfully eliminate redundant and manual paper related processes and replace them with efficient ones.


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