Sales Funnel Stages For B2B | Manage Sales Pipeline
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Sales Funnel Stages For B2B

Sales Funnel Stages

Sales Funnel Stages For B2B

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Sales Funnel Definition


Sales funnel also known as purchase funnel or sales process is a consumer based marketing model. Representing consumers journey it refers to the complete process of buying from awareness to final purchase.


This process of sales or revenue helps you instantiate the concept or idea about the processing of sales. If you compare you’ll see, every sale begins with a large number of potential customers however by the end of the process only a small number of people makes a purchase. Thus this process of sales or revenue helps you recognize the ideal or actual process of customers experiences.


How Sales Funnel Works?


Working of the sales funnel includes many processes of steps. The four common steps or ways followed by each and every industry for the working of sales are:




This is the stage when there will be the largest number of visitors that land your website. It is the stage where customers or consumers find problems and looks for solutions. While google searching or social links makes them aware of organizations. This is the moment when they become a prospect. Going through different websites searching solutions they will start checking your product, services, reviews, blogs, posts, and your product listings.  




Your content marketing strategies, email campaigns or other avenues brings them to reach your website. While going through your website and its services if the customer starts engaging more by asking queries, requesting information or fills out the forms to know more. It is then he or she becomes the lead. You can now approach them via email, text or can directly call them.

At this stage, the number of customer prospects begins decreasing however the possibility of sales conversion increases.


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After discussing all the questions and answers it’s time to take the final decision. It includes all the negotiations, sales offers, and other different options to take your final decision.




This is the final step where all your previous stages fall into the action. This is the reason it is called the point of action as in this step customer decides to purchase the product.


Reevaluation Phase  


In B2B sales it is common to involve a contract between both the business groups. After making the purchases customer knows about your quality of services and products. When the customer enters into the re-evaluation phase they decide whether to renew the contract or not.


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Why Sales Funnel Is Important?


Sales funnel is an important model to help you visualize the customer journey. From the initial stage of introduction to all their conversations leading them to the final conversion. It helps you provide useful frameworks to analyze and improve your ideas and execution of business.


Pick a Marketing Strategy


Sales funnel helps you pick a marketing strategy to introduce you more about the marketing tools. It helps you recognize the business models to gain more profit in your business results.


Relates to Your Customer


The way you present yourself and your services to the clients play a major role in deciding their next purchase. Not only that the way you represent or introduce your product is also equally important. How you advertise your services, approach clients and the way you talk matters a lot. Sales funnel section helps you know the behavioral tactics of previous customers. It will guide you when, where and how to approach the consumers in the future.


Generate More Sales


Correct guidance from the sales funnel will help you improve your sales result. It will automatically guide your potential customers to reach you. Understanding of the sales funnel will give you clear ideas about customers requirements. Knowing the correct step where your services are lacking you can easily lead customers to successfully achieve your desired result.


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