Let’s understand today, how the best task manager for Android  & IOS  can help increase sales of FMCG companies.

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FMCG Companies rely a lot on task organizers to sell their products for consumers. They provide goods for consumers in an effort to help consumers to solve their problems task scheduling app, FMCG company. This is such an industry that keeps changing at a fast pace. Makes sure that the customers get what they want at such as low cost. So to say that FMCG companies emphasize a lot on product development and marketing. There are a lot of tasks involved in the process of marketing goods by FMCG companies, therefore, it is quite obvious that these companies have a lot of tasks and objectives to accomplish at the end of each day.


What if I tell you that FMCG companies can even double or triple their sales with the use of an efficient task scheduling app. In this blog, we are going to discuss how the FMCG sector can increase its sales with the efficient use of task management tools. Best Task Manager For Android Using a simple means to organize the tasks that are present at hand will help such companies to achieve their goals and objectives without any difficulty.



Use of Tasks management :


task management tool | daily reporting

The FMCG industry is such an industry that it relies heavily on completing tasks. However, it lacks efficiency because most of the tasks are organized only on paper. Therefore the use of manual tracking of tasks in the form of materialistic documents is not an efficient way to keep a tab on the daily tasks to be done. Because paper is a medium that can be misplaced very easily. When it comes to swift execution of tasks, paper-based processes often take up a lot of time completion.


Especially in today’s world of automation and digital technology. Because FMCG manages to keep records of vendors, suppliers of raw materials and manufacturing sectors, therefore it is essential that they keep and organize their data with the help of efficient task scheduling app that can help companies to record and organize their tasks. There is a lot of data that is present at hand for FMCG companies. And it can also result in a lot of confusion between this enormous amount of data. The data needs to be organized and sorted in a centralized app in order to make the data appear to be more meaningful. 


As the employees complete their daily tasks they can easily check them off their list. Which is more than that is they can be able to set timely reminders and notifications by assigning different time slots for various tasks to be completed at hand. This is an efficient way to manage and deal with the daily tasks that employees of FMCG companies can use to complete their daily task schedule. Moreover, the data can be presented in a more meaningful fashion that derives easy conclusions when the data is properly organized and used in a computerized system.



Keep Managers and Supervisors Updated with the help of task scheduling app:


teamwork | Know your team| task management toolBecause there is a wide range of hierarchy that is followed in companies especially the FMCG sector, the employees of FMCG companies are used to working and reporting in a set hierarchy format. What if we tell you that you can still report updates and daily worklist to your managers and supervisors with the use of an efficient task management tool such as Field Force Connect.


This software will keep all your employees and subordinates as well as their managers updated with your daily task schedule and reporting work status to them as and when needed. This is an efficient way of reporting and managing work. As well it helps employees in engaging and using the latest technology and systems. In order to maximize productivity and help companies to reach their target goals. It is essential that FMCG ease their work and tasks. And help their employees to perform their daily tasks. With the help of realtime chatting and notifications that Field Force Connect provides.



Use of travel expense reimbursement:


Travel Expenses Reimbursement

Employees of FMCG sectors have to meet a lot of people such as vendors, suppliers, merchants, and clients. Therefore there is a lot of travel happening to such field sales employees of these FMCG companies. Field Force Connect helps employees on the go to keep a check on their travel expenses. Employees can easily reimburse their traveling expenses with the reimbursement or traveling expenses feature provided in the app.


It also helps them to reimburse them at the company location. This is an easy way of managing transportation and logistical expenses. It helps employees to get their expenditure back from such FMCG companies.



Smart notifications for tasks and reminders with a Best Task Manager for Android:


notification | task reminder

Whenever a work schedule or a task list is due, the task management tool is configured to provide timely reminders. As well as notifications that help employees to keep a check on their daily work status schedule and also help them to meet their daily targets. This helps employees get their tasks related to timely reminders and notifications about their daily goals. This helps them keep their tasks under check.


Managing and administering work status through the use of smart software such as Field Force Connect will help employees to get smart reminders and notifications for their work. Every employee of the FMCG sector needs to follow this working pattern. That helps them to maximize productivity and help meet their target goals and increase their company revenue. This benefits FMCG companies to expand and grow which also helps companies to become prosperous.




Organize Lead data with the help of  task scheduling app:


Cartoon image of 4 people sitting and working together| task scheduling app

FMCG industries have a lot of data to manage such as contact details of suppliers, processors, vendors as well as logistic management, plant management, and so on. Employees need to have an automated software system to manage and organize contact details of such entities. Organizing the contacts of such companies will help them to not miss out on any important contacts. Especially when there is a huge number of clients to meet during the day and complete all pending meetings.


These entities play an important role in determining the quality of goods and services that these companies can provide to the consumers. Therefore it is essential to properly manage and organize such field data. This is the sole goal of software systems such as Field Force Connect. That helps to manage and sort through such FMCG data as well as easy process and feed into the system. Every FMCG company such as use field force automation and task management tool that helps them to reach company goals. This helps companies immensely to complete their work and be successful in accomplishing daily goals in the first attempt.





So you see that it is essential for FMCG companies to use task management tools and field force automation software. That helps them to maximize their revenue and increase as well as meet their sales targets. If you are looking towards increasing your sales then do contact us for using Field Force Connect. The Best Task Manager for Android that will help you to meet your company goals. For a demo contact us at info@fieldforceconnect.com for more information on how we can help you to meet your goals.


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