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  Enterprise Software like all other software has widely come over these days to help benefit the business organizations. However instead to focus on solving the issues of individual customers it whole together focuses on resolving the conflicts of complete business organizations. Its online business processing tactic helped greatly in improving and increasing various business processes. People generally look for ERP vs CRM. CRM software (Customers Relationship Management) and SCM (Supply Chain Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are such three categories of Enterprise Softwares, extensively implemented in the business organizations.

Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

  "The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer"- Peter Drucker. Customers are the lifeline of any business. Failing in satisfying customers, business will fail. The success of a business depends on the relations which have been maintained with your customers. It all depends on how well your relationship is with each other. It trust, loyalty. Finally, that is why Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is important plays an important part of any business. CRM helps to establish and also maintain long-term relationships with prospects and customers. By nurturing relationships with the customer it will not only see an increase in revenue but also see an important change in customer retention. People generally look for ERP vs CRM. CRM is used commonly by sales and marketing professional. Customer service executive can also be benefited by CRM software. Here's how different business functions can benefit from customer relationship management:  


CRM can be used by the marketing department to count the Return on Investment (ROI) from activities and campaigns they have executed. It also gives them insight, whether they are targeting their right prospects(Will be customers), and the right target area and industry.  


[caption id="attachment_16113" align="alignnone" width="150"]Field sales app Field Force Connect - Sales CRM[/caption] Sales superstars can also use CRM to understand their prospects and customers and manage their sales funnel or pipeline in a better way. Therefore CRM will basically help them in Task management, Lead management, identify industries like for example-Fmcg, and enhance sales strategy.  



Customer Service:-

Field support app Customer service executive can make use of CRM to help manage customer relations and retention. Moreover, It gives them insight into the customer’s issues and past conversation. It provides the necessary tools to manage activities around customer engagement.

what is erp? Crm vs Erp vs Scm

Benefits of using CRM software:-

  • Increases relationships with customers:-
  The journey from lead to the customer is noted in the CRM. These insights put professionals in a better position to understand prospect needs, and how your business can work for them.  
  • Letting you free from data entry:-
CRM automatically creates leads from signup forms and sending welcome emails to new leads doing away all less exciting work. People generally look for ERP vs CRM.  
  • Better communication:-
The CRM system becomes a single point of contact for every member of your team. No lack of information. Everyone can see who is been assigned to which task.  
  • Healthier pipelines:-
If you are able to analyze your pipeline, It will help you to choose your deals and pick them carefully. Therefore your pipeline will not be blocked and this can help you understand the actual scenario.  
  •  CRM can be used as per company size:-
  1. Startups
  2. Small businesses
  3. Enterprises
  • CRM can be used as per business types:-
  1. B2B
  2. B2C

You can click the industry below to know how CRM can help you:-

1:- Manufacturing or click here 2:- Service. or click here 3:- Retail. or click here 4:- Pharma & Chemicals. or click here 5:- Brand & Distributions. or click here 6:- FMCG or click here  

Essential Features of CRM software:-

  1:- Employee geo-fencing tracking. 2:- Lead management app. 3:- Daily activity log. 4:- Functional sales team structure. 5:- Sales target and order management. 6:- Staff roster plan. 7:- Paperless digital form. 8:- Expense management. 9:- Employee communication. 10:- Task management.  

In short:-

This CRM system can improve  Relationship Management.

    1.  Field force CRM (Field Force Connect) helps to find, organize, automate and synchronize customers sales, market customer services, add new as well as win back former customers.
    2. Involving it will help business find leads while looking after your existing customers effectively.
    3. Moreover, Not only it will help you know about your customers but it will be a task tracker for new prospects which increase your further customer base.
    4. Further, Customer needs change, using correct technology ensures us and customers that everyone in the organization gains profit. People generally look for ERP vs CRM.
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