How this task manager app is helping Salesforce increase sales?


Generating sales should not be a difficult task. Companies who are into selling products and services are those ones that need to generate sales and effectively contribute to the overall company revenue.


There are multiple ways that can contribute to effectively generate sales for your company or business. In this article we will discuss the effective ways by which you can generate sales for the products and services that you sell for your company.


Task management is key towards proper management of sales especially when you sell products and services. If you want to organize and manage your tasks effectively thereby contribute towards productivity and efficiently generate sales for your company then you need to follow these steps and strategies. Reason to know more.


Here are some of the features and benefits that you can get when you use a task management app. There are some great task management apps that can help you to effectively manage your work and organize the sales effectively. For example field force connect can help you to manage your sales efficiently by organizing your tasks and contributing towards increasing productivity and efficiency.




Rugged Task Organization:


When you plan to use a task management app like field force connect, you make sure that your tasks are properly managed using subtasks or a milestone fashion.

This allows you to clearly set small goals that helps you to complete tasks in a step by step fashion. In the view of completing the bigger goal, this helps you to manage your tasks easily and efficiently.


Milestone based segregation:

Task management tools are notoriously famous for segregating and organizing tasks into individual sub tasks. This technique is followed by major tasks management apps such as field force connect. T

his type of sub division helps you to complete individual subtask in the viewpoint of completing the bigger tasks and ultimately leading towards the completion of the bigger task that you have at hand.


Robust Lead Organization:


Lead organization and management is key towards management of effective sales and leads. Therefore tasks management apps such as field force connect provide you to manage and organize all your leads as this is key towards revenue generation and ultimately management of sales.

Field force connect provides you the ability to organize all your leads so that you get a major overview as well as a hawk eye or birds eye view of all your leads as prospects


Simple dashboard and analytics

In order to view information on demand and view the position of the various leads and prospects, it is essential to keep the analytics and dashboard simple and easy to understand and use.

Therefore app like field force connect has effectively implemented simple interfaces to understand and assimilate the information about lead and prospects in the pipeline quickly and easily.


Commenting system for equal visibility:


When we talk about effective management of sales and leads, it is important for all the users to have a better understanding about the position of various prospects and leads, hence commenting and messaging is integrated into tasks management apps like field force connect.

Commenting can be a really helpful feature when you work in a team for effective management of sales and leads.


24/7 support

Issues can arise in the application at any time, therefore it is essential that app companies provide 24/7 support assistance to all their customers. Apps like field force connect has thus enable customers to address any issues that they may face when using the app.

Support systems like telephone, email and chat based systems comes to the rescue of customers to address app issues.


Free demo:

App companies like field force connect provides free demo for all its users. Companies and organizations should try and use this feature to their advantage so that they can try out the app and use it to find out whether the app can help them gain profits.


Conclusion: If you want to know more about this wonderful lead management app that is field force connect, contact us at with your requirements.