Lets discuss about How to track the daily activities of Employees at work.

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Employees are an asset to any organization. For the company to better function it is the job of the employees to do the daily tasks and drive the organization ahead. For this purpose, it is important to constantly monitor the performance and productivity of employees so that they can function at their level best.

There are many things that can be done in order to ensure that employees function at their optimum level. This is for the betterment of the company so that it can progress ahead and move ahead of its competitors. The best thing that can be done to monitor employee tasks is to install and use a daily activity tracker.

The daily activity tracker can help assess the daily tasks and activities of the employees and regularly help them to function and perform better when it comes to monitoring the activities of employees.

Here are the benefits for using a daily activity tracker for employees:


Using new digital technologies for managing tasks and actions:


A good example of a new age digital activity tracker is Field Force Connect. This is an application that is developed so that companies can monitor and assess the daily activities that are done by employees. Employees are allowed to use the tracker to communicate, update, inform, and go about their daily activities and tasks that they do in the company.

Using this tracker can help monitor the performance and productivity of employees in a simple and efficient way. Employees can perform their daily tasks as well as update their tasks status and put work reports in the daily activity tracker so that their managers and supervisors are updated with the work that they are doing. 


Task Management for better productivity for Daily activity 


In field force connect there is a segregation of tasks into individual sub tasks. This is essential as it helps employees to concentrate on sub tasks efficiently to complete their bigger tasks goal.

As there can be various sub tasks for each individual task. It becomes easier to manage and perform the tasks as it is divided into smaller sub tasks that are easy to accomplish on their own thereby contributing to the major big task at hand.

Each sub task can be updated according to their percentage completion and the managers and supervisors are updated about the current tasks that employees do. This keeps all the team members responsible for the successful task completion in loop about the current update of the task done by the employee. Each task also has a deadline or a due date that can be maintained for the current task.

And employees are expected to complete the task before the due date arrives. This makes it easy for task management and therefore ensures better levels of productivity for employees who is doing the task.


Better task division for improved objective completion


Field force connect ensures better task division so that smaller sub tasks can be completed in view of the larger or bigger task at hand. This makes it easier for employees to manage their daily tasks and keeps them updated with the things that needs to be done at hand for the successful completion of the task.

This feature provides a wide angle view of all the tasks holistically and ensures that all the team members are updated accordingly to know the completion status and progress of each task. This provides better visibility for each tasks that the employee does at hand. 


Detailed analytics and dashboards in Daily activity 


A major objective of a daily activity tracker like field force connect is to provide improved and better visibility for all the tasks that an employee does during his daily work day.

This is done through improved work metrics and measures that provide detailed reports for the managers and supervisors to assess the work progress of their employees thus ensuring better visibility for all team members of the company. 


24/7 support


Field force connect ensures that all its customers and clients are able to function at optimal levels and there is no hindrance when it comes to usage of their software application.

Therefore field force connect provides free 24/7 support to all its clients and customers to ensure uninterrupted service for its customers. Customers can avail telephone, email and chat support systems in case of any issues that they may encounter when using this software. 


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